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Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: S'Kra Mur
Gender: Male
Location: Degan

Captain of the Degan, a smuggling ship.


If you had to describe Captain Parcolo, the word "villainous" might come to mind. A S'Kra with a broken-toothed smile, he has left pieces of himself at various places in his travels, judging from the patch over one eye and the peg-leg below his left knee. His dress is that of a common sailor, with nothing to show his rank.

In Depth

Magnoona, rumored to have been paid by Aedem, led a mutiny aboard the ship which was thwarted by Jafe. As a reward, any citizen of M'Riss (with members of his/her group), can now travel free of charge between M'Riss and Acenamacra (near Leth Deriel).


  • Default Response: Captain Parcolo hisses, "Not now, farmer, I've got a ship to sail."
  • Ask Captain Parcolo about M'Riss: Captain Parcolo laughs and says, "Home port for us honest fisherfolk!"
  • Ask Captain Parcolo about Degan: Captain Parcolo says, "It's a ship; she swims. Seen better, seen worse. Big name, though, for this little tub. Let's see, in Common that would be 'Huge' or 'Titanic' -- something like that."