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The Blacksmithing discipline controls the creation of non-armor, non-weapon metal items such as crafting tools, large jewelry, containers, and ingots used in Forging or other crafting/creation disciplines. Raw materials obtained though mining or purchased at a Forging Society are smelted into metal ingots, which are then formed into finished products.

Creation of all Blacksmithing products, learning of Blacksmithing techniques, and choosing a Blacksmithing career/hobby are all done at a Forging Society.


See Blacksmithing products for a detailed list of what can be crafted under the Blacksmithing discipline.

Metal ingots produced by Blacksmithing are also used as starting materials in weaponsmithing, armorsmithing, alchemy, and to enhance the creation of elemental weapons.


See Blacksmithing techniques for a detailed list of techniques that can be learned under the Blacksmithing discipline.

As with all crafting disciplines, you may learn a range techniques from a Forging Society Master/Mistress to make Blacksmithing tasks easier. Some techniques are required in order to perform specific tasks (e.g. Maker Mark Design). Other techniques increase your abilities at crafting types of items (e.g. Basic Forging Tool Design) or increase your effectiveness at performing tasks (e.g. Basic Tool Repair).


See the Forging guide for a walkthrough of all Blacksmithing processes, specifically:

  • Smelting to combine metal ingots and nuggets
Nuggets are found in seven sizes.


See Crafting tools for an in depth discussion of tool properties. You may STUDY some stationary tools for instructions on how to use them.

  • Aerated salts: Used to repair crucibles.
  • Anvil: A stationary forging tool used for pounding metal as part of the item creation process.
  • Bellows: Used to keep the forge fires going when smelting, tempering, or shaping metals.
  • Blacksmithing instruction book: Instructions for creation of Blacksmithing products.
  • Borax flux: Used to refine metal in a crucible.
  • Crucible: A stationary forging tool used for smelting metal.
  • Oil: Used to prevent rust on metal items as the final step in creation, repair, or tempering processes.
  • Forge: A stationary forging tool used for tempering items to increase the metal's durability.
  • Forging hammer: Used to form ingots into items on the anvil. Made with Blacksmithing.
  • Ingot cutter: A stationary forging tool used to cut off a specific volume of a metal ingot.
  • Maker's mark: Tool for stamping a crafted item with the maker's identity after creation. Made with Blacksmithing.
  • Shovel: Used to keep the fires going when smelting, refining, or shaping metals. Made with Blacksmithing and has other uses in mining.
  • Slack tub: A stationary forging tool used to quench hot metal as part of the item creation process.
  • Stirring rod: Used for smelting and refining metal in a crucible. Made from stone using the Carving discipline.
  • Tongs: Used to hold hot metal when pounding on an anvil or heating in a forge.
  • Wire brush: Used in tool repair.

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