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Event Name: Vision Meeting
Event Instance: Prime
Real Date: 2022-04-09
Game Date of Event: 441-05-33
Point of View: Miskton
You say, "Okay, I think we should get started, as I know there is another discussion scheduled for later on over in Boar Clan, about that antlered figure."

You say, "Good to see you all here. I have several visions to discuss, though perhaps not a lot of them being very easy to understand."

You chuckle.

Karthor chuckles.

Dantia grins at Akeiro.

Oscearo looks thoughtfully at you.

You say, "But to begin... I think we can start with another vision of the figures in golden plate."

You say, "Everything flickered, the fabric of reality rent, and I found myself observing a furious battle. A dozen figures in golden plate coordinated an assault against two monstrosities, abominations of twisted ice and bristling feather. Driving their quarry, the figures pressed the attack, forcing the beasts back. Quick as lightning, one of the creatures snapped a smoking tentacle forward and sliced a figure in half, and the other gathered itself and began screaming with such force that the figures dropped to their knees in pain."

You say, "Moving faster than I thought possible, a figure sprinted for the horrors and leapt, shield braced, spear forward. Impaling one of thecreatures, he twisted the weapon and mercilessly stomped on its head. The other creature moved to attack, and I caught a glimpse of the figure's narrowed eyes and sardonic smirk moments before he was torn limb from limb, and the vision faded."

Oscearo furrows her brow.

Merilwen nibbles her lip thoughtfully.

Dantia nods at Etasia, obviously agreeing with her views.

You say, "The actions of the figures themselves continue to follow a similar pattern, although the nature of the creatures they fight against seems to continue to change."

Tirost nods to you.

Xelten asks, "Have you previously seen the golden warriors in pain?"

Karthor asks, "The feathers sound new, eh?"

Tirost nods to Karthor.

You nod.

Tirost asks Karthor, "Does it resemble any creature you can think of?"

Karthor strokes his beard in thoughtful contemplation.

You say, "They do seem to be capable of feeling pain, but apparently continuing to smile through it."

Karthor says to Tirost, "Hm, not offhand."

Tirost nods to Karthor.

Etasia blinks.

Tirost thoughtfully says, "Feathers and ice..."

Nsar asks, "The new roost on the islands, perhaps?"

You say, "Things were a little bit chaotic, but I think it may have been the feathered entity that screamed loudly enough to cause pain."

Zorthuric asks, "Was this a personal vision?"

You say to Zorthuric, "I think it is likely to be available to any moon mage who practices studying the skies for predictions of future events."

Zorthuric says, "I believe I am not actually familiar with that particular technique."

Ezerak whispers something to Ayrell.

Dantia smiles at Xelten.

Xelten nods graciously at Dantia, giving her a polite smile.

Oscearo squints at Tirost.

Tirost chuckles.

Tirost nods to Oscearo.

Ayrell whispers something to Ezerak.

You say to Zorthuric, "It's a skill that can be passed on, as long as the student has a bit of experience under their belt. I may be able to assist you with that later."

Oscearo frowns faintly.

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Ezerak taps a curving bloodwood branch that he is holding.

Zorthuric says, "I would be much obliged."

Zorthuric smiles at you.

Tirost nods to Oscearo.

You say, "At any rate, I do not see much in the vision to further revealthe nature of the figures in plate, though keeping track of the types of things they have fought may be useful down the line."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Tirost nods to you.

You say, "The next vision seems like it may feature the woman who appeared in another vision recently, apparently stealing a story into the form of a tattoo."

You say, "A woman climbed a twisted oak, confidently pulling herself higher and higher into its branches. Gently parting curtains of bearded moss, she smoothly walked out onto a broad horizontal branch and took a seat. As my field of view narrowed, I saw that the tree clung to the edge of a tall cliff, the branch she perched upon stretching over a stunningly high drop. Smoothly lighting a cigarillo and taking a long drag, the woman smiled softly and scanned the horizon."

You say, "The woman slowly exhaled a cloud of smoke. A breathtaking vista of churning storm clouds crackled with lightning, and a raging forest fire spread across the land, ash and ember rising to the sky. The woman took another drag of her cigarillo as she watched the land burn, and the vision faded."

