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Event Name: Vision Meeting
Event Instance: Prime
Real Date: 2023-09-16
Game Date of Event: 446-08-14
Point of View: Miskton
You say, "Okay, I think it's time we get started. I don't think there will be a timing issue with the Mountain Guard patrol after this, but best to get things moving."

You release the clasp on your astronomer's journal and open it.

You smile.

Briaen nods to you.

Belzor casually observes the area.

Ayrell curtsies gracefully.

Kethrai bows to Ayrell.

Ezerak smiles at Ayrell, revealing the dimples in his cheeks.

You exclaim, "Thank you all for joining us this evening. A number of things to discuss at this meeting!"

Vaddon smiles at Ayrell.

Timorias smiles at Ayrell.

Gwenddolyn nods to Ayrell.

Ayrell smiles at Kethrai.

Kethrai angles his ears forward, gazing curiously at you.

Betlind beams at Ayrell!

Ayrell smiles at Vaddon.

Ayrell enfolds Ezerak in a warm embrace.

Kethrai takes a bite of the sandwich.

Ayrell smiles at Timorias.

Gwenddolyn says, "Hi all."

Ayrell nods politely to Gwenddolyn.

Ayrell smiles at Betlind.

Timorias says, "Evening ma'am."

Tirost whispers something to Briaen.

Xionara hugs Timorias, getting a smile in return.

Tirost bows to Ayrell.

Ayrell curtsies gracefully to Tirost.

Voranos waves to Ayrell.

Tirost says to Ayrell, "Good evening, my Lady."

Ayrell says to Tirost, "Good evening. I hope you are well."

Timorias says, "Since I have missed a couple meetings I'm curious as to the happenings lately."

Ayrell smiles at Belzor.

Belzor smiles at Ayrell.

Belzor says to Ayrell, "First one."

Tirost says to Ayrell, "I enjoyed the recent gala very much. Thanks again for hosting us."

Belzor says, "Should be interesting."

You say, "To start, as of last observation, the Nascent Unknown still appears as a vibrating whorl of pulsating dark blue light, fringed with radiating lines which sharply arc into nearly complete, expanding, fading, rings. And gives the impression that it is focused on Elanthis and drawing closer, despite remaining constant in apparent size."

Navesi nods politely.

Tirost smiles at Navesi.

Belzor nods politely to Navesi.

Anuril smiles at Navesi.

Ayrell smiles at Belzor.

Ezerak hugs Navesi, who wraps her arms around Ezerak with a warm smile.

Mendira nods to you.

Tirost warmly says to Navesi, "You made it."

Navesi says, "I did, thank you."

Ayrell says to Belzor, "I am glad you enjoyed it. I was particularly fond of the theme."

Ayrell chuckles.

Navesi smiles at Belzor.

Anuril takes his rightful place beside Kethrai.

Gwenddolyn nods to Navesi.

You say, "Hard to say exactly how quick it's approaching, due to the size apparently changing as it does. But it does seem to be steadily on target toward us."

Tirost chuckles.

Belzor smiles.

Navesi nods politely to Gwenddolyn.

Navesi asks, "Oh dear. Has it gotten larger?"

Timorias asks, "Do we still not know what EXACTLY it is?"

Tirost says to Navesi, "No, thank you. I tend to learn a lot whenever you're nearby."

Huebald nods to Timorias.

Belzor says, "Though I felt a familiar, yet sad setting within that room."

You say to Navesi, "Probably smaller, since it still seems to be the same size despite apparently approaching."

Navesi says to Timorias, "I'd say about the opposite. What we exactly know is that we have no idea what it is."

Mendira looks thoughtfully at you.

Huebald grins at Navesi.

Timorias nods to Navesi.

(Zalinyar leans over and whispers something to Vaddon)

Timorias says, "Makes sense."

Tirost smiles at Ayrell.

Navesi says to you, "But it has approached further? Is there a new description? My apologies for being tardy."

Anuril shakes his head at Navesi.

You say to Navesi, "No, for the moment it still appears the same as at the last meeting."

Navesi nods.

Navesi slowly empties her lungs.

Tirost says to you, "I can't help but feel that's good news."

Voranos rubs his eyes.

You say, "None of the visions to discuss this evening appear obviously related to it, but that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't actually the subject of something."

You grin wryly.

Zalinyar nods to you.

Xionara chuckles at you!

Betlind exclaims, "Sounds like solid logic to me!"

Timorias says, "Of course not."

Tirost says to you, "Any related to Zengmodaleth. I know I should wait, but patience is not one of my virtues."

Navesi says, "It is certainly the subject of my dreams lately."

Timorias grins at Tirost.

Voranos pats Tirost on the back.

Ayrell laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Zalinyar says, "That's why the individual perspective of the individuals matters."

You say to Tirost, "Nothing that brought about the taste of copper, but there is something that involves unusual constructs."

Tirost smiles.

Zalinyar takes a sip of her rum.

Zalinyar hiccups.

