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The Inquisition is a large, inter-provincial organization dedicated to stamping out Necromancy across the land. The organization is sanctioned by the Temple and currently acts in full cooperation with provincial leaders.


The goal of the Inquisition is to eradicate Necromancy. The permanent destruction of Necromancers, their work, and their blasphemous research is the ultimate goal. The disruption of gathering places, disbanding of cults, and reformation of supporters are tools used in weakening the hold of necromancy on society. Local authorities are relied upon to arrest offenders and are charged with turning them over to the Inquisition.

A holy artifact that could be used to destroy a Necromancer's profane aegis (the effect that allows them to escape death, even without favor from the gods), was once in the possession of the Inquisition. It was damaged by Xerasyth, however.


The Inquisition acts for the greater good as directed by the High Temple. The members are under direct orders from the Temple and work in the provinces with the permission of the governing body. Claims of false accusations, imprisonment, torture and death are common. However, the Inquisition, as rule is calculating in its accusations and tend to watch and learn before acting.

There were accusations of flagrant disregard of regional law in Ilithi when Khurek detained Cierzen under suspicion of profane work. It was later discovered that he had, in fact, practiced sorcery. Sothavi stepped in and took over as the overseer of the Inquisition in Ilithi at that time.

The Hounds of Rutilor are often associated with the Inquisition. However, they are a separate order acting under their own guidelines. The Hounds tend to be zealots that act with brute force upon suspicion of necromancy with blunt and violent tactics, not necessarily shedding tears over the deaths of innocents.


In response to the threat posed by the Necrolord Lyras and her undead army, High Priestess Tallis, of the Crossing Temple and head of the Cleric Council, authorized Temple Inquisitor Khurek to begin investigating possible Necromancers and purge them of their Profane Aegis on their journey to the Red Spiral. Khurek is assisted by Temple Inquisitress Sinstra.

In 397, the Temple, aided by the Inquisition, Empath Guild, formulated a plan to destroy Lyras once and for all. At a bitter cost, she was finally defeated.

Getting Involved

Inquisitors sanctioned by the Temple are spread through the provinces of Elanthia. In some provinces they have gathered followers who help rid the lands of the corruption. It is important to note that true Inquistors must be sanctioned by the Temple, and while some may carry the title of Inquisitor, only a select few act under the Temple's guidance.

There are three separate categories for people involved in the Inquisition:

  • Inquisitors: have been sanctioned by the Temple to carry out the work of the Inquisition.
  • Followers: follow under the lead of an Inquisitor and aid their work.
  • Supporters: not under the command of an Inquisitor but support their work.

Player Inquisitors

Details about the Inquisition Branches and Hierarchy

Rank Name
Grand Inquisitor Liurilias
High Justiciar Rileos
High Magister Isharon
High Quaestor Whiteburn
Deputy Justiciar Ograth
Inquisitor (LOA) Dianelle
Inquisitor (LOA) Rifkinn
Initiate Praxiuz
Initiate Rhykin