Karthor strokes his beard in thoughtful contemplation.

You say, "The storm and fires seeming to react to the actions with her cigarillo is the first thing that jumps out at me there."

Tirost frowns thoughtfully.

Casari asks, "How do I learn that trick?"

Tirost says, "At the very least, she seems to have gone deliberately to watch the destruction."

You nod.

Mistanna asks, "Maybe she started the fire, and was watching her handiwork?"

Merilwen nods to Tirost.

Etasia leans on Betlind.

Zorthuric says, "That was my understanding as well."

Etasia ponders.

You say, "She certainly doesn't seem concerned by it."

Tirost nods to Mistanna.

Betlind smiles at Etasia, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Zorthuric says, "She may merely be a beneficiary."

Etasia smiles at Betlind, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Karthor says, "I s'pose the lightnin' could have started the fire."

Xelten says, "Though I am loathe to fan the flames of Casari's obsession, I would add that burning the land is not always a detriment, in the long term. It is sometimes necessary."

Casari grins at Xelten.

Mistanna nods at Xelten, obviously agreeing with his views.

Tirost smiles at Betlind.

Navesi just arrived.

Ezerak hugs Navesi, getting a smile in return.

Tirost smiles at Navesi.

You say, "Unfortunately, I did not get a good sense of the woman's appearance, beyond the cigarillo, so I can't say for certain that it's the same woman from the previous vision."

Mistanna smiles at Navesi.

Navesi nods politely.

Ezerak says to Navesi, "It is good to see you."

You nod politely to Navesi.

Oscearo bows to Navesi.

Navesi smiles at Ezerak.

Ayrell smiles at Navesi.

Ayrell hugs Navesi, getting a smile in return.

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Navesi quietly says, "Yes, hello, good to see you all. Pardon the interruption."

Zorthuric takes a seat.

You say, "The next vision calls back to one that was seen some time back..."

Tirost softly says to Navesi, "It is good to see you. Glad you made it."

Dantia smiles at Navesi.

You say, "And, well, a few others, I suppose."

Etasia takes a sip of her coffee.

Navesi nods to Dantia.

You say, "A king sat atop a crystal throne and gazed across his court. A dozen generals discussed plans of conquest and defense, border disputes and uprisings, monsters clamoring for their destruction and catastrophe encroaching on their lands. Robed academics complained as they sketched complicated diagrams and pointed to indecipherable charts, warning of unforeseen concerns and consequences. A wren chirruped at the window, and the king stared at the bird a moment before it fluttered away. The king held a burnt hand for silence, and the assembled advisors bowed their heads respectfully, the throne room falling quiet."

You say, "A fool dressed in stylized phases of the moon danced forward whistling a merry tune and conjured a dozen orbs of starlight, which he began to juggle."

You say, ""You could always ask permission," the fool said, and began to laugh uproariously."

You say, "The king sighed, and the vision faded."

Oscearo frowns bemusedly.

Karthor scratches his head.

Etasia takes a sip of her coffee.

You say, "The king with the burnt hand has appeared before in a vision featuring a wren. And the fool joking about 'permission'... The phrase "you do not have permission" has occurred in a number of visions in the fairly recent past."

Apollys says, "Clearly, it speaks to the growing value of grain. Best time to invest smartly."

Dantia gives a slight nod.

Tirost nods to you.

Ezerak says, "Ah, the scarred king, and permission."

Oscearo shakes her head.

You say, "For reference, as it has been some time..."

You say, "A frozen scene stretched before me: an expansive throne room, a shocked and furious assemblage, a furious king with a crown of stars pointing at a woman kneeling before a lute, and a wren caught in mid-flight in the open window. I walked around the room a moment, taking in the details: the king's scarred face and burnt hand, the crowd's robes embroidered with stars and the phases of the moons, and the lute engraved with swirling galaxies. Slowly, the figures began to move. The wren chirruped curiously, and the woman clenched her jaw, flinching against the condemnation. Spittle flew from the king's mouth as he punctuated his tirade against the woman, each word bringing him one step closer. Standing before her, the king raised a foot and stomped on the lute, shattering it in a ruin of splinters and jangling strings. The wren flitted away, and the woman slowly looked up, her eyes cold, and the vision faded."