Tirost nods.

You say, "I suppose we can start with that one."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Cryle's ears perk up happily.

Betlind grins at Cryle, her dimples flashing into view.

You say, "A small man dressed in silver robes and moving with erratic, jerky motions, finalized the assembly of a clockwork contraption, setting it gently on a workbench surface. The contraption emitted a loud click! and unfurled into an upright column with splayed legs that began to smoothly walk forward. The man gently tapped the back of the column, and it bent over, several additional legs snapping outward and assisting the contraption as it continued to walk forward. The man once again tapped the back of the column, and it separated into two contraptions, moving forward on spindly legs. The man pressed his palm against the pair and shoved downward, shattering the contraptions into a mangled heap of bronze components."

Navesi says to Tirost, "You may be interested to know that I recently submitted an article about the latest experiment, so hopefully it will be printed soon."

You say, "A spark flickered between several springs and pistons, and the parts began to snap together, reassembling the original contraption. The man smirked, and the vision faded."

Tennman smiles.

Mendira ponders.

Tennman waves.

Tennman savagely says, "Hello."

Tennman leans over and scratches Xanarra's back.

Navesi nods politely to Tennman.

Cryle twitches an ear nervously.

Xionara waves to Tennman.

Xionara's ears perk up happily.

You say, "It doesn't have the telltale signs of other visions that have been related to Zengmodaleth, but given what the custodians are up to, self repairing constructs are a concerning thought."

Xanarra smiles, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Tennman beams at Xionara!

Xionara waves to Cryle.

Xionara waves to Xanarra.

Navesi nods to you.

Xanarra waves to Xionara.

Xanarra waves to Deaks.

Navesi asks, "I believe the Lord of the Void has been depicted in dark robes, yes?"

Tirost beams at Navesi!

Gwenddolyn says, "Seems likely."

You say to Navesi, "I don't believe he's appeared as small, either."

Zalinyar says, "It sort of reminds me of that one guy who tinkered with whatnots in the Crossing, and his whole estate disappeared."

Kethrai says, "Those contraptions also don't sound much like either the Custodians or the Colossus."

Navesi nods to you.

Xionara begins chortling at Zalinyar.

Vaddon says, "I think of Aesthene myself."

Zalinyar asks, "The umm, what did they call him, the Timekeeper?"

Kethrai nods to Vaddon.

You say, "It does seem to be an electrically powered construct of some sort, however."

Timorias says, "Well we were attacked by giant flying Constructs not too long ago. So said old man may be the creator of those monstrosities."

Kethrai says, "Maybe he's trying to invent some kind of... time spider. We've got every other damn kind of spider, why not."

Timorias nods at Kethrai, obviously agreeing with his views.

Tennman smiles at Xanarra.

Betlind begins chortling at Kethrai.

Vaddon grins at Kethrai.

Tennman hugs Xanarra, who wraps her arms around Tennman with a warm smile.

Cryle asks, "Question: Have custodians been seen outside of visions before the plane of electricity was accessible?"

Elurora grins at Kethrai.

Briaen gazes off to the north.

You say, "I suppose the sparks could be caused by magic without actual electricity involved, however."

Belzor just nudged Elurora.

Elurora cocks her head at Belzor.

Echyaes closes his eyes for a moment and grows still.

Kethrai asks, "Er... which sparks?"

Kethrai quirks one ear sideways in confusion.

Cryle says, "A conscious mind given magnetic properties and taught telekinesis should be able to reassemble itself easily."

You say, "When the construct repaired itself. A spark flickered between several springs and pistons, and the parts began to snap together, reassembling the original contraption."

Tirost ponders.

Elurora smiles at Belzor.

Betlind asks, "The erratic jerky movements the man makes are quite odd in and of themself though, aye? As if he himself were one?"

Kethrai says, "Ah, powering the reassembly."

Tirost nods to Betlind.

Mendira nods at Betlind, obviously agreeing with her views.

Tirost says to Betlind, "That seemed an interesting detail to me as well."

Voranos says, "Constructs have been known to heal such as hhinvi near Muspar'i but that type of repair seems different."

Darkewolff glances at Belzor.

Voranos waves to Saragos.

Briaen nods to Saragos.

Saragos nods politely.

Cryle asks, "Shall I ask my question again...?"

Tirost smiles at Saragos.

You say, "But yes, the details don't seem to point to this being directly related to the constructs. However, the fact that this self repair is possible is concerning, and could perhaps be replicated."

Mendira cocks her head at Cryle.

Tirost chuckles at Hanryu.

Tirost smiles.

Hanryu grins.

Navesi says to Cryle, "I don't believe any custodians have been seen before the Plane of Electricity was accessible. I have been paying fairly close attention, but I can never say for sure."

Cryle nods to Navesi.

Tirost nods to Navesi.

Elurora glances at Timorias.

Navesi asks Timorias, "Did you say giant, flying constructs?"

Timorias smiles at Elurora.

