Magma Falls Mini-Festival

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Shop Appearance Shop Name Types of Inventory
A Festival Entrance
B giant hickory wagon with scrollwork etchings Argwesh's Alcove Armor-holding statues, beds, doors, and floors for houses
B flame-colored tent Fire and Ice Gweth hiders and jewelry
B off-white tent Flight of Hand Juggling items and throwing weapons
C covered wagon Snookie's Holiday Souvenirs Holiday-themed souvenirs
C wide crimson tent with golden banners Tokens of the Heart Wedding/engagement jewelry*
C bright orange tent shot through with golden threads Shay Naideen's Clothing
C stone counter extending from one wall Toasting Pit Cookable food
D tall tree-shaped tent Tree Tent Housing items for tree owners
D large desert-hued caravan Turialo's Haven Desert themed clothing and jewelry*
D large silk and canvas tent The Thighs Have It Thigh containers and clothing
E colorful stand Threads of Color Embroidery thread
E long covered wagon Timely Stitches Embroidery patterns
E grumpy mage Grumpy Mage Spell preparations
E crude stall thrown together from leaning planks of wood Sniffer Defenders Noseguard jewelry
F large moss-green wagon Seiryn's Transformations Reversible "discount" clothing*
F flame-painted ebonwood wagon Fiery Souls Barbarian-only weaponry
F stiff tan canvas tent To Dry For Wayerd pyramids
G sky-blue canvas pavilion painted with fanciful butterflies Flights of Fancy Wings
G black wagon Mimfilrin's Darts and Blades Throwing darts and knives
G round silvery grey pavilion Translucence Windows for houses
H wooden wagon Jisi's Raffles
H series of sandalwood caravans Cesiro's Auctions
I glowing white portal Dance of the Flames
I sturdy ivory tent with amber and silver speckles Gaming Tent Darts and arm wrestling
J hazy mist-filled opening Private grotto Alterations

Picked within the Private Grotto:

Magma Falls Auction Listing of items, buyer, price paid, and short description