Crossing Warrior Mage Guild

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The Crossing Warrior Mage Guild stands as the primary reception point for new students interested in the arts of elemental magic. Currently the guild location is under the watchful eye of Guildmaster Gauthus. Nestled safely outside the Northeast Gate, you can find it by heading southeastwards and following the path (DIR WARRIOR MAGE).


In 353 AV, one year after the destruction of the former Crossing guild by Mibgluc, Archmage Saekhi Laenaeo built a new tower for the guild at the cost of 1,000 platinum Kronars. This new home for the Warrior Mages is much larger then their former tower to accommodate for growing membership.


The tower is built primary of polished grey marble with the majority of the interior structure carved directly out of the blocks. Saekhi used few parts from the original tower; however, he did take the pink marble arches which have some as of yet unknown magical property.

First Floor

The first floor contains the foyer where students and guests may meet. In order for a guest to enter the rest of the guild the mage must SHOW them to the elemental who handles access. Those wishing to speak with the Guildmaster may go through the arch.

Second Floor

This floor holds the library, a simple workshop, and a history hall. In the Hall of History you can find a listing of the previous Crossing guildmasters, a plaque commemorating donors to the rebuilding fund, and a grimoire of the highest mages.


There are two secret passages, one for people and one for familiars, on this floor should you choose to explore.

Third Floor

The third floor has seven chambers branching off from it with each devoted to an individual element as well as steel. Initially these rooms were meant as the primary gathering spots but have fallen out of favor over the years. You will find more mages outside the front doors then in the tower on an average day.

New mages should take note of the Chamber of Steel as it contains a donation rack where you can acquire weapons and armor.