Cryle says to Navesi, "I just wonder who works for the shop that has opened on Andreshlew, selling these..."

Cryle gets a dim custodian core made from an orichalcum coil from inside her tinker's pack.

Timorias says, "Well More like Falling and less flying."

Navesi nods to Cryle.

Cryle says, "The Scholar claimed this was but a replica."

Kethrai says, "Its vertical leap was astounding."

Timorias nods.

You ponder.

Timorias says, "They could get some air."

You say, "Even as a replica, it seems a rather intricate one."

Navesi says, "What exactly were these constructs? I haven't heard of them."

Anuril says, "Singular construct. He's talking about the colossus."

Timorias says, "They attacked Crossing a few weeks back."

Kethrai says to Timorias, "Er, not sure we're talking about the same thing? There was just the one Colossus anyhow."

Deaks hugs Xanarra, who wraps her arms around Deaks with a warm smile.

Timorias says, "WE climbed into one or 2 of them to disable it."

Xanarra makes a rumbling noise of contentment in Deaks's direction.

Deaks cradles Xanarra in his arms, their lips meeting in a tender kiss.

Deaks stands near Xanarra.

Belzor ponders.

Timorias says, "They were massive."

Xanarra takes a sip of her bloodwine.

Deaks glances thirstily at Xanarra.

Navesi says, "Oh, the colossus. Yes."

Kethrai says, "It. It was, just the one."

Tirost says to Betlind, "The contraptions were also described as "clockwork." I'm beginning to think this vision is not related to Zengmodaleth."

Cryle says to Timorias, "Do try drinking less, if you see two or more of the same thing often..."

Kethrai says, "Let's not speak more of them into existence than we need."

Navesi nods to Tirost.

Timorias says, "Ahh I was under the impression some others entered a second one."

Kethrai twitches an ear nervously.

Gwenddolyn grins at Kethrai, her dimples flashing into view.

Mendira grins at Timorias.

Timorias grins.

Elurora says to Timorias, "Perhaps its size, one leg compared to another could seem like two."

Timorias says, "It was fun."

Elurora grins at Timorias.

Timorias chuckles.

Cryle says to you, "I will do my utmost to replicate the vision's successes."

Timorias says, "I may be small but I am fierce."

Anuril takes a sip of his rum.

Kethrai says to Elurora, "There's some parable about blind men and an elephant."

Tennman grins at Timorias.

Tennman nods at Timorias, obviously agreeing with his views.

Tennman takes a bite of the sandwich.

Mendira begins chortling at Kethrai.

Timorias says, "Besides, I'll take the Stick of Doom to them."

Elurora says to Kethrai, "I don't think I've heard that one."

Timorias gets a rosewood stick from inside his white backpack.

You say to Cryle, "I'll be interested to see any results you come up with."

Timorias waves a rosewood stick around.

Elurora grins at Kethrai.

Navesi raises an eyebrow in Cryle's direction.

Zren casually observes the area.

Timorias gazes intently into his sanowret crystal, and scintillating sparks of light dance across its surface.

Betlind asks, "And I know this is the meeting where such goes without sayin', but we should be careful not to take it too literally and associate it with the constructs. Especially without that familiar metallic taste that normally comes with such?"

Cryle nods in agreement.

Tirost grins at Betlind.

Navesi smiles at Betlind.

Navesi says, "Indeed, good point."

Vaddon takes a sip of his rum.

Timorias says, "True but we should also not discount it either for just such a reason."

Betlind nods.

You say, "The man himself doesn't appear to be a custodian, obviously, nor the Lord of the Void. Of course, if he's someone else who is looking into things related to the custodian but not a denizen of the Plane of Electricity, a vision centering on him might not have the trappings of one related to the plane."

You ponder.

Timorias says, "Since we are in unknown territory here, we must consider EVERY possibility no matter how strange it may seem."

Tirost says to Anuril, "Uryutis mentioned that maybe the giant metal colossus may have metaphorical, as I recall."

Zren nods to you.

Anuril gazes at Tirost.

Anuril guzzles down some of his rum and then smacks his lips and wipes them with his sleeve.

Anuril takes a sip of his rum.

Huebald says to Tirost, "I was just recallin' that."

Gwenddolyn says, "Firulf is often seen in dark robes too."

Huebald grins.

Kethrai says to Tirost, "Gosh, I felt bad for him when it wasn't."

Tirost chuckles at Huebald.

Tennman gazes at Cryle.

Tennman coughs.

Tirost nods at Kethrai, obviously agreeing with his views.

Cryle pulls a wide-brimmed crimson cavalier hat sporting a floofy white feather down over her ears.

You say, "It's entirely possible there will be yet another source of uncontrolled constructs going wild and getting back up after being smashed, as well."

Tennman snaps to attention and hails Voranos with a crisp hand salute.

Cryle says, "He probably has just shocked himself too many times while building..."

Voranos nods.

Timorias chuckles.

Timorias says, "He may like that too though."

