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Status: Alive
Guild: Cleric
Race: Elothean
Gender: Female
Location: Zoluren
Associates: Khurek

During the year 395 when Sebastienne Dane was being held in the Shard dungeon for various crimes - namely leading Sahfra through a moongate to Ratha - Acolyte Sinstra was granted access by Handmaiden Amaldriel against the express orders of Sentinel Captain Cierzen.

While Sinstra was sequestered in Sebastienne's cell, a red mist was seen to tendril around the courtyard in the Great Tower. Shortly thereafter, Sebastienne was noticed to be webbed, via locate and then was removed to Khurek's Red Dungeon in the High Temple in Zoluren.


You see Acolyte Sinstra, Hand of Urrem'tier, an Elothean Cleric.
Sinstra has a square-jawed face with frown lines around her mouth, tilted almond-shaped amber eyes and a straight, angular nose.
She has cropped red-streaked white hair, with translucent skin and an emaciated figure.
She is in her prime for an Elothean.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a thin silver circlet etched with flying red vultures, a faceted ruby scorpion suspended from a black cord necklace, a black nightsilk backpack, a nightmare-black Elothean silk robe cinched with a dark red sash, a dark steel armband engraved with the image of a red spiral, a dark steel bracelet carved with stylized flying vultures and some fitted shadowy black sandals with detailed straps.