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Event Name: Vision Meeting
Event Instance: Prime
Real Date: 2024-03-09
Game Date of Event: 448-05-34
Point of View: Miskton
You say, "Okay, I think we can probably get started."

You say, "Thank you all for joining me here this evening."

Darkewolff smiles.

Elurora beams at you! What a warm feeling!

Ayrell smiles at you.

Ezathiel turns to face you.

Ezathiel gazes at you.

Darkewolff smiles at you.

Pyppa smiles at you.

You say, "Before we get into the visions, the first thing to discuss is probably recent events relating to the object that was called the Nascent Unknown, now dubbed the Involuted Passage."

Belzor smiles.

Tirost takes a sip of his wine.

You say, "For anyone who didn't notice all the explosions in the sky... It began shooting out crystals, most of which exploded in the sky in various fashions, though one vanished over the eastern horizon."

Elurora nods to you.

Darkewolff smiles quietly to himself.

You say, "It then moved a bit, and the crystals began regenerating. Before it launched more, however, the scuttlers that have appeared in the Dragonspine Mountains began climbing a beam of starlight leading up to the asteroid itself, where they began trying to tear it apart."

Darkewolff smirks to himself.

Tirost takes a sip of his wine.

Pyppa leans on Ezathiel.

Ezathiel grins at Pyppa.

Ezathiel winks at Pyppa.

You say, "A number of adventurers also road up the starbeam, and found that some of the scuttlers had apparently been taken over by the Involuted Passage, turning them into 'starburned' versions which fought with the other scuttlers."

Navesi nods politely.

Elurora bows to Navesi.

Tirost nods amiably at Navesi.

Navesi smiles at Elurora.

Lenko strokes his beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Elurora smiles at Ezerak.

Ayrell smiles at Navesi.

Ezathiel peers quizzically at a russet lynx.

Ezerak nods politely.

Ezathiel stands up.

Ayrell smiles at Ezerak.

Ezerak whispers something to Ayrell.

A russet lynx snarls at Darkewolff.

Ezathiel bows to Ezerak.

Darkewolff snickers.

You say, "With a great deal of back and forth between the scuttlers, we were eventually able to get a handle on some complicated mathematical operations related to the crystals within the asteroid, disabling the device that was growing the crystals and allowing the scuttlers to tear it apart."

Ezerak hugs Navesi, who wraps her arms around Ezerak with a warm smile.

Ezathiel takes a seat.

Navesi begins chortling at Elurora.

Navesi hugs Ezerak, who wraps his arms around Navesi with a warm smile.

Navesi hugs Ayrell, getting a smile in return.

Ayrell hugs Navesi, who wraps her arms around Ayrell with a warm smile.

Ayrell smiles at Navesi.

You say, "At that point, the scuttlers were able to focus their attention on tearing down a slab of crystal preventing access deeper into the asteroid."

Elurora gazes thoughtfully at you.

You say, "The interior was... difficult to describe."

Ezathiel furrows his brow.

Navesi gives you a slight nod.

Lenko asks, "Were you able to bring back any pieces of it?"

Navesi says to you, "I am currently trying to do that task in my writing. It is not easy."

Ezathiel glances at Lenko.

You say, "Space seemed to be warped within, looking out onto stars, and with rifts that seemed to show potential futures, both of Elanthia and other, more far off places."

Elurora grins at Navesi.

Tirost nods to you.

Pyppa nods to you.

Elurora softly says, "There was even a dragon."

Navesi says, "It had a kind of lightness to it, like every step took you too far. And the circle..."

Navesi gazes off into the distance.

You say, "There was also a circle of light that seemed to be the core of the Involuted Passage itself."

Navesi nods to Belzor.

Belzor asks, "A dragon?"

Ezathiel raises an eyebrow.

Darkewolff raises an eyebrow.

Imroth asks, "There was a dragon?"

Elurora says to Belzor, "Through one of the rifts. Not on the...star crystal-rock thing."

You say to Lenko, "Unfortunately, no. Though the scuttlers did seem to have removed a great deal of material, but we've been unable to find what they did with it."

Belzor says, "Oh my."

Ezathiel mutters something into the air about enough with the dragons.

Ezathiel sighs.

Elurora giggles at Ezathiel.

Lenko nods to you.

Ezathiel chuckles.