Timorias says, "No acounting for tastes."

Deaks takes a sip of his tea.

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

You say, "In the next vision I have to discuss this evening, it seems we're continuing to see things in that bar..."

Xanarra takes a sip of her bloodwine.

Elurora cocks her head at you.

You say, "I found myself in a dark room at a large bar, watching as the bartender handed two cigars to a confused Human. I watched as the Human approached a surly drunkard and offered one of the cigars. Taking a seat, the two began an amicable conversation as the sharply aromatic smoke slowly surrounded them."

Anuril takes a sip of his rum.

You say, "The bartender approached me and handed me two steaming mugs of coffee and nodded to an overworked barmaid taking a break in the corner. The woman looked up as I approached and smiled slightly, reaching for the coffee and after a gentle clink of earthenware sipped deeply, releasing an exaggerated "Ahhhh" and offering me a wink."

Vaddon takes a sip of his rum.

You say, ""My sister's hunting," she said, "I always wait up for her to return."

You say, "I sat next to her, gulped the plain coffee, a bit surprised at how strongly it was brewed, feeling its energy suffuse my limbs. As I began to ask about her sister, the room grew distant as the vision faded."

Anuril asks, "You were the cigar man last time?"

You nod to Anuril.

Anuril nods.

Zalinyar asks, "Well that is interesting, coffee?"

You say, "The visions seem to involve engaging in all sorts of different pleasant things to consume."

Huebald asks, "Been a human every time?"

You say, "Liquor, wine, tobacco, coffee..."

Huebald ponders.

Timorias says, "Tarts and Coffee."

Timorias asks, "Is there anything else?"

Mendira grins.

Elurora says, "Maybe they're telling you it's time for a vacation."

Elurora grins at you.

You chuckle.

Betlind begins chortling at Elurora.

You say to Huebald, "I see a Human man. I believe others have seen figures resembling themselves."

Voranos says, "Finally, a positive vision."

Huebald nods to you.

Zalinyar says, "Maybe they're trying to say though most of us are around this time of day, things happen other times of the day also."

Zalinyar ponders.

Cryle says, "Counter theory: none of those things are pleasing to consume."

Anuril appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Kethrai looks at Cryle, obviously trying not to grin.

Voranos says, "Subjective."

Voranos flashes a wide grin.

Cryle exclaims, "Overruled!"

Betlind frowns, shaking her head with an expression of exasperation before resting her face in the palm of her hand.

You chuckle.

Mendira giggles.

Xionara chuckles.

You take a sip of the rum. Mmm! The silky smooth blend of smoke and exotic spice wraps around your tongue like a flame in a slow dance as you sip your dark rum. Sweet honey helps to soothe the heat of pepper on your lips.

Anuril ponders.

Elurora looks at Betlind, obviously trying not to grin.

Tirost scratches his storm-grey cat.

Zren chortles softly at some secret joke.

Cryle folds her arms across her chest.

Voranos mutters something into the air about Prydaen.

Voranos begins pouting.

Xionara just nudged Voranos.

Betlind snickers.

Zalinyar says, "Sir Madigan drinks nothing but coffee."

Xionara tilts her ears forward playfully.

Tirost chuckles at Zalinyar.

Gwenddolyn says, "And he is human."

Tirost nods to Kintryn.

Zalinyar nods to Gwenddolyn.

Xanarra takes a sip of her bloodwine.

Elizzibiana raises an eyebrow.

Kintryn smiles at Tirost.

You say, "All of the people spoken to seem to have their own stories going on, but nothing that jumps out to tie them together other than their presence at the bar."

Tirost smiles at Kintryn.

Timorias says, "Its telling us to get drunk."

Anuril says, "They are all being distracted from their worries but, that is one of the reasons folk visit a bar..."

You say, "The bartender continues to apparently know exactly what everyone needs in order to have a pleasant time."

Elurora chuckles at Timorias.

Betlind ponders.

Zalinyar says, "That's a bartenders job."

You nod at Zalinyar, in complete agreement with her views.

Ezerak says, "Sounds like an excellent bartender."

Navesi asks, "Yes, there is the theme of twos, and bringing people together who may not have otherwise conversed?"

Timorias says, "It could be the visions are letting us know to not get overwhelmed but to wait on help."

Ezerak chuckles.

Zalinyar says, "Know what they desire, give it to them."

Kethrai says, "But never directly."

Tennman gazes at Cryle.

Kethrai says, "Always given through an intermediary, who seems confused to be recruited but follows instructions."

Mendira giggles at Kethrai.

Anuril says, "But the intermediary is always Miskton."

Anuril grins.

Timorias grins.

You nod.

Betlind hums to herself.

Mendira grins.

Gwenddolyn chuckles.

Kethrai says to you, "Very considerate of you."

Zren nods to Kethrai.

Huebald says, "An' the other party don't seem threatened by a random fella deliverin' the goods and sharin' some time."

