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Garnaal Arnskeg
Status: Alive
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Type: alterer, merchant


You see Garnaal Arnskeg, a Dwarf.
Garnaal has a square-jawed face with frown lines around his mouth, red-veined topaz eyes, a broken nose and a cleft chin.
His snow-white-streaked bright orange hair is very long and thick with a white streak running through it. He has leathery skin and a fat build.
He is short for a Dwarf.
He appears to be ancient.
He has a thick bushy mustache that droops heavily on his upper lip and a long shaggy beard.

He is holding a mug of Biiskbowr beer in his left hand.
He is wearing a visored helm, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a twiggy mouse nest with a tiny white mouse, a flowing nightsilk robe embroidered with a chaotic maze of colors, a heavy leather backpack with moonsilver clasps, some light full plate engraved with the three moons, a pair of long wool socks and a pair of scuffed and stained leather boots.


Garnaal is currently the only merchant which can create moonsilver, and creates it for alterations as well as his shop. Weapons and armor cannot be made from moonsilver but can be trimmed or otherwise decorated with it, as the metal is too soft for combat. He will work with "hiders" and planetary or bleeding gems, but not chakrel.

Garnaal says, "I'm old and slow but not stupid."
Garnaal exclaims, "I will put the metal on many things. It is too soft to be a weapon or armor but it can adorn them. You don't want your weapon folding in half middle of battle!"
Garnaal says, "You'd die real pretty."
Garnaal says, "There is just plain old moonsilver, the easiest to make. The cheapest, but still not cheap."
Garnaal says, "None of my metal is cheap."
Garnaal says, "Blued moonsilver, has a real nice silvery-blue glow to it."
Garnaal says, "There is crimson moonsilver, it's got a real nice silvery-red glow to it. Bit harder to make."
Garnaal says, "That means it costs more."
Garnaal says, "And there is blackened moonsilver. It looks a bit tarnished and gives off an eerie black glow. It's the hardest for me to make, real hard. Costs the most."
Garnaal says, "I'll put it on many things. Ya not sure, ya ask."
Garnaal says, "I'm not working with other stuff. If you don't want moonsilver, don't join the list."
Garnaal says, "You don't have a lot of coin, don't join the list."

Garnaal says, "There are four types of moonsilver. Regular moonsilver. Blued moonsilver. Crimson moonsilver. Blackened moonsilver. It glows differently, depending on which moon I used."
Garnaal says, "I add moonsilver to your items. If you can afford it."
Garnaal says, "I suggest that if you don't have at least 500 plat or MORE. Probably more."
Garnaal grumbles.
Garnaal says, "That you don't join my list."
Garnaal says, "I will add it to almost anything. Clothes, weapons, armor. As long as don't have a reason not to."
Garnaal sighs.
Garnaal asks, "It does not *make* good armor or weapons. You would use it to decorate them. Understood?"

Update on Moonsilver types at Guildfest 412
Garnaal says, "Lilac moonsilver: This is a silver metal with lavender sheen and has a soft silvery-amethyst glow. Can only be created when Xibar eclipses Yavash."

Garnaal says, "Verdant moonsilver: This is a silver metal with a vibrant green sheen and has a soft silvery-green glow. This is the rarest and hardest to make kind of moonsilver. A difficult way of approximating the light created when when Xibar eclipsed golden Katamba in ancient times has been found and I used to create this version."