Lenko says, "Definitely interesting."

You say, "As we stood in the interior, the warping of space seemed to get more and more pronounced, until eventually we were flung back to the ground and the whole place vanished in a flash of blue light."

Elurora says to Ezathiel, "Maybe you're bored with dragons, but I think it was neat to see one, at a great distance through a rift, which seems safer than face to face..."

Navesi says, "It was a greater experience than many I have had."

Elurora chews on her lip, looking deep in concentration.

Ezathiel grins at Elurora.

Navesi hails Hanryu with a clenched fist over her heart and a respectful nod.

Ezathiel pleasantly says to Elurora, "Shades of Krenze fresh in my mind, is all."

Hanryu hails Navesi with a clenched fist over his heart and a respectful nod.

Elurora grins at Ezathiel.

Ezathiel winks at Elurora.

Ezathiel gazes at you.

Gridaksma says, "Dragons aren't so bad."

Elurora grins at Gridaksma.

Ezathiel smiles at Gridaksma.

Lenko strokes his beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Navesi says, "The dragon rift reminded me a little of the Kaneija."

Elurora cocks her head at Navesi.

You say, "On reflection, I think it may have been an emergency escape, rather than destruction. So it's probably still out there... but it seemed like a considerable amount of damage was done to it."

Hanryu raises a hand, rubbing his neck absently.

Elurora quietly asks Navesi, "The who?"

Darkewolff peers quizzically at you.

Navesi says, "Icy city strung with lights..."

Lenko nods to you.

Tirost frowns thoughtfully.

Elurora blinks at Navesi.

Elurora slowly asks you, "You mean, it could maybe come back?"

Tirost asks you, "Any sense of why it came here?"

Navesi says to Elurora, "Oh, it is a belief of the Kaldar and the Gorbesh who worship the Alaudian pantheon. We believe that our souls go to the Kaneija after death, guarded by Orisas. It is a city of light."

Darkewolff rubs his right eye.

Ezathiel cocks his head.

You say to Tirost, "On that note, I think Navesi might have gotten a bit more of an insight there."

Elurora glances at Navesi.

Tirost glances at Navesi.

Navesi shifts her weight.

You ask Navesi, "You sensed something while we were there, yes?"

Navesi rubs her neck.

Navesi nods to you.

Lenko gazes at Navesi.

Navesi says, "I have just been making my account of it. Forgive me, I wasn't ready to talk about it yet. But if it is desired, allow me to read what I've written so far."

Navesi yanks her black coat down, fixing the fit.

Navesi gets a slender oak-bound volume incised with "The First Land Herald" from inside her black coat.

Navesi carefully opens a slender oak-bound volume incised with "The First Land Herald".

Elurora leans against a comfortable chair with Elothean silk upholstery.

Tirost takes a sip of his wine.

Ezathiel gazes at Navesi.

Belzor quietly says, "Always so organized."

Belzor smiles.

Elurora nods at Belzor, obviously agreeing with his views.

Lenko smiles.

Pyppa smiles at Hanryu.

Belzor smiles at Elurora.

Navesi says, "I was drawn to the circle, drawn downward, as everyone else stopped to view the rifts in probability. I sensed it, as if calling to me."

Elurora cocks her head at Navesi.

Navesi says, "I descended to the deepest point. Mounted in the center of the fathomless chamber, the starlight circle hovered directly above, held in place by four crystalline pincers which seemed to emerge from nothingness and delicately clasped the circle's edge. From every angle the object appeared as a perfect, dark blue circle. The distant walls were barely visible, dissolving into near total transparency, through which a field of stars burned brightly, albeit arranged in a configuration unknown to any starchart I had ever glimpsed. There was movement in the distance, winding bulges in the darkness that pushed at the visible objects."

Navesi says, "I was arrested by it. Stopped in my tracks, consumed. The past twisted and opened around me."

Navesi gazes off into the distance.

Belzor gazes at Navesi.

(Navesi blinks a few times, then resumes reading from her volume.)

Navesi says, "The past expanded, excised itself from any notions of causality or linearity, and I watched as stars underwent a backwards and forwards cycle of collapsing under their own weight, burning brighter, then erupting into a cloud of diffuse gas, with all points occurring simultaneously. The dark blue circle nearby, I knew then, is not a moment in time, it is an Involuted Passage, roaming the cosmos and epochs for -- I found I could not say, though gleaming civilizations rendered into starburned dust rapidly flickered before my view. The circle, I was certain, has shaped and molded many things in its journey, though the aesthetic is difficult to understand."

