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Event Name: Vision Meeting
Event Instance: Prime
Real Date: 2023-11-11
Game Date of Event: 447-03-37
Point of View: Miskton
You say, "Okay, we've got a few visions to go over this evening, so I think we can get started."

Gwenddolyn asks, "Does it have a mark on it?"

Elurora giggles at Suberri.

Gwenddolyn peers quizzically at Woten.

Woten shakes his head.

Woten says, "Nope, totally blank."

Huebald hums happily to himself.

Tirost asks Woten, "Weight?"

Elizzibiana rubs her eye.

Woten says, "67 stone."

Anuril asks, "I'm sorry, was there a vision about a lost sword?"

Tirost nods to Woten.

Anuril raises an eyebrow.

Jaelia says, "That vision is happening before our eyes with our own eyes."

You say, "Thank you all for joining me this evening. There's a few things to discuss, though no lost swords I think."

Jaelia smiles at you.

Woten chuckles at Jaelia.

Allye beams at you! What a warm feeling!

Anuril grins.

Tirost grins at you.

Woten says, "Wrong meeting, sorry."

You say, "Some of the visions tie into things we've seen before, so we can make some decent guesses at what they might be related to... some are a bit less clear."

You ask, "To start... how about one of the less obvious ones?"

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Huebald nods.

You say, "I wiped my brow as the oppressive humidity and still air nearly choked me. Instantly sweating, I started as a man stepped forward through the foliage and looked at me curiously. Skinny and shirtless and with hands, feet, and face caked in mud, he looked like he had been surviving in the wilderness for some time. He looked at me passively for a moment, then knelt and scooped a large armful of mud into a bag and walked back through the thick bushes. I followed, and after a short walk, came to a small campsite."

Tirost scratches his storm-grey cat.

You say, "Though primitive, made of nothing more than mud and sticks, there was an impressive degree of organization wooden looms held unfinished bark-fiber mats, mud kilns smoked, and lines of identically molded mud bricks dried in the sun."

You say, "The man dropped the sack of mud into a small pit, and glancing at me, began to mix in dried grass. The vision faded."

Allye ponders.

Zaran says, "Hrm, hadn't seen that one."

Vaddon jots down some notes.

Gwenddolyn asks, "A new clan perhaps?"

You say, "It's certainly a way of constructing stuff, though it usually helps to have more than one person involved."

Tirost says, "Perhaps a displaced people. They have knowledge, but seem to be constructing from the most basic materials."

Gwenddolyn says, "What about the visions about painted warriors, perhaps it is them building the huts."

You say, "Yes, things you can make with very limited tools."

Tirost nods to you.

Allye ponders.

Gwenddolyn says, "The ones involving painted warriors, where they talk about permission."

Huebald says, "Sounded like he was good at his work, though, didn't it? If all the bricks looked the same."

You say to Gwenddolyn, "They seemed to be a bit more imposing than this skinny man, at least."

Elurora nods to Huebald.

Allye nods to Huebald.

Gwenddolyn says, "Never know, he could be building their village while they go fight."

Anuril says to you, "Enjoy your jungle vacation."

Elurora giggles at Anuril.

Chesha scratches one ear, looking bemused.

You say, "I'm sure there are areas around where these building techniques are still used, though ones nearby don't come to mind. If he somehow got lost deep in the wilderness, though, they're techniques that are useful for surviving from scratch."

You say, "Though the man also seemed fairly uninterested one way or another with the arrival of a stranger."

Huebald nods.

Tirost whispers something to Briaen.

Aislynn smirks.

We are ready to start a set of wonderfully free raffles! Head on over to the raffle center located within the festival grounds to participate! Oh, yeah! It's also free! So hurry!

Anuril gazes off into the distance.

Kintryn ponders.

Anuril shakes his head.

You gaze off into the distance blankly.

Anuril quietly says to you, "Rude."

Jaelia nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

You exclaim, "Anyway... the next vision!"

Anuril appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Gwenddolyn says, "So many interruptions."

Tirost chuckles.

You chuckle.

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Vaddon grins at Gwenddolyn.

Jaelia exclaims to you, "I told you they were trying to silence you!"

Vaddon chuckles at Jaelia.

Anuril smiles.