Tirost asks Ezerak, "Do you recognize the king or know of where theyre may've been a crystal throne?"

Ezerak says to Tirost, "Just from previous visions."

Tirost nods.

Etasia raises an eyebrow.

Etasia takes a sip of her coffee.

You say, "Between the visions, it would seem possible the king is related to the moon mage guild in some way, though the burnt hand has not jumped out at me as pointing to someone in particular."

You say, "Though it seems a rather identifiable mark."

Etasia nods to you.

Tirost says, "I am reminded of Tenemlor when I hear of the burnt hand, and of Faenella when I hear of the wren."

Apollys asks, "Some time ago, you mentioned... extra-planar beings of some sort, floating out there in the... look, I'm not a moon mage. Do you recognize any of the symbols as having to do with them?"

Casari nods to Tirost.

You say, "Thoughts of Faenella definitely came up when the previous vision was seen."

Zorthuric says, "It seems likely that the guild would be involved."

You say to Apollys, "The direct symbols in the visions seem related to the moons and stars, but not jumping out as something more specific."

Etasia takes a sip of her coffee.

You say, "The king certainly seems to be less furious in this vision, though we don't know what caused his anger with the woman in the previous vision."

Apollys says, "Well, I suppose the answer would be too obvious if you recognized the throne as some sort of celestial symbol."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

You say, "The next vision is also... a bit confusing."

Tirost squints at Oscearo.

Betlind chortles softly at some secret joke.

You say, "A naked boy knelt in the mud before a regal figure and spoke in a guttural tongue. Though I was unfamiliar with the language, I understood every word."

You say, ""My esteemed lord," the boy said. "I seek your tutelage, that I may master the blade. I have nothing to offer but my life."

You say, "The figure looked at the skinny child and nodded his approval. Removing his cloak, he cast it over the boy's shoulders and bid him to rise. He took the boy's hand and, in a smooth motion, drew a short blade and dragged a spiraling cut encircling the child's forearm. The boy did not flinch, and the figure nodded his approval."

You say, ""You will learn of the edge and the point, of the steel that rends the air. You will learn of pain, both swift and long. But first, you will soak in death." The figure raised a hand and chopped the air before him, and the sky cleanly divided vertically into night and day. The vision faded."

Xelten asks, "There was another with a young man involved in a ritual. Is that related?"

Etasia shudders.

With clear, ringing notes, a lute rises out from the weaving measures of the piece to perform a strong rendition of the main melody bare of all flourishes and embellishments.

You say, "I think probably not, as the boy in that vision seemed more like a leader than a supplicant."

Szarevar jots down some notes.

Etasia says, "And another with scarred children, many of them. If i recall."

Oscearo frowns faintly.

Etasia nods.

Etasia frowns.

Xelten says, "It is different to be a leader and to be the leader."

You say, "This vision may have a few layers of metaphor to it, as their discussion could itself be about something other than mundane swordsmanship."

Tirost nods to you.

Apollys asks, "What makes you think the boy was a leader?"

Apollys says, "I thought something dissimilar, being that the boy was naked. I assumed he came from nothing."

You say, "Not this boy, but in a prior vision. A group of people listening to a boy telling them a story, in some sort of sweat lodge or the like."

Apollys says, "Oh, forgive me. I misunderstood."

Apollys nods.

Xelten says, "I am not sure that is the one to which I was referring. Perhaps my recollection is lacking."

Tirost says, "After the Master tells the boy he will soak in death, he divided the sky into night and day..."

Tirost shakes his head.

Tirost says, "They symbolism is beyond me."

Nsar says, "Knives and spirals.."

Nsar squints.

Zorthuric asks, "Someone is raising an army?"

Mortifer nods to Nsar.

Etasia says to Tirost, "Perhaps life and death.."

Tirost blinks.

Zynell angles her ears forward, gazing curiously at Nsar.

Tirost nods to Etasia.

Etasia shrugs.

You say, "The splitting the sky was certainly things taking a turn. Up until that point, what I explicitly saw in the vision had seemed fairly mundane."

Apollys nods to you.

Tirost nods to you.