Elurora furrows her brow.

Elurora quietly asks Gridaksma, "What's an epoch?"

Navesi says, "Somehow I also knew that, eons in the past, the circle reacted to my observation and was confused, rippling as it dug into the when upon which it rested, and in eons to come, it prepared for my arrival up the starbeam, readying its story."

Navesi says, "Reeling from the circularity of it all, I found myself stumbling, stammering answers to what felt like too many questions. I don't recall how I managed to exit the asteroid, or what happened to it. Fortunately the steady hand of my spouse was on my shoulder when I returned to myself, and he was able to tell me what occurred."

Gridaksma quietly says to Elurora, "A very very long time."

Elurora gives Gridaksma a slight nod.

Elurora gazes at Navesi.

Navesi gently closes a slender oak-bound volume incised with "The First Land Herald".

Navesi clears her throat.

You say to Navesi, "Thank you."

Navesi gives you a slight nod.

Tirost lets out a long, contemplative breath.

Ezathiel blinks at Navesi.

Ezathiel slowly empties his lungs.

Elurora slowly asks, "So it was in the past and the now and the future? Like it just stretched across time?"

Elurora cocks her head at Navesi.

Ezathiel shakes his head.

Belzor nods to Navesi.

Navesi rubs her head.

Navesi gives Elurora a slight nod.

Navesi says, "I think so."

Elurora nods to Navesi.

Tirost asks Navesi, "Is your impression that the circle of dark blue light was sentient, or otherwise had some design in its actions?"

Elurora gazes off into the distance.

Ezathiel softly says, "To have survived such an experience is amazing to say the least Navesi."

Navesi smiles faintly.

You say, "So as best we can tell from the information gathered, it seems the presence of the Involuted Passage has been deleterious to the planets it has visited."

Navesi bows her head, acknowledging Ezathiel.

Elurora squints at you.

Belzor ponders.

Navesi says to Tirost, "I could not tell. Not for certain. Looking back on my experience, I suspect something like sentience, though."

Tirost nods to Navesi.

Navesi says, "Molding and shaping, with some kind of purpose, I imagine."

Navesi says, "Preparing itself for me."

You say, "Between the form of that circle of light, the use of Lunar magic, crystals, and the extremely complex math involved, my theory would be that the Involuted Passage is a being originally from the Plane of Probability."

Hanryu says, "I'm intrigued by the bright burning stars. Aren't the stars usually associated with cold? Very interesting."

Navesi says, "Stars are cold, indeed."

Belzor says to Navesi, "And quite hot at times as well."

Navesi shakes her head at Belzor.

Navesi says, "Not that I have seen."

Elurora rubs her head.

Tirost asks you, "Do you think it communicated with Navesi, or that her Bardic abilities allowed her to glimpse its design?"

Navesi says, "Though I am no Moon Mage."

You say, "Definitely quite cold. Though something cold enough can also burn, after a fashion."

Navesi says, "I suspect that the opening to the past was available to any Bard present with the ability to evoke."

Hanryu nods to you.

Navesi says, "I see no reason it would want to communicate with me in particular."

Hanryu searches around for a moment.

You say to Tirost, "My hunch is that it was related to a bard's abilities to sense the past."

Tirost nods.

Navesi says, "Unfortunately I was so floored by the experience, I did not manage to catch any other Bards and see if they experienced the same."

Navesi says, "I felt as though I blinked and it was all over, and we were safe on Elanthia again."

Elurora nods to Navesi.

Navesi frowns.

You say, "I did have something reach out to me and push some information into my head, but it was more in the form of astronomical information, and at a scale I wasn't able to grasp."

Navesi says, "I feel terribly about that."

Tirost raises an eyebrow in your direction.

Navesi raises an eyebrow in your direction.

Imroth asks, "What sort of astronomical information?"

Ezerak says to you, "That sounds painful."

Imroth asks, "Like the origin?"

Elurora quietly says, "Sounds like math."

Elurora squints at you.

You say, "Linear diagrams linking constellations. Something which felt ominous, but I wasn't able to fully grasp."

