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  • By definition a Smozh is a tailless S'Kra Mur.
  • Smozhed S'Kra Mur are disgraced and by custom and culture, such S'Kra Mur are no longer considered S'Kra Mur. They cease to exist to society and in general, Smozh are not glanced upon or spoken to.
  • This word is also considered a very grave insult. The full meaning of the insult is lost in translation, but it essentially means that the person is without honor.
  • (GM Basilisc quote) "To clarify, the S'Kra Mur tail is the physical embodiment of the divine spark that all S'Kra have within them. It is essentially the spirit, given flesh. ... The tail is sacred, above anything else. This is why someone being declared Smozh is not simply stating that they're physically deformed, but that they are spiritually dead. They are not shunned, or cursed, or spat upon. They just aren't. They don't exist anymore. Not to the S'Kra Mur."

Per GM Basilic

April 12 2010
The more notable reasons for naming someone Smozh would be things like kin-slaying, which was of course the first reason but it would certainly be possible for a reputable leader to choose his or her own reasons. If King Arhhdan wanted to disgrace someone for defiling his name, he could certainly do that. As could the leader of a Sraan, or even the leader of one of the [S'Kra Mur] Rathan Houses. The important factor however is that it would never be done lightly.

As for the charges of Necromancy specifically, it would fall on whoever authority that particular S'Kra Mur fell under. There is no "S'Kra Mur nation" to which all members of the race belong. If -- and mind you, this is an if; purely hypothetical -- if King Arhhdan came out and proclaimed that all S'Kra Mur Necromancers were seen as Smozh and should be made such on sight, hey that's great. But if you're anything other than a citizen of Muspar'i, his word shouldn't mean diddly squat to you.

Known Smozh

Smozh Reasoning
Dzree Kinslaying of Sh'kial, Genocide
Dhrakhh Kinslaying of his eldest brother Zaarin
Smozh (PC) Kinslaying of his father

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