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  • Start Date: Sunday, May 13, 2012 (40 Lirisa 405)
  • End Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2012 (29 Uthmor 405)
  • Location: Therenborough Fairegrounds
  • General Info: A variety of guild-related merchants will be coming to Therengia from all around the world!


Prime: Saturday, May 26, at 9 p.m. Eastern
Platinum: Friday, May 25, at 9 p.m. Eastern




Please see instructions below before editing this table.

Room Entrance Shop Name Inventory Restrictions Shop
C sooty tarp-covered shop Pyromaniacs' Corner naphtha holders; fire-themed weapons, shields, clothing R Y
C colorful wagon painted a myriad of cheerful colors Nytingale's Instruments instruments Y Y
C unimposing brown tent War and Craft cambrinth, elemental-themed items Warrior Mage N Y
D sturdy grey canvas tent As the Caravan Turns Trader (but anyone can enter) N N
D massive canvas pavilion Imperial Pavilion Merchant Consultations N/A N/A
D large canvas tent Sebastien's Fine Print ledgers, ledger cases, contract cases Trader N N
D blue silk pavilion Elven Accoutrements Ilithic-language items Y Y
D simple oak caravan Beppo's insulting badges Y Y
E opulent velvet tent trimmed with golden tassels Goods for Life Empath-related items, brawling gear, bone and cloth armor Y Y
E umber tent draped with mammoth hides Sound the Hunt warhorns Barbarian Y Y
E red and blue striped tent Reversibles reversible containers and jewelry Y Y
E large cake-shaped tent with pink canvas awnings Fromage's Delights pastries, candy, cookies Y Y
F elegant mahogany caravan draped with purple tapestries Visions in Crystal aevanstone jewelry (appearance depends on guild) Y Y
F ticket gate with a sign on it Faeries' Wheel ride N/A N/A
F octagonal building The Essential Sects Shop Moon Mage- and sect-related items Y Y
F colorful canvas tent Delightful Decor season-themed housing items Y N
G small sky blue tent Tildi's Flowers flower baskets, haircombs, hair-worn flowers/herbs Y Y
G run-down wagon Just In Case talisman cases Y Y
G charred ruins Uwresari's Exotic Blunders destroyed in a fire at end of Guildfest 401 N/A N/A
G azure painted wagon with a silk green banner Inner Illuminations soulstone accessories, Paladin-themed rings Paladin Y Y
G brick shop with a large caravan painted on a wooden sign Primp My Ride caravan customization Y N/A
H vivid silvery tent The Bardic Journey Bard-related items Bard* N N
H massive oak caravan with a green-and-white striped awning Natural Magic foraging aprons, gourds (belt-worn containers), flower charms, life-attuned cambrinth Empath/Ranger Y Y
H tattered tent The Web of Fate sigilbooks Y Y
I huge wagon Gemfire Mountains Leathercrafters sheaths Y Y
I driftwood wagon Perpetual Blossoms of Mer'Kresh floral-themed items Y Y
I rustic log wagon Slice and Dice belt-worn carving and skinning knives Y Y
I purple wagon painted with wispy clouds Weather Beaters parasols, sun goggles, umbrellas, rainwear Y Y
I massive azure tent capped with fluttering gold pennants Inner Vision guild-themed bindis (forehead gems) Necromancer*/Thief* N N
J Ring Toss Game Ring Toss Game game N/A N/A
K deep grey tent branded with a flying goshawk The Dark Knight dark Paladin-themed clothing and accessories Paladin Y Y
K pine wagon with rough plank sides Farmer in the Dell utility knives, hats Y Y
K deep crimson yurt Gersvinda's Natural Studies anatomy charts and compendiums Empath Y Y
L dilapidated stall Magikul Stuff cambrinth jewelry and mana lenses Y Y
L polished leather tent with russet silk pennants Nahja's Knickknacks jewelry, masks Ranger* N Y
L rough wooden wagon covered in hides The Great Outdoors Ranger N Y
M Near Some Booths Three Frog Monte game N/A N/A
M large paint-splattered hide tent Osgeth's Barbarian war paint Barbarian* Y Y
N reinforced ironwood wagon with a heavy steel roof The Crystal Pilgrim weapons, pilgrim's badges, prayer bead chains Cleric/Paladin Y Y
N gold and purple striped tent Crested Attire men's guild-themed clothing N Y
N large caravan decorated with festive banners Guildly Pleasures guild-themed containers, cloaks, home decor, dolls; roar helms N Y
N well-oiled hide tent The Wandering Woodsman Ranger-themed weapons, armor, clothing, jewelry, containers; trail maps N Y
O straw-thatch hut flanked by pots of celosia Vocational Grace Cleric-related items Cleric Y Y
O ramshackle booth set away from the main path Sister Seendra's Salvation Station throwing weapons, crossbows Y Y
O crowned alpaca-felt yurt painted with pizazzy tridecagons Akaterina's Cassocks Clerical robes R Y
O mahogany-colored tapestry tent Altared Visions prayer bead chains, jewelry N Y
O orange tent with purple stripes Bunglefoot's Tent cambrinth, clothing, furniture, leather armor, jewelry Y N
P beige canvas tent Empath Emporium Empath-related fluff; shields, leather armor Y Y
P tattered purple tent The Mind's Eye G'nar Pethian clothing, scarabs G'nar Pethian
Moon Mage
P web-covered black canvas tent Arcayne Attyre wizard-themed clothing and weapons Y Y
1 bright red tent Gerkin's Apple Show game (apple bobbing) N/A N/A
2 A Cleared Field catapult ride N/A N/A
9 dark-eyed gypsy lass (roving) a dark-eyed gypsy lass jewelry, clothing Y Y
9 gnarled Dwarf peddler (roving) a gnarled Dwarf peddler Paladin soulstone amulets Y Y
9 whittler Roakin (roving) the whittler Roakin carvings N N
??? web-filled Harawep shrine Harawep Shrine game N/A N/A
hidden ??? The 'Toggish Barbecue weapons, containers, clothing, naphtha, glass orbs N N
hidden offsite The Knife's Edge belt knives and clothing Necromancer N

*Some rooms in the shop are open to everyone.

Instructions for Editing Shop Tables

Please do not check these columns unless you have personally verified the information.

"Shop Done" means:

  • All of the inventory and prices are listed
  • Inventory and prices are for the current version (some shops have more than one version with different inventory or prices)
  • Store At A Glance has been completely filled out (including the item types)
  • R: This shop has rotating stock that may be missing.

"Items Done" means:

  • Every item in the shop has been blue-linked. Ideally, this would mean that there is complete information for every item (look, appraisal, etc.), but it's OK to check this as long as there are no red-linked items.

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