You say, "I suppose if we eventually wind up on a vision that ends with an eruption of loud laughter, the entire thing could end up as a loop back to the first vision..."

You stroke your beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Anuril nods to you.

Xionara looks thoughtfully at you.

Anuril takes a sip of his rum.

Darkewolff takes a bite of the sandwich.

Elurora squints at Darkewolff.

Tirost glances at Voranos.

You say, "So far, though, nothing seems all that ominous. Just a series of pleasant experiences."

Darkewolff grins slowly at Elurora.

Elurora offers Darkewolff a petite lemon cupcake topped by a dollop of raspberry buttercream.

Elurora looks at Darkewolff, obviously trying not to grin.

You say, "So, I suppose I'll enjoy it while I can."

You chuckle.

You take a sip of the rum.

Tirost chuckles.

Betlind says, "It certainly seems more like a dream than a vision though. The way the subjects and ones attentions shift and accept."

Huebald nods to you.

Cryle mutters something into the air about whose definition of pleasant.

Elurora asks Darkewolff, "As promised. Would you like the milk now or later?"

Elurora takes a bite of the sandwich.

Tirost nods to Voranos.

You say to Betlind, "Visions have a lot of similar aspects to dreams, really."

Betlind gives you an emphatic nod.

Darkewolff chuckles.

Zalinyar gazes at Darkewolff.

Zalinyar takes a sip of her rum.

Timorias says, "Then if its a Dream, you could just be thirsty."

Xionara grins.

Elurora offers Darkewolff a cup of honeyed milk.

Elurora smiles at Darkewolff.

Betlind says, "It's what the visions dream of then."

Betlind grins, revealing her dimples.

Darkewolff accepts Elurora's honeyed milk.

Timorias grins.

Kethrai takes a bite of the sandwich.

Tirost grins at Betlind.

Gwenddolyn asks, "Doesnt it make you suspicicious that they are all so pleasant?"

Darkewolff nods politely to Elurora.

Darkewolff smiles.

Elurora takes a bite of the sandwich.

Huebald ponders.

Zren ponders.

Darkewolff quietly says to Elurora, "Thank you."

Darkewolff takes a bite of the cupcake.

Timorias says, "We could use some good news righ about now."

You say to Gwenddolyn, "A bit, but I'd like to hope something good is actually happening."

Elurora quietly says to Darkewolff, "You're welcome."

Gwenddolyn chuckles at you!

Darkewolff takes a sip of his milk.

You say, "Moving on to the next vision..."

Mendira nods to you.

You say, "This one involves some imagery that we have seen previously."

Darkewolff takes a bite of the cupcake.

You say, "A massive wasp landed on my shoulder and looked at me through iridescent compound eyes. It turned and began to fastidiously clean its body, scraping debris from its carapace. A slight thrum echoed along my arm as it fluttered its wings, and with a gentle patter of legs, it reoriented itself to stare ahead. The wasp began to chant and burn with a radiant orange glow, several orbs of warm light blinking into existence around the creature as it flew forward, a straight line of manifest purpose, half a dozen streaking lines raging into the darkness ahead."

You say, "In the distance, I heard bestial screams, creatures fleeing in escape, and a surge of coruscating luminescence lanced in all directions. The vision faded."

Mendira wrinkles her nose.

Zren blinks.

Navesi nods.

Cryle asks Betlind, "Paladin wasps?"

Betlind says, "I mean..."

Navesi says, "The wasp has previously been a symbol of the Philosopher of the Knife."

You say, "The wasp as a symbol first appeared, to my knowledge, in relation to Maelshyve. A wasp fighting a centipede that represented her."

Tirost frowns.

Mendira nods to Navesi.

Cryle flicks her ears back in obvious annoyance.

You say, "And not in a vision, or at least of the moon mage kind."

Tirost says to Navesi, "I thought of Sivroch."

Zalinyar asks, "It chanted?"

Briaen says, "This wasp represents those who have returned to grace."

Xionara angles her ears forward, gazing curiously at Briaen.

Tirost raises an eyebrow in Briaen's direction.

Zalinyar says, "Reminds me of what Harsh looks like."

Betlind says, "Ahh."

Navesi says to Tirost, "The vision that was granted us was a wasp fighting a centipede, and it seemed clear that the wasp represented Osven and other Philosophers."

Betlind ponders.

Zalinyar says, "Cleric."

You say, "Previously, the wasp seemed like it might have represented Zauldin. Given... everything, it seems likely it represents more than just him."

Tirost nods to Navesi.

Briaen nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

Navesi asks Briaen, "Why do you say that, Mr. Huns?"

Tirost gazes at Briaen.

Briaen says to Navesi, "This wasp was in many visions during the events leading up to Zauldin's first communications with those of us who were seeking grace."

Elurora chuckles at Darkewolff.

Anuril asks Betlind, "Can you do that thing that Eskila calls 'fireballs'?"

Navesi gazes thoughtfully at Briaen.

Betlind nods to Anuril.