Anuril takes his rightful place beside Kethrai.

Elurora smiles at Kethrai.

Kethrai takes a seat near Anuril.

Tirost grins at Briaen.

You say, "Another vision that doesn't seem to tie directly to things we know are going on, but considerably less pleasant..."

(Jaelia nods in satifaction of confirming another one of her suspicions. She pulls out her journal and begins to take avid notes)

Anuril quietly says to Kethrai, "First vision, guy building mud bricks in jungle. No threat."

Jaelia gets a silvery-blue dream journal bound in moonsilk from inside her dragonar haversack.

Jaelia unlatches and opens her dream journal.

Jaelia turns the page of her dream journal.

You say, "I found myself kneeling next to a gored Human man, savage wounds drained of blood as his extremities cooled. He looked up at me and said, "This isn't what I wanted. What any of us wanted."

Jaelia sits down on the comfortable chair.

You say, ""Don't talk. Look at me. You're ok. Look at me," I repeated in desperation, fumbling to bandage the impossible wounds. "We're going home, together."

Aislynn winces.

You say, "Smiling wanly, he glanced down at the pool of blood. Laboriously dragging a hand up, he touched my arm, leaving a sanguine streak, and exhaled softly. His eyes slipped into a glassy lifelessness as he went still."

Zaran shudders.

A pained expression crosses Allye's face.

Huebald sighs.

You say, "A wave of anger washed over me: disbelief that he would leave me here, rage that I was helpless to stop this, fury that I am alone. I looked around, surveying the carnage around me, recollecting my actions in the savage battle, and my resolve strengthened. The vision faded."

Aislynn sighs.

Anuril nods.

A tear runs down Jaelia's face.

Gwenddolyn says, "A war scene."

Tirost frowns slightly.

You say, "Something that could be seen on many battlefields, unfortunately."

Aislynn nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

Gwenddolyn says, "Not a good vision about war."

You say, "And the surge of emotions at the end also aren't something that needs a supernatural explanation..."

Anuril dryly says, "Been a long time since a proper war."

Anuril says, "Somehow I doubt one will happen."

Aislynn quietly says to Anuril, "Not long enough."

Aislynn makes a grunting noise.

Kethrai holds a single finger up to his closed lips and gives his head a slight shake while leveling a firm stare at Anuril.

Kethrai places his hand over Anuril's mouth.

Gwenddolyn nods at Aislynn, obviously agreeing with her views.

Anuril chortles softly at some secret joke.

You say, "Though, I am interested if this is one of those visions where other seers might have experienced something different about the dying figure."

Huebald ponders.

Allye tilts her head, clearly curious about something.

Kethrai nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

Zaran says, "Seem to be the same vision for me."

Gwenddolyn looks at Vaddon and sighs.

You say, "Whenever I see a Human man as a central figure, it makes me curious unless they have noticeable characteristics that stand out."

You nod to Zaran.

Gwenddolyn nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

Jaelia wipes her face with her glitter slippers and begins to blink furiously!

Gwenddolyn says, "Not enough to determine anything."

Elurora blinks at Jaelia.

You say to Zaran, "Okay, if you saw a Human rather than an Elothean, then the figure is probably not related to the seer themselves."

Chesha laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Chesha takes a bite of the apple.

Tirost raises his tankard, drinking deeply from the Dwarven ale inside.

Langwin ponders.

Huebald quietly asks, "So then the Human is a Human, and not a metaphor...maybe?"

Zaran says, "Though I do not recall specifics as well these days in my dotage."

You say to Huebald, "May well be, yes."

Ezerak waves to Nyrhin.

You say, "The event itself is something sadly common for the situation, but it might be a motivating incident for someone who is going to do something impactful."

Zaran nods to you.

Huebald quietly says, "I wonder what it was he did want."

Nyrhin waves to Ezerak.

Kethrai says, "Not to die in battle, I'd guess."

Sofina says, "Not to die."

Woten says, "Probably to not get gored."

Sofina grins at Kethrai.

Woten says, "Been there, done that. Do not recommend."

You say, "Next, we start getting into some visions which do seem to have some more identifiable characteristics..."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Tirost says to you, "It may have been a battle with a beast or monster, since the man was gored. It is also interesting that the visionary feels anger and rage, not regret or sadness for the loss of a friend."

