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Wyvern Trials General Information

  • Held every Monday at 9:30PM EST/6:30PM PST except during holidays, Hollow Eve, and other certain events.
  • A means to enjoy controlled spars to test one's might.
  • Available for participants of all skill ranges - ranging from characters who hunt goblins all the way up to bone wyverns.
The Tournament Director for the evening will commonly match people up in 1v1 spars.
Occasionally there will be special events in which it is team based, ranging from 2v2 to 6v6, or free-for-all mode.
Meant to be a fun activity - no griefing or harassment allowed, and bickering kept to a minimum. Feel free to taunt your opponent(s) during the fight though!
  • Triage available on hand, commonly at least one empath as well as one cleric for any technical mishaps.
  • Spectators are more than welcome as well! Cheer (or boo!) the players as they fight - keep it respectful

How to sign up to participate

If you wish to participate in a particular tournament, you will need to:

  • Show up to the Arena via your local Meeting portal, then GO ARCH
  • Speak to the Tournament Director and inform them of your combat skills (commonly measured by your shield, evasion, and either your Targeted Magic or your primary weapon, whichever of the two is higher)
  • Tournament Director will match people up according to similar skills as best as possible
  • Wait for your match to be called
  • Personal/direct matches can be requested - you can whisper to the Tournament Director if you want to fight someone specifically, and they will reach out to the other person for acceptance

Formal Challenges

  • When your name is called for the fight, you go down the ramp (from Triage) into the arena
  • You have three minutes to buff up/prepare - this may be bypassed if you both are ready and have said such
  • Make sure to CHALLENGE each other before the fight begins
  • Fight until someone falls unconscious! If the challenge ends BEFORE someone falls unconscious, the fight is to stop immediately and the person with the fewest/least deadly wounds wins
  • Please avoid (as much as possible) accidentally killing your opponent with spells, weapons, or other means
  • Definitely avoid intentionally killing people!
  • Remember that accidents do happen though, so do not take it personally if there is, uh.. a technical error resulting in death


Anyone can spar with another member of the ladder and report this match to effect both player's standings on the ladder, with or without a formal challenge first. CHALLENGE your opponent, fight your fight, and report the match!

After the Spar

  • Winner drags the unconscious to the triage area for healing


Standard Tournament Rules

  • No Room or Combat blocking effects - such as Fortress of Ice, Banner of Truce, etc
  • No killing your opponent, unless it is a requested death match and/or free for all.
  • Don't depart with people's ammunition lodged in you.
  • No leaving the Arena Floor until the match has definitively concluded. If you step into triage to spell up, prep or get healed, you forfeit your match.
  • No interrupting an active match. If you're not fighting, stay off the Arena Floor.
  • Display good sportsmanship at all times. Winner drags.
  • Leave the tournament area at the conclusion of the official event.

Violation of any rule results in immediate forfeiture of that person's matches for the night, current and upcoming, as well as a free ride to Pokekehekepi Beach.
Repeated violations result in permanent ejection from the Trials.


The Tournament Director (TD) has final say in any live tournament dispute.

Tournament Results

  • Medals may be given out at the end of the Wyvern Trials at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

Current Tournament Directors

Former Directors


Spectators may watch a Wyvern Arena battle in the [Wyvern Arena, Spectator's Perch] or [Wyvern Arena, Triage Area] rooms.

  • OBSERVE: To see who is on the arena floor.
Current contestants:
Currently in Wyvern Arena, Red Corner...
No one!
Currently in Wyvern Arena, Blue Corner...
No one!
Currently in Wyvern Arena, Centerfield...
No one!
Currently in Wyvern Arena, Yellow Corner...
No one!
Currently in Wyvern Arena, Green Corner...
No one!
  • OBSERVE <FULL NAME OF ARENA COMBATANT>: To start watching that person in your story window. The combatant must be on the arena floor to observe them.
You will automatically stop spectating once the combatant you are observing leaves the arena floor.
  • OBSERVE LOOK: After you've started watching someone, OBSERVE LOOK will toggle the room description.
  • OBSERVE STOP: To stop spectating.


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