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Naarg Stonesmasherr
Status: Dead
Guild: Barbarian
Race: Ogre
Gender: Male

Chieftain of Clan Stonesmasherr, a clan of ogres which live in the area west of Crossing. His minions include young and scout ogres and gelv cyclops. He claims all land between 'the goblin brook' and the ogre cliffs as Stonesmasherr land. He is a friend of Grishnok and Raellia, a rogue Barbarian, who were among the Outcasts allies during the war. Prefers to launch sneak attacks rather than attack in the open. Skilled with ranged weapons.


You see Chieftain Naarg Stonesmasherr, an Ogre of the Clan Stonesmasherr.
He has craggy face with large glowing red eyes and curved tusks.
Twice as broad as a Gor'Tog, but only half as tall, yet much more muscular, he has pale skin and a bald head.
It is hard to tell how old he really is.

He is holding a shadow-black double-stringed crossbow etched with the image of the dark god Urrem'tier in his right hand.

He is wearing a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a pair of worn black leather boots, a round gold amulet with the likeness of the god Urrem'tier etched upon it, a dark long hooded cloak, a heavy black-steel hauberk emblazoned with a crude image of Urrem'tier, a black leather travel pack, a black leather thigh quiver, a black leather belt with a dull gold buckle and a dark battle-worn weapon harness.


His soul walked on day 297 of the year 398 (~2 AM, July 28th, 2010).

His death came about during his attempt to conquor the area south of Dirge with his minions. Despite his possession of an unexplained amulet of Urrem'tier that prevented his death, eventually the ogre he usurped ripped the amulet off his corpse and he passed on.