Navesi asks Briaen, "Do you have any idea about the ability the wasp displays?"

Briaen says, "And, if I may add. The orange hue, the light. These things are...a common factor of Anabasis magic."

Zalinyar says, "So it's necromantic in nature, this wasp."

Anuril nods to Betlind.

Tirost nods to Briaen.

Anuril says to Betlind, "That is what the wasp's spell reminded me of."

Elurora nods to Anuril.

Huebald ponders.

Briaen says to Zalinyar, "It would be more precise to say it is half-holy."

Zalinyar takes a sip of her rum.

You say, "One of the prior visions of a wasp involved it ripping off its own stinger."

Zalinyar gazes at Briaen.

Darkewolff takes a bite of the cupcake.

Xionara softly says to you, "That make sense."

Mendira smiles.

Xionara nods.

Briaen says to you, "A metaphor for the knives Necromancers carry, the stinger."

Xanarra takes a sip of her bloodwine.

Tirost asks Briaen, "Is the knife still a vital tool for the Redeemed?"

Briaen nods to Tirost.

You take a sip of the rum.

Briaen says to Tirost, "Though there's a marked difference between the two items, depending on the hand wielding it."

Darkewolff smiles.

Tirost nods to Briaen.

Zalinyar takes a sip of her rum.

Darkewolff takes a bite of the cupcake.

Betlind asks Briaen, "Any notable things about the number of streaking lines that pushed into that darkness? Half dozen, I believe it was?"

Zalinyar rolls her eyes.

Kethrai says, "A wasp makes sense as a metaphor for necromancers... As a rule, they're parasites, most of them laying their eggs in other creatures and gradually eating them from within. But there are also kinds of wasps that prey on other wasps."

Navesi gazes at Kethrai.

Navesi says to Kethrai, "I knew none of that and it's all disturbing."

Mendira looks thoughtfully at Kethrai.

Kethrai says to Navesi, "Some kinds of them are very useful to have on a farm."

Cryle says, "Insects are fascinating."

Briaen says to Betlind, "I'm afraid I can't make anything out of the symbolism in this case, but that doesn't mean more than perhaps I've simply missed it."

Elurora slowly says to Kethrai, "Isn't there also a fruit that...eats wasps? Which I guess is neither here nor there."

Elurora gazes off into the distance.

Betlind nods to Briaen.

Zalinyar says, "Wasp larvae are enigmatic. Until they are birthed forth from the mud, they feed on the mud alone."

Darkewolff smiles quietly to himself.

Kethrai says to Elurora, "Figs, but it's more like they help each other -- like you said, neither here nor there."

Elurora nods to Kethrai.

Tirost smiles at Betlind.

Anuril ponders.

You say, "Given the focus on the wasp itself, and much less on the things being attacked, my thought would be that this is related to some new development in that Anabasis magic Briaen mentioned."

Anuril nods to you.

Zalinyar says, "I feel like this vision is indicative of redeemed necros becoming more clerical, to the effect that they can become accepted amongst the rangs of mortals in our realm."

Timorias says, "Prolly giant Wasps that poke us and lay eggs in us."

Kethrai pats Timorias on the back.

Zalinyar clears her throat.

Elurora giggles at Darkewolff.

Zalinyar says, "Ranks."

Zalinyar blushes, the tips of her ears turning a delicate scarlet hue.

Timorias chuckles.

Tirost nods to Kintryn.

Cryle says, "I would still prefer simply flying Paladins..."

Cryle flicks her ears back in obvious annoyance.

Betlind giggles at Cryle.

Timorias chuckles.

Mendira begins chortling at Cryle.

Timorias says, "We can always shot them out of catapults."

Gwenddolyn asks, "Fly in plate?"

Cryle says, "If large constructs can... why not."

Tirost beams at Betlind!

Elurora slowly says, "I think I prefer my feet on the ground."

Timorias nods in agreement.

Gwenddolyn nods at Elurora, obviously agreeing with her views.

Cryle says to Betlind, "I will make you a set of working wings after I re-create my own version of the custodian."

Mendira grins at Elurora.

Betlind flashes a wide grin at Cryle.

Briaen says to you, "This light effect in the vision is similar to the ffects of Smite Horde."

Betlind says to Cryle, "Ya too kind."

Timorias grins.

You stroke your beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Timorias says, "Just make sure its not Penguin wings he makes ya."

Timorias hums to himself.

Elurora just nudged Darkewolff.

Darkewolff chortles softly at some secret joke.

You say, "In the interests of time, we should move on to the next vision, I think."

Anuril whispers something to Timorias.

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Briaen nods to you.

Kethrai angles his ears forward in curiosity.

Cryle rubs her chest.

Kethrai pats Cryle on the back.

You exclaim, "The hot sun beat down above, gentle waves lapped a fairly still shoreline, and I was comforted by the familiar smell of brine and screech of gulls. I picked up a large smooth stone and snapped it into the waters, watching it skip along and carry a respectable distance. A child ran up, and excitedly shouted, "Eight skips, that was amazing! Do it again!"

