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Intelligence is a character's ability to remember and reason; ingenuity, cleverness and quick thinking.



Guild Specific:

Other Uses:

Spells and Abilities that Boost Intelligence

Spells and ablities that debuff Intelligence

Training Locations


inside Asemath Academy front gate, go west, go west, go north, go northeast
(can use DIR intelligence)

[Asemath Academy, Classroom]
This classroom is done in tones of golden yellow and a gentle aqua. Brightly varnished desks and chairs form neat rows facing the instructor's desk. A large map of the world is hung from the front wall and a smaller map of some region unknown to you hangs next to it. You also see a large sign hanging on the wall above the lectern.
A large sign reads:
The Intelligent Student Gains The World, The Idle Student Gains Only Failure.

The training begins with elementary exercises in logic and rational thought. Pleased with your progress, she urges you on to more arcane and abstruse forms of knowledge until she is satisfied with your advancement.

The Crossing, Map 1


Academy, Lecture Hall, go gate, s
(can use DIR intelligence)

[Academy, Lecture Hall]
This small room is not designed like the other lecture halls found in this academy. Here, chairs sit in small groups of three to four, with each cluster having its own professor assigned. Several discussions are taking place, while some instructors wait for students to join their group. A large slate board dominates the room and has something written on it.
A large slate board reads:
Intelligence is the ability to see what is there.

The instructor points to a seat for you and begins teaching the processes of logic. Totally confused, you find yourself asking some questions over and over until you finally begin to grasp their meaning. In time the instructor turns to you and says, "That's all we have time for at this point. We will cover more in our next session."

Riverhaven, Map 30


Jack Tarr's Rest, Darkened Corner, go door, go common room, go corner

[Jack Tarr's Rest, Darkened Corner]
A wooden booth dominates this corner of the common room, its surface scarred by hundreds of brawls and warped by spilled ale. A seedy Halfling sits at the booth, clutching a mug of some dark liquid in his hand.

Ratha 1st Tier, Map 90

Aesry Surlaenis'a

[Misrel Lemicus'a, Shoan Sulihean]

[Misrel Lemicus'a, Shoan Sulihean]
In a small alcove beneath the stairs, an Elothean scribe sits behind a large wooden table, staring at a piece of parchment and muttering to himself. Puzzles of all types lie on the table, as well as several books of riddles. A large sign hangs on the wall behind him.

Aesry, Map 99


In Moon Mage Guild

[Moon Mage Guild, Maze Entrance]
Seated on the floor with his legs crossed is a Gor'Tog wearing a tan buckskin coat and a jaunty green cap with a feather in it. There is a sparkle in his eye when he glances up as if he's about to have a bit of fun. The room is unfurnished except for a small oaken table with a pair of crutches leaning against it.

You approach the young woman, who nods and allows you entrance to the maze. Once inside, you hear a distinctive *click* and turn to see that the portal which you came through has vanished!

You realize as you look about that the whole area is lit by a confusing display of pure white lights, the walls plated with mirrors. You study the entrances that shoot off in all directions, make some mental calculations, and head off into the labyrinth.

Navigating carefully, you take a right...a right...a left...a left...a left...a left...a left...a right...a left...a right...a left...a right...a right...a left....

And emerge through a portal out to where you started!

The initiate smiles at you, and you realize you have gained in knowledge.

Shard, Map 67


Chedik Bridge (south towers), go door

[Chedik Bridge, Engineer's Tower]
This cluttered chamber at the bottom of the tower looks more like a classroom than a base of operations for maintenance of a massive stone structure. There are several benches facing a desk behind which a large dusty slate is bolted to the wall. A prominent sign is posted to one side of the slate.

A prominent sign reads: To Build Great Things Requires Not Merely Brawn But Also Intellect.

A bespectacled Dwarf of middling years strides in and says, "All right then, you must understand that building a bridge requires more than simply piling up big stones. You must pay careful attention to the stresses involved, like so..." Grabbing a piece of chalk, he proceeds to cover the slate in intricate diagrams and equations, occasionally stopping to stress certain details. He continues, pausing at points to pose questions to see whether you are following. Finally, the lecture draws to a close. You consider what you've learned, and although you're not at all sure that you could engineer a major bridge, you have indeed gained some insights.


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