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Status: Alive
Race: Elpalzi
Gender: Male
Associates: Zhnai, Zayerg, Alret

Elpalzi assassin that attacks with a twisted hunk of metal. Leaves a Calling card with the message "The Silver Dragon is coming".


You see Assassin Tengh, an Elpalzi.
He has drab grey eyes that are just a shade lighter than the long, swept-back hair growing from his angular face.
Thick, coarse fur mottled in patches of greys and browns covers the muscular build of his agile body, making it difficult to guess at his age.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a full-length black hooded cloak with a tattered hem, a collarless shadowy-black shirt, some black leathers emblazoned in silver with a rearing dragon, some supple leather pants riveted with dark steel, a darkened thigh sheath held by matte silver buckles and a pair of soft-soled dark leather boots.


A muscular male Elpalzi garbed in dark clothing suddenly slips out of the shadows!

Assassin Tengh lashes out at <person> with a twisted hunk of jagged metal! The hit rends <his/her> abdomen like a warm knife through butter! <Person> falls to the ground, <his/her> entrails hitting with a wet THUD just before the rest of <his/her> follows suit!