You say to Tirost, "People have different ways of reacting to sudden intense grief."

Tirost nods to you.

Kethrai nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

Zaran pushes his spectacles up the bridge of his nose.

You say, "The next vision is... concerning. Though we've got plenty of things going on to be concerned about."

Gwenddolyn chuckles.

You say, "My prophetic senses screamed with deafening wrongness, and I winced as I observed a swarm of massive wasps crawl out of a large and ominous-looking hive. As the wasps took flight, several circled the area as if scanning for something. Suddenly darting to the ground, they dug into the soil and emerged clasping large and dangerous-looking centipedes, which writhed and gnashed sharp mandibles. Torn from the safety of the soil, the centipedes writhed, their multitude of legs grasping for purchase, but they did not appear to be fighting the wasps. The wasps flew off, and I was left with a feeling of dread as the vision faded."

Elurora cocks her head at you.

Aislynn observes you with fascination.

Gwenddolyn says, "Just a few."

A pained expression crosses Kethrai's face.

Aislynn clicks her claws together.

Jaelia covers her mouth with her hand.

You say, "Wasps have appeared as a symbol representing those necromancers who have earned forgiveness from the Immortals. This... seems a bit different."

Woten says, "Just your standard nightmare fuel."

Tirost frowns.

Jaelia asks, "Something with a Hive Mind perhaps?"

Tirost says to Woten, "Definitely that."

You say, "Centipedes like that had previously represented Maelshyve."

Woten grumbles.

Jaelia covers her mouth with her hand.

Gwenddolyn says, "Not good at all."

Gwenddolyn chuckles.

Jaelia says, "Gooses."

Tirost asks you, "Sivroch has been represented by wasps or bees in the past, has she not?"

Gwenddolyn nods to Tirost.

You say, "The one that did before had certainly specific characteristics related to Maelshyve, so I'm not sure if it's her specifically, or related to other Demons."

Gwenddolyn says, "Let's hope it isnt a new demon."

Aislynn quietly says, "Or an old one."

Aislynn makes a grunting noise.

Gwenddolyn chuckles at Aislynn.

Aislynn quietly says, "No demons at all would be fantastic."

Elurora looks at Suberri, obviously trying not to grin.

Langwin says, "Centipede are carrion crawlers, often representing a connection between the living and the dead."

Langwin coughs.

Suberri giggles at Elurora.

Langwin fidgets nervously.

You say, "The feeling of dread, the warning from my prophetic senses, and the fact that the centipedes did not seem to be fighting being carried off all bode poorly."

Allye nods to you.

Ezerak nods at Aislynn, obviously agreeing with her views.

Huebald nods.

Anuril quietly asks Kethrai, "Anyone on the island selling fly swatters?"

Kethrai quietly says to Anuril, "Not that big."

Anuril makes a grunting noise.

Kintryn smiles at Tirost.

Kethrai says, "The description could apply more literally to the vykathi..."

Tirost smiles at Kintryn.

Kintryn joins Tirost's group.

Gwenddolyn says, "Vykathi is a good guess."

Kethrai says, "Although, they're more... robust of form than a wasp usually is."

Tirost just took the hand of Kintryn and gently kissed the back of it.

Gwenddolyn says, "What the centipedes are for is another story."

You ask, "That would also be concerning, though as far as I'm aware they would have less knowledge of how to consort with demons which... might be better than necromancers with training from the lich?"

Kintryn grins at Tirost.

Kethrai matter-of-factly says, "Somebody ought to make a scouting run into the hive and make sure nothing is changed there..."

Anuril quietly says to himself, "Mud bricks... battlefield... centipede delivery service..."

Kethrai taps his nose.

Kethrai casually observes the area.

Anuril ponders.

Woten says, "Well, the hive is always changing."

You say, "But the interpretation I would lean toward at this point would be a group of necromancers managing to start making use of demonic power in some new way."

Jaelia says to Anuril, "THere was a loom too, it seemed a variety of basic society basics in dark materials."

Woten nods to you.

Jaelia says, "Maybe I heard it wrong though."

Tirost gazes thoughtfully at you.

Kintryn looks at Tirost and blushes.

