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Moon Mage Conclaves have historically been a gathering of moon mages to explore visions of import, discuss affairs that affect the guild as whole, and revitalize the personal and professional connections between guildmembers. In some years these Conclaves are quiet informal gatherings, while in others they are grand affairs. (Usually in years of unrest.) Early Conclaves were open to the public but tended to quickly bore the layman as conversations turned to esoteric scholarly discussion. Due to questionable research and sometimes outright illegal situations moon mages occasionally find themselves in; Conclaves in recent years have been by invitation only and reserved for guilded members. Thus, greatly simplifying the efforts of the Celestial Compact in presenting a sanitized public view of Moon Mage guild affairs.

Moon Mage Conclave of 419

A Lorethew Mentor Society sponsored event spearheaded by the players of Mistanna Redivas and Miskton Ramahk. This Conclave ran on Saturday, April 30th, 2016 at the Jadewater Mansion, Gallery, in the city of Crossing in the province of Zoluren.

An account of this Conclave can be found here.

Items from Conclave of 419

Moon Mage Conclave of 412

Fight Fate!
A player organized wedding party package event that ran on Saturday, May 17th, 2014 at Stardome.
This Conclave was organized to counter the increasing threat of Pelag ai Aldam and to foster renewed bonds between guildmembers.
During the affair, a circle of prophets was convened to facilitate a group prediction which resulted in an attack from the Plane of Probability in the form of a Shadowy Umbral Colossus.

An account of this Conclave can be found here

Items from Conclave of 412

Moon Mage Conclave of 396

A player organized wedding party package event that ran on Saturday, November 14th, 2009.

Items from Conclave of 396

Moon Mage Conclave of 358

A Mentor run event that ran on Saturday, September 4th, 1999.

Calling All Moon Mages! Join the Mentor Society for a day of special events, prizes, and predictions at the Moon Mage Conclave of 358 on Saturday, September 4th 1999. Festivities begin at the Amphitheater at 1:00 PM EST and continue all day, culminating with a grand Gala at Jadewater Mansion!

Item from Conclave of 358

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