You say, "I have one more vision to discuss that I have seen, and then I have heard rumors that there may have been another one seen recently, that perhaps someone else might be able to speak to. But first..."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

You say, "Three men sat before a forge, trading turns pumping a bellows as they argued about nothing of consequence, conversations well tread and meaningless in their familiarity. When they time came, they disagreed that the metal was ready but masterfully cooperated in the transfer of the crucible as they poured brilliant blue liquid into a complex mold. Bickering about the quality of the pour as they waited for the material to cool, they reach gathered their tools -- mallet and tongs, chisels and files, lens and crystal -- and watched as the form settled. After some time, the mallet was swung and the mold shattered, revealing a complicated looking component cast in a silvery-blue metal. They continued to argue as they set to work shifting the piece slightly, bending and twisting, removing material and channeling energy, and the coals slowly cooled as their craft continued. The vision faded."

Elizzibiana raises an eyebrow.

Ezerak ponders.

You say, "So, three men who have apparently spent a very long time working with one another, working on a project that appears to involve magic in some form."

Karthor strokes his beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Apollys asks, "Meraud?"

Tirost glances at Apollys.

Xelten says, "Kertigen is the maker."

You say, "The possibility of it involving some of the Immortals did occur to me, yes."

You say, "Though the three men don't particularly stand out as individuals, other than by their tools."

Zorthuric asks, "A collaboration between organizations?"

Xelten asks, "Do you have any thoughts about the silvery blue metal?"

Tirost says, "Animite maybe? There were also crytals and lenses mentioned, I think."

Zynell asks, "Are those components for something? like a telescope or some such?"

You say, "The color has come up before in visions, but not frequently enough that I could find a strong pattern."

Merilwen grins at Szarevar.

Mistanna says, "A metal that color could be Anlora-avtoma."

Betlind says, "Niniam... Audrualm..."

Betlind ponders.

You say, "Though it also started as a brighter blue while it was still molten."

Betlind squints.

You say, "Whatever the project is, it's clearly quite complicated, and involves magic in some fashion."

Ezerak asks, "Silvery blue makes me think of Xibar, suppose it could be moonblade-adjacent?"

Apollys nods politely to Etasia.

Apollys asks, "Moonsilver?"

Etasia smiles at Apollys, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

You say, "The color does have the look of Xibar to it, though only one of the moons appearing in a vision does seem a bit unusual."

Merilwen grins at Etasia.

Etasia curtsies.

Szarevar waves to Etasia.

Karthor says, "Wasn't there somethin' about a giant golem bein' constructed in another one or somethin' to that effect? Maybe the part's fer that thing."

Karthor scratches his head.

You say, "Moonsilver... I suppose the creation of it is still a rather guarded secret, so it could looks like that when being smelted, perhaps."

Tirost gazes thoughtfully at Karthor.

Apollys says, "Well, it's the only metal I can think of that would be of significant note and have that hue to it."

Apollys says, "Unless it was some kind of magical alloy or material we've yet to see."

Apollys shrugs.

Zalinyar says, "The three men could be the three aspects of one immortal, not three seperate people."

You nod.

Dantia nods to Tirost.

Betlind says, "Well, kertig rods were used in the Sanyu Aes... I saw them glowing when it was being used. However, it's a silvery-black, no real hints of blue."

You say, "Though hard to say which three aspects could coordinate on a complicated project."

Tirost smiles at Oscearo.

Tirost shakes his head.

You say, "Kertigen and Divyaush could likely work together even if they didn't agree on everything, for instance, but Zachriedek doesn't seem the type to assist... unless it was extremely important to him personally, I suppose."

You ponder.

You nod to Dantia.

Apollys nods.

Dantia smiles at you.

Betlind says to Apollys, "Moonsilver seems to fit more than anything else from what I can tell."

Betlind nods at Apollys, obviously agreeing with his views.

You nod.

Apollys says, "Hence why I thought Meraud. Perhaps the forging itself is metaphorical, and it is more about the creation of something magical."

Merilwen leans back against Szarevar with a loving smile.

Zorthuric says, "Hmm."

You say, "Certainly a possibility."

Apollys says, "Though, if it were the three aspects of Meraud, it'd be two men and a woman..."