Tirost smiles at Kintryn.

Aislynn rummages about her person, looking for something.

Langwin ponders.

You say, "Of course, as if that wasn't trouble enough, we've also got all the things still going on in the sky lately, and the remaining visions seem to point toward that."

Aislynn observes you with fascination.

You say, "The next one seems plausibly related to the Nascent Unknown, at least."

Jaelia wrings her hands nervously.

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Jaelia nibbles her lip thoughtfully.

You say, "Gently floating on my back, I treaded in calm waters surrounded by mist. I looked around to get my bearings, but there was nothing save featureless fog and flat water. I felt a thrum beneath me and submerged myself beneath the surface to scan the depths. At the edge of my vision, along the rocky lake bottom, I saw a glowing crystal mosaic forming nested and overlapping geometric forms that radiated outward in a fractal spiral. Organic whorls and triangles formed a trilateral symmetry, and the crystalline structure pulsed rapidly with dark blue light in a mesmerizing sequence."

You say, "A yawning vortex of absolute darkness swirled outward from the mosaic, shedding expanding rings of inky blackness, and I felt myself yanked downward. I screamed, an involuntary line of bubbles dancing to the surface, and the vision faded."

Aislynn ponders.

You say, "The dark blue light and shedding expanding rings are both characteristics the Unknown has shown."

Aislynn quietly says, "Specifically a lake bottom? Interesting."

Zaran says, "That one gave me nightmares."

Zaran shudders.

Gwenddolyn says, "Not good."

Kethrai says, "As well as... yanking away people from below, yeah? Other visions seen like that."

You say to Aislynn, "There was a mountain lake vision in some of the earlier visions that might have been presaging this. Lights rising from the water in various places."

Tirost frowns thoughtfully.

Aislynn nods to you.

Aislynn ponders.

Kintryn ponders.

Gwenddolyn nods to you.

Suberri ponders.

Anuril says, "Everyone make sure you have an air bubble wand."

Huebald says, "The Merelew call the Nascent Unknown the 'Long Throw.' Interestin' the visions keep being watery."

You say, "There was a recent vision of falling through a hole in the ground and falling toward the Unknown, as well."

Elurora nods to Suberri.

Tirost asks you, "Do you think it's related to the other visions of Traders seeming to dive underwater for some unknown purpose?"

Gwenddolyn says, "Odd they call it the long throw."

Jaelia says, "What concerns me is the vortex of darkness and also the - Voidgazers and their Death Cult and desire to return to the Void? They can be completely unrelated, but some things really like dark voids floating around."

Gwenddolyn asks, "They must have seen it before?"

You say to Tirost, "There's crystals involved, so I suppose it could be! It was never clear what they were looking for."

Huebald shakes his head at Gwenddolyn.

Tirost nods to you.

Huebald quietly says to Gwenddolyn, "They hadn't. And they don't agree on what it is, same as us."

Woten glances outside a moment.

You ask, "When people spoke to the Merelew, did they have any reasoning behind that Long Throw name?"

Tirost pets his storm-grey cat.

Elurora chews on her lip, looking deep in concentration.

Elurora slowly says, "Not that I remember."

Huebald ponders.

Woten glances up at the sky.

After a few moments he lowers his gaze.

Gwenddolyn says, "I still think the long throw could be what is referred to as throwing something into the sky and have it return years later like a boomerang."

Huebald says, "From what I recall, it was because of the way it looks wit the rings, like it's movin' fast. Recollection could be off though."

Jaelia says, "I did not hear one, but I would venture to guess that it appears it it's path and light path that its a long throw from somewhere else to here, like a javelin or such."

Jaelia says, "Along that path they didn't seem to mention it was familar to them."

Gwenddolyn nods to Jaelia.

Kethrai says, "As for the vision Lake Gwenalion is the only lake I can think of that you could float on its surface and see no land anywhere around you."

Anuril nods.

Zaran says, "Yawning vortex of absolute darkness makes me think of The Hunger, Entropy's Glory."

Kethrai says, "Though I guess fog makes the horizon closer."

Zaran says, "Though I hope to be wrong."

Kethrai glances at Zaran.

Kethrai shudders.

Tirost gazes thoughtfully at Kethrai.

