S'Kra Mur Sraans

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Official Clans

S'Kra Common Location Known For Active
Sraan Arna Boulder Clan mainland metals and crafts yes
Sraan Indakar Thunder Clan western Therengia yes
Sraan Irhhnth Scorpion Clan Velaka Desert politics and historic figures yes
Sraan Malk Gold Clan mainland merchants yes
Sraan Mehath Wind Clan western Therengia dead heroes no
Sraan Mhhg Serpent Clan Eastern Riverhaven commerce, politics, and alchemy yes
Sraan Nehgris Spear Clan Shamilho Island warriors and spear use no
Sraan Rasha Flower Clan mainland nomads, Bards, and Rangers yes
Sraan Smolg Tail Clan Qi'Reshalia heroes yes
Sraan T'Lar Drum Clan southern jungles of Ilithi Heritage Keepers and alchemy yes
Sraan Venda Ring Clan Aesry Surlaenis'a no

Player-Run Clans

S'Kra Common Location Known For Active
Sraan Hav'roth Hav'roth Clan Therengia scholars no
Sraan Hhrki Soul Clan Unknown Unknown Unknown