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Status: Alive
Guild: Cleric
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Male
Location: Crossing High Temple (Ranik Map 2)
Associates: Tallis, Sinstra, Leifus
Khurek is the former Crossing High Temple's inquisitor, appointed by High Priestess Tallis, head of the Cleric Guild to hunt down and execute necromancers. He is a disciple of Aldauth, and according to Sothavi, sold his soul to him for power. Khurek is single-minded in his duty to scour the provinces for Necromancers, and has no problem arresting or killing anyone that gets in his way.

Tallis gave him an artifact of Karszen's when he was appointed. This could be his scythe or part of it; other Clerics seem to be vaguely repelled or disgusted by it. After capturing Necromancers, Khurek is known to torture them for information before using this artifact to strip their so-called "demonic aegis" from them and send their souls to the Red Spiral.

In Zoluren Prince Vorclaf approved Khurek's investigation employing whatever means necessary. He has visited both Forfedhdar and Ilithi to search for Necromancers with the blessings of the provincial leaders, though after an incident in which he captured Guard Captain Cierzen and branded him with a spiral for his practice of sorcery he was no longer welcome in Ilithi.

It's believed that he was the Gor'Tog referred to in a vision Moon Mages saw of Tallis and High Priestess Denizelva.

He has since been demoted to the Crossing Temple Undertaker, and now teaches Clerics special uses for the SACRIFICE command after nightfall in the Main Temple's cemetary.


You see Temple Inquisitor Khurek, a Gor'Tog Cleric.
Khurek has ale-brown eyes. He has dusky olive skin and a thin build.
He is venerable for a Gor'Tog.
He has a tattoo of a fist of dark clouds holding a sword made of lightning on his neck.

He is wearing a dinged lochaber axe, a black silken cowl, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a glossy purple-black obsidian vulture symbol, a belted kidskin baldric tooled with sinuous maiden's tress vines, a sturdy leather pack, a mottled dark grey robe of steelsilk embroidered across the back with a large red spiral, a dark stained target shield and a pair of dusty basilisk-hide boots.

Former location

[Crossing High Temple, Red Buzzard Dungeon]
Dust shrouds every surface in this expansive chamber with steps descending from a double-latch arched door. The precinct appears quite different than a conventional dungeon, evidently not intended to confine common prisoners. Instead of barred cells, manacles and fetters, there are dozens of imposing pylons arrayed in no apparent pattern. The obsidian altar-esque constructs have deep spiral grooves carved onto their sides, each exuding a reddish radiance that hangs heavily in the air like a miasma. You also see a sunken-relief pedestal with a shard of cold metal on it, a Bone Elf that is kneeling and a deformed Human that is kneeling.
Also here: Temple Inquisitor Khurek.
Obvious exits: none.


Tendrils of redolent smoke fill your nostrils and eyes, soon resolving into the plaster walls of an immaculate chamber where two are having a discussion in stern voices. Both women appear ancient and have very long, pearly hair, but the similarities end there. The Rakash's robe and wrinkled skin are ebon as the night, while the other's paleness is alit with the vim of Elvenkind, clad in white.

"You understand," the Rakash woman says, "what must be done. They have crept into your cities right under the watchful eyes of you all. This will be much tamer than my alternative, I assure you."

Suddenly, the Rakash is gone. This time, a group of dark-robed figures approach the Elven woman and whisper entreatingly, "The Gor'Tog, Mother... The Gor'Tog is perfect..." She stares ahead calmly, forming a decision.


Tallis says, "Now, I should introduce Khurek here, the temple inquisitor I am appointing with the approval of Ulf'Hara."

Tallis says, "I do not wish to try and soften the graveness of this matter. He is officially tasked with actively hunting and executing Necromancers in our city, employing whatever means necessary."

Tallis says, "The proofs I have been presented with proofs of such corruption have been enough. They cannot be dealt with benignly any longer."

Tallis says, "Khurek, you have my blessing to travel to other provinces as needed, but you will seek the respective ruler's acknowledgement before attempting anything drastic."

Vorclaf says, "You've officially gotten mine. If you run into any... concerns..."

Vorclaf says to Khurek, "Deal with them."

Khurek says, "I will, Your Majesty, I will. Thank you."

Tallis says to Khurek, "I am providing you with a most valuable relic to aid your mission."

With a glance from Tallis, one of the waiting acolytes hurries forth to reverently hand Khurek a shard of cold metal wrapped in black gossamer layers. He quickly returns to his place, wiping his hand on his robe.

Tallis asks Khurek, "Do you know what this is?"

Khurek says, "Yes, I do, yes. Karszen's..."

Tallis gives a slight nod.

Tallis says to Khurek, "It is yours for the time being. However, it can never leave the temple grounds."

Khurek says, "But of course, Mother."

Tallis scrutinizes Khurek's olive-hued face for a few moments, then turns her back.

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