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Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: S'Kra Mur
Gender: Male
Type: merchant
Relatives: Hhtuassa

The S'Kra Mur proprietor Kyrhhsa wears an assortment of fine silks and brocades that cleverly match the decor of the building itself. Seated upon a disheveled throne of mismatched throw pillows, he observes the goings on with a blend of boredom and agitation. Pearly scales along his tail that have obviously been polished recently glint in the faltering light.

The Shop

[Pi'botuk Pel'arsharra, Kyrhhsa's Haven]
The walls in the central chamber of the den are little more than yards of cloth hanging from polished brass rods, acting as privacy curtains rather than genuine obstacles. Vibrant blue tones creep in from the south, blending with the eastern reds and the western indigos as the fabrics come together overhead. Beneath the apex of the mingled hues hangs a glowing tzgaa orb, which casts its light outward through the filter of fine silks.
You also see Kyrhhsa that is sitting.
Obvious exits: east, south, west.

Interaction With Fellow S'Kra Mur

  • Khyinit - Kyrhhsa gazes at you with a glimmer of pride in his eye. "Ahh, you have a taste for the truly exquisite, do you? Yesss, I do indeed offer garments of rare khiynit. However it is the discretion of Hhtuassa to set a price, and a time to offer her work."
  • Hhtuassa - Kyrhhsa nods and says, "She is my cousin, and the most gifted weaver I have ever met. She spends her time in the Nocturne when she is here, offering her services to those who can afford them."
  • Kyrhhsa - Kyrhhsa raises an eyebrow. "I assure you that I am not that interesting. Just another merchant doing his best to make some coin."
  • Gamantang - Kyrhhsa adjusts his gamantang with practiced care and says, "I sell only the finest gamantangs. Of course as a S'Kra Mur you must have noticed the excellent threadwork already." He flashes a wide grin. "You would certainly not be disappointed, I can assure you."
  • Aggahhpel - Kyrhhsa says, "Ahh yes, the aggahhpel. A fine bit of S'Kra Mur jewelry. It is called the dream veil because of the legend that those who wear it will be granted the gift of vision. For some this can manifests as prophetic dreams, while others gain the clarity to be immune from deceit." With a wink he adds, "Which do you think you would be?"
  • Polish - Kyrhhsa casually traces the scales on his tail. "I take pride in my appearance. Does not every S'Kra Mur?"
  • Shop - Kyrhhsa says, "Yes, I own Pi'botuk Pel'arsharra, the Midnight Den. I endeavored to provide only the finest merchandise to the finest folk. Sadly, these smoothskins..." He sneers and quiets down before someone else hears him.
  • Haven - Kyrhhsa nods slowly. "Do you like it? I try to make it comfortable. Please," he says, "Stay a while and rest."

Interaction With Non S'Kra Mur

  • Khyinit - Kyrhhsa gazes at you thoughtfully for a moment before remarking "It is a very rare material. You would be fortunate to ever see it."
  • Hhtuassa - Kyrhhsa says, "She is a better weaver than any Elf you will meet." (Race asking was Elf)
  • Kyrhhsa - Kyrhhsa raises an eyebrow. "Confine your inquiries to the merchandise, q'alri." (Q'alri means outsider)
  • Gamantang - Kyrhhsa adjusts his gamantang with practiced care and says, "I sell only the finest. Not that I expect you to know the difference between Musparan silk and rawhide." He scoffs and sets about to polishing his scales.
  • Aggahhpel - Kyrhhsa says, "Ahh yes, the aggahhpel. A fine bit of S'Kra Mur jewelry. A pity it would not fit you." He smirks.
  • Polish - Kyrhhsa appraises you briefly, but says nothing.
  • Shop - Kyrhhsa says, "Yes, it is my shop. If you don't like it, you are quite welcome to go elsewhere."
  • Haven - Kyrhhsa nods slowly. "I like it here. It's quiet," he says with emphasis on the final word.