Apollys ponders.

Apollys leans on Betlind.

Betlind squints.

You say, "At any rate, that covers the recent visions I have personally seen, though I'm told there was a recent vision that a number of people experienced. I was not awake at the time, however."

Betlind says, "Kadepa."

Betlind says, "From beyond the Great Barrier."

Betlind blinks.

You ask Dantia, "Dantia, if you'd care to share what you have there?"

Dantia smiles.

Tirost flashes a quick grin at Oscearo.

Dantia says, "I'm sure many of you have heard about the invasion of flayed snowbeasts here in Shard."

Tirost gazes at Dantia.

Ayrell nods to Dantia.

Apollys says to Betlind, "That does make a great deal of sense, though... I feel like if it were kadepa, the three men would've identifiably been noted as Prydaen. They're pretty distinct."

Dantia says, "Just before they arrived, Empaths and Clerics both received visions. I'm not sure if other Guilds received different versions, but I was asked to share what we Empaths saw."

You say to Betlind, "And yes, kadepa does seem like a possible identify for the metal, now that you mention it."

Dantia says, "I felt a phantom pain blossom within me, sending forth ripples of nausea. In my mind's eye I saw a bloated serpentine body writhing and splitting at the sides in agony, as rivers of yellow-tinted blood evacuated from the shredded openings. I recoiled at the sick sensation."

Betlind gives a slight nod.

Zorthuric asks, "What is the Great Barrier?"

Tirost frowns.

Betlind says, "I know the metals better than what it could possibly suggest for the vision though."

Betlind clucks her tongue and shakes her head.

Oscearo looks thoughtfully at Dantia.

Apollys frowns.

Apollys asks, "Do we have any clerics among us who saw these visions?"

Zynell asks, "Would you like the cleric one?"

Dantia says, "The recoiling at a sick sensation felt very similar to the automatic physical response we Empaths feel when trying to touch a necromancer."

Zynell says, "Clerics saw A horde of ichorous yellow-black auras ebb into my field of vision, but I could not discern their origin. I was filled with a holy urge to undo this great wrong that is coming."

Zynell nods.

Dantia smiles at Zynell.

Dantia closes her eyes for a moment and grows still.

Zorthuric asks, "Necromancy, perhaps?"

You say to Zorthuric, "A lot to go into about the history of the Prydaen and Rakash, there."

Nsar says, "Not perhaps."

Nsar chuckles.

You say to Zorthuric, "For the Great Barrier."

Ayrell says to Dantia, "We did not find anything at the altar or in the mountains, by the way."

Tirost asks Dantia, "Make anything of the serpentine body being attacked?"

Dantia nods to Ayrell.

You ask, "Did anybody else who was around at the time experience something unusual?"

Dantia says, "No, the serpentine body doesn't bring anything to mind for me, unfortunately."

Ayrell shakes her head.

Merilwen says, "I was around but did not sense anything out of the ordinary."

Ayrell says, "I did not perceive anything prior to crossing paths with the beasts."

Apollys hesitantly says, "From those implications, the flayed snowbeasts, it sounds, were just the beginning."

Karthor strokes his beard in thoughtful contemplation.

A pained expression crosses Oscearo's face.

Jorvak stands up.

Zynell says, "Aye, the magic that touched them is available and used by some now."

Merilwen nods to Zynell.

Zynell says, "I suspect that will continue."

Zynell shrugs.

Karthor frowns.

Tirost nods to Oscearo.

Tirost says, "I was thinking it might be a representation of Peri'el, though I may be reading too much into the image."

Ezerak frowns.

Elizzibiana shakes her head at Tirost.

Tirost asks Elizzibiana, "Believe it's something else?"

Elizzibiana says to Tirost, "Serpentine but not viper, king snake or cobra."

Elizzibiana says to Tirost, "So something else."

Casari glances at Nsar.

Nsar says, "Zauldin, as always."

Nsar takes a sip of his sherry.

Ezerak whispers something to Ayrell.

Elizzibiana stands up.

You say, "With that, I suppose we should probably wrap up, so that people have time to make their way to the discussion in Boar Clan, or that Prydaen cultural celebration. Thank you all for coming."

You smile.