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Status: Dead
Aliases: the Fist
Guild: Paladin
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Female
Type: guild leader
Emille the Fist became the first second-generation Paladin councilmember in 35AV. She left the Council in 45 AV to found the Hibarnhvidar guild. Emille is buried in a secret chamber in the guildhall, and the the recent discovery of her real tomb by Oane and Asilias is detailed in notes kept by Oane. A brief history of her life is told in pictographic form in the Memorial of Champions.

Hibarnhvidar Vault

Found within the Hibarnhvidar Paladin Guild:

The image of a woman in regalia is carved into the granite; she lies peacefully amid the cold stone. Along the edges are images of an iris, raven, and lion stamped in damite.
A granite vault reads:
"Emille the Fist - May she hunt forever."