Langwin says, "Or a portal.. but underwater wouldn't make sense."

Suberri asks, "No?"

Gwenddolyn says, "If you are merelew it does."

Gwenddolyn nods to Langwin.

Langwin ponders.

Tirost thoughtfully says to Kethrai, "There's often mist on that lake."

Huebald nods at Tirost, obviously agreeing with his views.

Jaelia stands up.

Gwenddolyn says, "Probably mist coming from the swamp nearby."

Kethrai says, "The other one I think of is on Aesry. Also usually mist-covered."

Gwenddolyn nods to Kethrai.

Langwin says, "I imagine a portal underwater would cause a.. draw.. a pulling down as well."

Gwenddolyn says, "Yes there is mist in aesry too."

You nod to Langwin.

Chesha takes a bite of the apple.

Woten asks, "Wasn't there a vision, a bit back now, of a pulsating caged star? Any chance that's related to this unknown thing in the sky?"

Suberri says, "Bodies of water, mist, and darkness are often images to conjure that which is not yet known."

You say to Woten, "Seems very plausible."

Tirost quietly says, "A crystal on the bottom of lake..."

Vaddon smiles at Ayrell.

Woten says, "Seem to recall there being geometric patterns involved there as well."

Gwenddolyn nods at Woten, obviously agreeing with his views.

Ayrell smiles at Vaddon.

Ezerak smiles at Ayrell, revealing the dimples in his cheeks.

Ezerak enfolds Ayrell in a warm embrace.

Ayrell enfolds Ezerak in a warm embrace.

Elurora gives Ayrell a slight curtsy, barely more than a quick bob.

Ayrell curtsies gracefully to Elurora.

(Huebald looks at Suberri and mouths 'oh' with an enthusiastic nod.)

Kethrai asks, "Geometric patterns, fractals and the like, are often associated with starlight magic, yeah?"

You nod to Kethrai.

Tirost nods to Kethrai.

Gwenddolyn says, "Trader stuff."

Gwenddolyn fans herself.

Nyrhin says, "I didn't do it..."

Tirost grins at Gwenddolyn.

Woten chuckles at Gwenddolyn.

Gwenddolyn says, "That was some deal they made with the arbiter."

Tirost smiles at Ayrell.

Ayrell smiles at Tirost.

Ayrell nods politely to Tirost.

Kintryn smiles at Ayrell.

Ayrell smiles at Kintryn.

You say, "The remaining vision to review this evening also seems to be related to things currently in the sky."

You say, "Unfortunately, while the Starfall is very pretty to look at, it may also be dangerous..."

Tirost raises his tankard, drinking deeply from the Dwarven ale inside.

Allye gnaws on her lip.

You say, "The night sky sang, and a brilliant meteor shower raged, crisscrossing lines of shooting stars streaking for long moments before fading. Gradually, a very large fireball took shape and slowly spiraled towards me. An explosive roar washed overhead, and the sky lit up with the asteroids' approach. With a moaning trill, an enormous leviathan flew past me, clad in crystalline and coral armor, and paddling in undulating waves, it gained altitude, flying higher and higher as it soared to intercept the approaching meteor. The leviathan roared, and the vision faded."

Aislynn rolls her tail along the surface of the ground.

Elurora furrows her brow.

Kethrai quietly says, "It needs to wait its turn in line..."

Huebald frets.

Gwenddolyn asks, "Falling stars? starcrashers?"

(Jaelia flails the shark fins on her costume in a very frustrated manner.)

Gwenddolyn asks, "The caged star falling?"

Elurora softly says, "I hope the leviathan was alright."

Chesha ponders.

Huebald nods at Elurora, obviously agreeing with her views.

Gwenddolyn says, "So it will happen while the leviathan is here."

You say, "Given that it's not that long before the leviathans would be expected to go back to the deeps... this seems like it will be happening soon."

Tirost smiles seemingly enthralled by the imagery of the vision.

Aislynn clicks her claws together.

A brief, high-pitched trill escapes Aislynn's throat as she fidgets worriedly.

You say, "I don't know exactly what all the leviathans are capable of, but it certainly seems to have a plan in mind."

Elurora slowly says, "And armor..."

Jaelia gazes intently into her sanowret crystal, and scintillating sparks of light dance across its surface.