Tirost says, "It is interesting also that the scuttlers that were already here on Elanthia resisted those that came with the Involuted Passage."

Imroth nods.

Navesi shakes her head at Tirost.

Darkewolff grins slowly.

Ezathiel grins at Hanryu.

You say to Tirost, "The starburned scuttlers did not come with the Involuted Passage, I believe. They were transformed after entering."

Navesi says to Tirost, "I don't believe any came with the Involuted Passage. Rather, it turned our scuttlers into starburned ones that fought their brethren."

Navesi nods to you.

Imroth says, "It was like star-corrupted scuttlers."

Tirost asks, "But why would ours have sought to destroy the slap that lead to access if they were not resisting the passage itself?"

Tirost clears his throat.

Tirost says, "Slab, sorry."

Navesi says, "Ours streamed up to the asteroid on the starbeam, then were immediately caught up in battle with the corrupted versions."

You say, "It did not have permission, apparently. The scuttlers shouted that, at points."

Elurora chuckles.

Pyppa smiles at you.

Tirost runs his fingers through his hair.

Navesi says, "I suspect they were busy with the fighting and then with as much dismantling as they could do."

Tirost nods to Navesi.

Darkewolff rubs his right eye.

Tirost says to Navesi, "And you mentioned that message was not unique to the Involuted Passage..."

Ezathiel ponders.

Navesi nods to Tirost.

Navesi says to Tirost, "You mean the 'it does not have permission'? That has featured in several visions."

Qetu says, "If I may, when I arrived up ther eit felt like the starburned scuttlers were trying to preserve whatever crystal had been blocking that passage, and the regular ones wanted it open."

Tirost nods to Navesi.

Imroth asks, "Is there a link between the scuttlers and the.. passage? If it had parked above myvern mountain would there have been starburned wyverns?"

Tirost says to Qetu, "That was my impression as well, but I got there after Saragos and Navesi."

Navesi nods to Imroth.

Ezathiel shudders.

You say, "I'm not sure if it could have done something to the wyverns, but I don't think they'd have an interest in attacking it."

Navesi says, "Good question. There is in fact a strong link."

Imroth nods to Navesi.

Navesi says, "The scuttlers built a great mosaic that seemed to summon the starbeam, which landed at a similar mosaic on the asteroid."

Tirost smiles at Navesi.

Qetu asks, "You are all great mages, could the location simply been the closest point from their location to kermoria as a whole?"

Navesi says, "The scuttlers are also creatures of the Plane of Probability, are they not? Made of avtalia and crauyarin crystal."

Imroth nods to Navesi.

Tirost says to Navesi, "That was my belief as well."

Imroth says, "And deal with crystal magic."

You say to Qetu, "After the distance it traveled, the difference in any particular location here was pretty minor. It also spent some time orbiting before picking a final location."

Qetu nods to you.

You say, "And having gone over all of that, we now have a segue into the first of the visions I have to discuss this evening... because it seems we are not yet done with the aftereffects of this visit from the Involuted Passage."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Elurora cocks her head at you.

You say, "Drifting along the ocean floor, a curious dolphin nudged me, urging me to follow. I pushed along the current along the edge of a deep ravine, doing my best to ignore the vast open darkness below. The dolphin led me to a freshly gouged track in the rocky floor, and resting partway over the lip of the ravine was a large chunk of slightly vibrating fractured crystal. The dolphin kept its distance and seemed agitated at the crystal's presence, but I moved closer. Certain I had seen this before, I reached out to touch the foreign object, when it suddenly contracted to nearly a quarter its former size, drawing me closer, and then violently expanded along several faces, shoving me backward. The dolphin emitted a series of angry squeals and clicks as it fled, and the crystal rocked precariously over the edge of the ravine, tottering for a moment before tumbling down into the inky depths. I watched the crystal disappear, and the vision faded."

Darkewolff takes a bite of the cupcake.

You say, "So I think the theory that the crystal which vanished over the horizon landed in the ocean was correct."

Tirost frowns.

Navesi nods.

Imroth nods in agreement.

Elizzibiana says, "Great, more issues for the merelew and us."

Elizzibiana sighs.

Ezathiel softly says, "Hm."

Hanryu asks, "Could those fragmens be used as anchors like the named fragments of grazhir?"

Pyppa pats Elizzibiana on the back.