Anuril grins at Timorias.

Cryle's ears droop for a moment as she gazes sadly at Kethrai.

Mendira grins.

You say, "I spotted another smooth stone, wound up, whipped it into the waters, and counted out loud with the child as the stone skipped thirteen times and suddenly deflected in midair, bouncing off something invisible offshore. I squinted with uncertainty as the space where the stone struck shimmered and wobbled oddly before settling back to normal."

You exclaim, ""Thirteen skips," the child said. "That was amazing! Do it again!"

Mendira blinks.

Gwenddolyn says, "Oh definitely about the immortals."

You say, "I looked at the child, but the little one only waited a moment, then turned and ran down the shoreline. The vision faded."

You say, "Yes, the presence of the number thirteen would seem to indicate the immortals in some way."

Zren quietly asks, "If that's true, what would the eight represent then?"

You say, "I'm not sure what the relevance of eight is in that context, though."

Gwenddolyn asks, "What about 8?"

Xionara angles her ears forward, gazing curiously at Huebald.

Hanryu says to you, "I think you're out there refracting a field around a whole armada."

Darkewolff smiles.

Cryle says, "Everything does end up a spider, as Kethrai has noted..."

Zalinyar says, "Well that does it, there's a ginormous sphere surrounding us, and it takes 13 skips of a stone to find it."

Huebald asks, "What did it bounce off of?"

Huebald ponders.

Kethrai shudders.

Zren ponders.

Saragos nods to Cryle.

You say, "Given the setting, and the focus on thirteen rather than thirty nine, Eluned comes to mind. But yes, there's the question of what it bounced off of."

Saragos says to Cryle, "It's spiders all the way down."

Zalinyar says, "It bounced off the zengolmadeth force field."

Mendira nibbles her lip thoughtfully.

Yallen takes a seat.

Timorias says, "A sea or lake of spiders...."

Timorias shudders.

Cryle says, "And up, I should hope."

Elurora gazes at Timorias.

Ezerak wrinkles his nose.

Mendira says, "The seaside location makes me think of Andreshlew, but nothing about that is invisible..."

Zren nods to Mendira.

Hanryu raises a hand, rubbing his neck absently.

Cryle says to Mendira, "I would love to create a Steps of Vuan pattern so large it could reflect light around an entire moving island."

You say to Mendira, "Unless some of the less affable Merelew are getting up to something which involves stealth."

Mendira grins at Cryle.

Zalinyar says, "Or maybe, since it was the sea, and not a lake or river. Hmmm perhaps the merlew folk are not going to allow us onto their isle in the coming times."

Mendira nods to you.

Kethrai says, "Seems like the question is, did it bounce off something that was invisible, or is the viewer in a sort of bubble they only perceive to be the world, and it bounced off the interior of that."

Elizzibiana raises a hand, rubbing her neck absently.

Mendira says, "Let's hope not."

Anuril nods to Kethrai.

Huebald nods to Kethrai.

Elurora grins at Mendira.

Zalinyar says, "It's probably the merlew since it was the sea."

Mendira grins at Elurora.

Zalinyar takes a sip of her rum.

Betlind says, "To offer another interpretation, just as there are thirteen Immortals there are thirteen planets that we know of, yes? And this seems to be traveling and bouncing off each before reaching the end? And there is that wording of space and such. May be nothin', but... I dunno..."

Betlind shrugs.

Anuril asks, "The thirteen have created an idyllic world that they and we are inside of, with an invisible boundary between it and an endless expanse. Tell us something we don't know?"

Zalinyar nods to Betlind.

Cryle says, "We must launch a rock at the Unknown."

Betlind exclaims, "That settles it!"

Anuril smirks at Cryle.

Betlind nods emphatically at Cryle.

Tirost laughs softly, trying to hide his amusement.

Zalinyar says, "Or, the unknow thingy up there that I've never actually seen, but believe in."

You say, "And then one more vision to deal with this evening."

Timorias says, "I have a slingshot."

Elurora jokingly says, "Maybe a Paladin."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Betlind snickers at Elurora.

Mendira giggles at Cryle.

Navesi joins Kethrai's group.

Kethrai says, "Hrm. Starting from Elanthia and working outwards, there are 8 planets to the edge."

Betlind says, "Not it."

Elurora laughs at Betlind.

You say, "This is the one that has a bit of an odd perspective..."

Timorias says, "I'm sure if we put a pallie in a Scorpian we can reach it."

Mendira giggles at Betlind.

Kethrai angles his ears forward, gazing curiously at you.

Betlind says to Kethrai, "Ohhhh."

Mendira nods to you.