Huebald nods to Elurora.

Jaelia gazes intently into her sanowret crystal, and scintillating sparks of light dance across its surface.

Suberri says, "It would be hard to make armor for one."

Anuril says, "It's like a big paladin. Interpose."

Kethrai uncertainly says, "Crisscrossing lines of shooting stars... Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't meteor showers generally radiate from a point? There'd be nothing to cross, unless they're coming from multiple places at once in the vision..."

Huebald quietly exclaims to Elurora, "At least that means the leviathan might be ready for it!"

Aislynn quietly says, "No harder than it is to make gondolas and viewing platforms."

Jaelia says, "And it would depend on which factions within Merelew Society have the highest standing as well...."

Kethrai twitches an ear nervously.

Tirost asks you, "Do you believe the Nascent Unknown is related to the appearance of Andreshlew?"

You say, "Yes, the Starfall has already been noticed to be behaving in unusual ways."

Gwenddolyn says, "No bloodworm comet yet either."

You say, "Some theories have been that it's a particularly large debris field causing unusual chain reactions, or that planar entities are involved in some way."

Kethrai twitches an ear nervously.

You say to Tirost, "I had not thought so initially, but I'm not sure."

Elurora nods at Huebald, obviously agreeing with his views.

Tirost nods in agreement.

Jaelia says to Tirost, "I think whatever it is, the Merelew were under water and if it had any sort of mind to it and looked upon us in advance, it didn't see them, and them rising at this time, might potentially be something in are favor as well."

Langwin says to Suberri, "I believe that may be just descriptive, something emerging from a long time under the sea could be covered in coral and so armored in it."

Tirost gazes thoughtfully at Jaelia.

Langwin shrugs.

Gwenddolyn says, "Coralite makes great armor."

Jaelia says, "Or in our favor, an ally they didn't factor in, if something like that had thougth and plans in advance when it began its creation and travel."

Jaelia says, "That is a bit of a stretch and assuming some things, but are things to consider, that is alll."

Tirost smiles at Jaelia.

Jaelia nods to Gwenddolyn.

Zaran just arrived.

You say, "I don't know if this means the Merelew already have some idea of what's happening, or if the leviathans do, or if they will just be able to quickly form a plan when something happens."

Anuril dryly asks, "Has anyone informed the merelew?"

Gwenddolyn asks, "Uniting all the factions?"

Chesha takes a bite of the apple.

Tirost appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Gwenddolyn chuckles at Tirost.

You say, "I've not had an opportunity to report it to them, unfortunately."

Anuril nods.

Gwenddolyn sticks her tongue out at Tirost.

Jaelia wrings her hands nervously.

Tirost laughs!

Langwin asks you, "Do you believe each vision represents a different event, or parts of the same?"

You say to Langwin, "Usually different events, though not always."

Langwin nods.

Elurora smiles at Suberri.

Tirost leans on Kintryn.

Anuril glances outside a moment.

Kintryn smiles at Tirost.

Anuril glances up at the sky.

After a few moments he lowers his gaze.

Tirost smiles at Kintryn.

Jaelia says, "Even if it brings the factions together, I'm not sure the Death Cult would be as supportive, so it is important the emerging factions are very far ahead of that particular one in my thoughts. Returning to the void in a glorious world explosion may potentially be hailed by them as a great achievement and they would prefer for it to happen. For those who seek to help raise standing."

Anuril glances up at the sky.

After a few moments he lowers his gaze.

Elizzibiana takes a bite of the fig.

Jaelia gazes upward.

You ask, "Does anybody have any additional questions, or things they'd like to bring up?"

Briaen studies the faces around him.

Elizzibiana raises an eyebrow.

You nod.

Elizzibiana gnaws lightly on her lower lip, as if lost in thought. The razor-sharp tip of one of her fangs breaks the skin and causes a tiny bead of blood to appear. Almost absent-mindedly, she catches it with the tip of her tongue.

Elurora grins at Suberri.

You say, "Okay then! Well, thank you all for coming."

You smile.

Elurora says, "Thank you for having these to share the visions with us."

Allye grins at you.

Elurora smiles at you.

Huebald smiles at you.

You carefully mark your place and close your astronomer's journal, securing the clasp.