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Status: Dead
Race: Vykathi
Gender: Female


You see Izlixtrixh of the Hive, the Vykathi Queen.
Due to her insectoid features, Izlixtrixh's age is hard to determine. To achieve the status of queen, however, she is surely several decades old.
Glittering black eyes bulge on either side of her forehead above an intimidating set of ferocious, quivering mandibles. Atop her elongated cranium, a pair of flexible, protracted antennae twitches chaotically, increasing in speed whenever she spots viable prey.
Larger than the brood she so hypnotically commands, this fine specimen is nearly as tall as an adult female Kaldar, with two long, multi-jointed legs that culminate in broad, spindly-toed feet. Four razor-sharp clawed arms extend from her segmented body, leaving no doubt as to the hostile nature of the vykathi.

Every inch of her body is covered in rigid plates of glistening chitinous armor the hue of fermented olives, thick and resilient to protect her from harm. Secreting from hidden apertures along her body, an acidic stench lingers in her wake to assault the senses of the unwitting.

Special Attacks


The noxious air around Izlixtrixh seems to grow heavier with increased toxicity. She suddenly shakes all of her four arms in a ritualistic fashion, then belches a cloud of thick fumes!

Before you can close your mouth, you suck in a full breath of the gas, and bend over coughing and gagging.


Izlixtrixh gazes at you with curious multi-faceted eyes. With a smooth twisting motion, she violently removes your head. Still staring at your body, she begins to casually chew on the juicier portions of neck meat.


A pair of vykathi excavators suddenly burst out of the ground, opening a tunnel for their queen. After they accompany Izlixtrixh out of it with many servile clacks, two vykathi builders also emerge and seal the passage from inside.


Izlixtrixh was spotted for the first time during a seemingly typical hive escape. Lady Arsonist Kalyra Ca'Davre, had the privileged to be the first to ever see the queen. After emerging, the queen stared down Kalyra for a few moments, before leaving. The adjacent room was occupied, and its occupants were Choked by poisonous gas.

She then fled to her home in the hive....


[Queen's Vault, Heart of the Hive]
The floor is a highly-polished, circular mosaic of oravir and obsidian. Each individual stone seems to have been placed with deliberate, ritual precision, yet the whole does not form any recognizable image. The mosaic is bordered by two slender rings picked out in moldavite and red beryl. Though fine gravel and other detritus are evident outside the ring, not a speck of dust has dared to touch down within its confines.
Also here: Izlixtrixh.
Obvious exits: none.

Vykathi breeder shells were scattered around, shortly after we started hearing buzzing in the back of our heads.