You say, "My senses blurred with mathematical exaction and logical weight, recursive parameters derived beneath the cold light of sharp-edged, crystalline flowers blossoming with the frozen light of long-dead stellar whispers. I would not forget the echoes -- the immutable wisdom of the ages -- as I sprinted along plinth and valley, grasping the impact of ancient collapse, swinging myself with a breathless abandon. The cold wind burned my back, and I spotted my target: one of the shining blight, one of the unbound, with fate-spun armor and starfire in hand, he cautiously but blithely walked our lands. The land rushed by, for I was unstoppable and full of malicious purpose, and in a blur of corrective rage, I tasted his foreign blood, the pollutant upon my land, and the vision faded."

Elurora furrows her brow.

You take a sip of the rum. Mmm! The silky smooth blend of smoke and exotic spice wraps around your tongue like a flame in a slow dance as you sip your dark rum. Sweet honey helps to soothe the heat of pepper on your lips.

Zalinyar smartly says, "Mathing folk need only apply."

Timorias says, "Well thats no ominous at all."

Mendira says, "Full of malicious purpose..."

Huebald frets.

You say, "The unbound, fate-spun armor and starfire makes me think of a moon mage viewed from the perspective of something that does not care for us."

Cryle says to Kethrai, "Things like this are why I haven't bothered to pursue astral travel."

Kethrai says, "Sounds like a scuttler going after a moon mage."

Tirost gazes thoughtfully at you.

You say, "Likely something from the Plane of Probability."

Urbaj says, "Looks to be from the perspective of a Negotiant, or maybe some other defender of the Plane of Probability. I assume the intruder is a Trader."

Betlind says, "Seems almost Herald-y to me."

Gwenddolyn chuckles.

Mendira says, "Oh, interesting."

Gwenddolyn says, "Blame the trader."

Mendira looks thoughtfully at Urbaj.

Betlind ponders.

Zalinyar ponders.

Zalinyar asks, "Lyras?"

Zalinyar shrugs.

Zalinyar takes a sip of her rum.

You say to Urbaj, "Could be a trader, though fate-spun armor would seem to indicate someone who has broken the agreement."

Anuril dryly says, "Gotta do what you can to find those untapped market opportunities."

Elurora chuckles at Anuril.

Kethrai says to you, "May be why they're being attacked."

Timorias asks, "We just gonna overlook the Tasting of the Foreign Blood thats polluted?"

You say, "They seem to be getting attacked for physically being somewhere they should not."

Mendira asks, "How does one break the agreement?"

Tirost nods to you.

Saragos says to you, "I'm almost jealous. I don't think I've ever made someone as mad at me as the Plane of Probability is at you guys."

Xanarra takes a sip of her bloodwine.

Timorias chuckles.

Anuril laughs at Saragos.

Navesi says to you, "Sounds very much like Pelag."

Tirost says to you, "A willful being in a place of mathematical certainty."

You say, "Which... well, traveling to the Plane of Probability is technically possible. But most of us are not Tezirah."

Gwenddolyn says, "It reminds me of something Talorc would say, since outlanders can't even touch them or enter their camp without tainting it."

Timorias says, "Thats what happen when you poke your nose in strange places. People get uncofrotable and wanna poke you with a stick."

Kethrai says, "The names given... One of the shining blight, one of the unbound."

Timorias nods to Kethrai.

Yallen beams at Kethrai!

You say, "Not terms that I've specifically heard used before, though those of the Plane of Probability do have a number of epithets for us."

Kethrai asks, "Wasn't there a theory that the strange crystalline ship we heard other visions about was doing planar travel?"

Cryle says, "It is a very poetic description."

Timorias says, "People have epithets for me. You get used to em."

Timorias chuckles.

Xionara hiccups.

You say to Kethrai, "A possibility, yes."

Xionara dusts herself off.

Huebald asks Kethrai, "Was that the one when the stars went out?"

Ayrell quietly says to you, "My apologies, but I must be on my way for the patrol. Thank you for hosting."

Ayrell curtsies gracefully to you.

You nod politely to Ayrell.

Kethrai asks, "Maybe one of its crew, if it was able to reach the Plane of Probability?"

Elurora nods to Ayrell.

Ayrell nods politely.

Elurora gives you a slight curtsy, barely more than a quick bob.

Gwenddolyn says, "Perhaps the unknown is the ship."

Betlind nods at Gwenddolyn, obviously agreeing with her views.

Ezerak says, "I should head in that direction, too."

Ezerak doffs his top hat.

Zren nods to Ezerak.

Navesi hugs Ezerak, who wraps his arms around Navesi with a warm smile.

Betlind says to Gwenddolyn, "Had that thought myself."

You say, "It could be, although in that case I think it would be separate from this vision."

Huebald waves.

Yallen rubs the back of her neck and looks around.

Zren quietly says, "Gonna head out as well. Thank you very much for hosting, Miskton. Was informative."

Timorias says, "I am going to be joining Lady Ayrell as well."

Timorias bows.

Timorias waves.

You say, "And that covers the visions I had to discuss this evening. Since it's nearly time for the Mountain Guard patrol, I think it's time to call it here."

Xionara waves to Timorias.

You say, "Thank you all for coming."