Ain Ghazal

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Province: Forfedhdar
Currency: Dokora
Population: Unknown
Established: Unknown
Alternate Names: None
Dominant Race: Elf
Dominant Guild: None
Government: Lyba Khalo of the Sisterhood of the Rose
Guild Halls: Thief
Patron Deity: None
Warnings: Ain Ghazal justice can be lethal.


Ain Ghazal is often called "The Gateway to Forfedhdar." The island is a tall peak that rises up out of the middle of the Segoltha River. Skiffs that are operated by the River Elves travel between Ain Ghazal and Ilaya Taipa. A ferry takes travelers to the Haalikshal Highway which leads further into Forfedhdar.

Government, history, and background

Government Type

Ain Ghazal is ruled by the Sisterhood of the Rose. The leader of the Sisters is called the Lyba Khalo. The Sisterhood is known for its neutral stance and activities as mediators. As such they have been granted leave throughout Forfedhdar to apprehend those who have broken the city's laws.

Prominent people


A great deal of the construction of the chateau was accomplished long ago by Dwarves and Gor'Togs. The River Elves facilitated trade early on with their skiffs. It is rumored that the statues inside the Chateau provide a hint as to who else helped with the construction.

Locations about town


The Sisters reside in a chateau at the peak of the island. The entry point of the Ain Ghazal Chateau is less than 4000 feet above sea level. It extends far above that, but snow is somewhat unusual even at the Chateau's heights. The Chateau is a sanctuary surrounded by vineyards, from which are made the finest brandies and wines in all Kermoria. Located near the center of the four mainland provinces, and with a philosophy of neutrality, it has often served as a meeting site during treaty negotiations among the continent's political leaders. It also holds the chamber where meetings of the provincial government occur, called the Forfedhdar Enclave. Facilities include a banquet room, ballroom, library, council chamber with four audience balconies, amphitheater, music conservatory, meeting rooms, bell tower with carillon, kitchens, dining halls, and dormitories.

The Ain Ghazal Auberge offers lodging, a restaurant, mineral baths, and a few shops.

Unique shops and services


Bars, inns, and taverns

Prominent hangouts


Important activities

Miscellaneous Facts

Depart location is [Ain Ghazal, Green Glade] near the gate into town.

Task givers






There will be more hunting areas, Empath Gwendolyn, a meditation garden, additional docks & shops, areas for challenging swimming, and the carillon will actually be played for visitors. Also in the planning stages are a couple of books about Ain Ghazal.