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Cyiarriah Khorrann
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime


You see Court Advisor Cyiarriah Khorrann, Steel Heart of the Zoluren Court, a Human.
Cyiarriah has sparkling jade eyes. Her silver-streaked auburn hair is long and wavy, and is worn in a simple, pulled-back style held in place by a strand of polished sapphire beads carved with blooming gladiolas.
She has tanned skin and an athletic figure.
She is very tall for a Human.
She appears to be aged.
She has a tattoo of two sharks circling one another nose to tail on her wrist.

She is wearing a midnight black cowl, a braided platinum eyebrow ring inset with a cluster of dark blue sapphires, a dull serpent earcuff, a sapphire nose stud, a twisted black cord dangling a scorched platinum ring engraved with the image of a burning tower, a faded black hooded cloak embroidered with an unrecognizable insignia, a gold Court insignia, a dark crimson flamerose, a clockwork spider, a dull blue leather combat pack fringed with embossed straps, a sizable electrum wolf charm, a loose black shirt open at the neck, some nightmare black leathers, a deep ebony silk weeper secured to the side with a silver knotwork pin, a darkstone shark's tooth wristcuff, some jagged rock crystal knuckleguards, some perfect storm-bull gloves, a low-slung leather hip belt, an aquamarine gem pouch sewn with the image of a dolphins leaping through whitecaps, an etched silver belt knife with a bluefire velvet handle, a supple grey sharkskin spellbook case beaded with aquamarine dolphins, a small silk bag, some fitted leather pants, an embroidered black thigh bag, a braided oceanmist thigh quiver, an icy-blue sapphire anklet with miniature cambrinth icicles, some high-heeled boots of supple leather adorned with sparkling sapphire medallions and a silver coated parry stick with bluefire velvet straps.


  • Fought in the Gorbesh War
  • Fought against the mad mage Mibgluc to avenge the destruction of Arhat’s Tower
  • Joined the Zoluren militia during the Outcast War
  • Attained the rank of Sergeant in the Anvil before transferring to the Zoluren Dragoons
  • Attained the rank of Lieutenant and finally Commander of the Zoluren Dragoons
  • Befriended and investigated the construct Mawitherarra
  • Pursued by Drogor's shark to the goblin book from Ratha
  • Almost created an international incident with Therengia over a ceremonial item
  • Sponsored the Zoluren Dragoon Dart League
  • Helped build the Arena on Andreshlew
  • Intervened in a Rock Troll family feud between Elder Troll Gharnak and his son Korlag
  • First Zoluren contact with General Bazrid, and coordinated the march to Forfehdhar
  • Freed Wolf Clan from ogre attack
  • Met with Trollkin King Tamrink to establish a peace accord
  • Returned a stolen ring to Prince Vokan of the goblins, ending their attacks on the city
  • Brought Timothy and Ahspia together, breaking the curse, and ending Consumption
  • Helped destroy an obsidian monolith built by Cleric Srithin outside the Crossing Temple
  • Had a body designed to look like her hung on the Kaerna Gallow’s Tree by Twando
  • Promoted to Military Liaison of Zoluren
  • Aided in the building of the Ain Ghazal docks as a construction worker
  • Raided the Zoluren Thief Guildhall with Brigadier General Zukir
  • Helped build the Zoluren Orphanage as a construction worker
  • Traveled the land seeking bones as a task for Savage Artistan Satfiki
  • Returned the constellations to the sky using stellar fragments and totems with other attendees at the Hollow's Eve Festival for the Gods.
  • Unsuccessfully hunted a loose spider aboard the Giant Mechanical Spider at the Hollow's Eve Festival for the Gods.
  • Assisted Banii in repairing the Weer Telescope in the Crossing Moon Mage Guild, presumably making the most powerful telescope in the world.
  • Helped discover the history behind the black mold outbreak in the Hunting Preserve by Crossing, leading to negotiations of the relocation of the Rusty Talon Goblin Clan.
  • Ventured into the Hive to kill the Vykathi Queen Izlixtrixh, but was quickly slain and eaten
  • Fought against Zurato and the Sewer Rat Gang
  • First to get the Zoluren Temple defense orb charged
  • Rescued several orphans along the NTR and brought them to the orphanage
  • Accompanied Prince Vorclaf on his Meraud quest and march on the Necromancer Lyras
  • Befriended Zamidren Book
  • Assisted Zamidren and Khurek in their investigation of necromantic symbols
  • Battled Hobglup and his doll army
  • Battled Necrolews in the Faldesu
  • Accidentally glanced at the chrysallis, linking herself to it
  • Explored the Plane of Shadows
  • Dragoon cabin destroyed in fire set by Ogre Chieftan Naarg
  • Helped defeat Naarg and replace No-Legs as chieftan
  • Was added to the Warrior Mage Guild Grimoire
  • Helped build the Crossing Market Plaza working as a construction worker
  • Failed at thinking like a goat at Plixbraggle's Goat-Werx
  • Helped rescue a small boy from the depths of Dunshade Manor
  • Helped build the new Estate Holders Headquarters in Zoluren
  • Retrieved Kanton's Dagger
  • Flew in a mechanical dragon
  • Rescued a pet turtle from Chef Roggleflart's soup
  • Attended (crashed) a small dinner party with Woolly Tanglefoot
  • Helped Captain Kurmin look for parts to repair the mechanical spider for Hollow Eve 403 (2011)
  • Helped quell Prison Riots
  • Defeated a Ghost Ship
  • One of the first to discover the lost merchants of Fang Cove
    *Laid the first stone for the First Council Bank of Fang Cove
    *First to map Fang Cove
    *Worked on construction of Fate's Fortune Road