You say, "We don't know exactly the purpose of the crystals, but it seems likely they are related to the plans the Involuted Passage had. And one of the rifts showed Elanthia covered in crater marks and the oceans turned grey."

Avyctis ponders.

Hanryu says, "Though I suppose a naming rital as a few thousand fathoms might pose a challenge."

Darkewolff takes a bite of the cupcake.

Elurora frowns thoughtfully.

Darkewolff takes a bite of the cupcake.

Tirost asks you, "Do you think this aligns with the earlier visions of what we took to be a Trader diving for something beneath the waters?"

Darkewolff takes a bite of the cupcake.

Hanryu says to Tirost, "That would make sense, I'm sure that crystal would fetch a good price to the right buyer if it could be found."

You say to Hanryu, "I'm not sure, though if so I think it would be completely separate from the Grazhir shards. I'm not sure how much of an impact these crystals might have on the Astral Plane."

Hanryu nods to you.

You say to Tirost, "It is possible, yes."

Ezathiel peers quizzically at a russet lynx.

You say, "There's also another vision that might be related, from the mention of a dark blue color. Though the meaning is a bit less clear."

Elurora takes a sip of her milk.

You say, "I found myself standing before an easel, evaluating a half-painted landscape showcasing a dramatic waterfall and leaning willow tree. It really was quite decently executed. I nodded in modest approval, and suddenly noticed a dark blue smudge in the otherwise empty sky. The smudge appeared to be shrinking, as if the paint was being absorbed into the canvas. I leaned in for a closer look when I heard a sound behind me, and turning quickly, I saw the woman in a wide-brimmed hat clicking her lighter off and taking a deep drag from a cigarello. Exhaling twin plumes of smoke from her nose, she looked directly at me and began to laugh."

You say, ""Oh, no no, don't mind me. It's a fine rendition, really."

You say, "She continued laughing, and the vision faded."

Tirost ponders.

Ezathiel blinks at you.

You say, "There had been a previous vision of a painter before an easel, painting something that might have been related to the Involuted Passage, which began to freeze over and glow."

Pyppa ponders.

Tirost nods to you.

Tirost asks you, "The smoking woman has also appeared in other visions, has she not?"

You say, "The smudge shrinking seems to be good, but most of the visions that have featured this woman seem to involve a disaster of some sort."

Tirost nods.

Imroth says, "Shrinking crystal. Shrinking blob on a painting."

A steady trickle of water pours from the mouth of a gaping aqueous fissure.

Imroth shrugs.

Elizzibiana takes a sip of her coffee.

A steady trickle of water pours from the mouth of a gaping aqueous fissure.

A steady trickle of water pours from the mouth of a gaping aqueous fissure.

Belzor ponders.

Ezathiel softly says to himself, "Slow deteriotaion, slow absorbtion and fading away."

(Miskton glances at the fissure.)

Ezathiel ponders.

Elizzibiana nods to you.

Elizzibiana chuckles.

(Miskton pauses for a moment in thought, and a short while later a novice moon mage comes by and puts a bucket under the fissure.)

Elurora appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Ezathiel chuckles at you!

Tirost laughs softly, trying to hide his amusement.

Elurora takes a sip of her milk.

Pyppa grins at you.

You say, "Anyway..."

Lenko chuckles.

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Ezathiel snickers.

Pyppa closes her eyes for a moment and grows still.

Belzor smiles.

You say, "Let's see, which vision to discuss next..."

Ezerak says, "That's just asking for mold."

Ezerak nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

Ezathiel laughs!

Ezathiel blushes a bright red color.

You say, "A young man sat on a short stool, wrapping his fists in thick canvas. Tying the covering tight, he pounded his padded knuckles together and took several sharp breaths, grunting loudly and stretching his arms. The man left the room, and a crowd roared in welcome. I watched the exit doorway for some time, listening for the sounds of battle, but all I could hear was the howl of the crowd. After a moment, the roar quieted, and a dual thump thump came from behind me. Turning, I was surprised to see the young man sitting on the stool, exactly as before. Taking several sharp breaths and grunting loudly, he once again stretched and left the room. Then the vision faded."

Pyppa ponders.

Ezathiel raises an eyebrow.

You say, "Not sure exactly what to make of that one, though I've heard preparations for the next set of challenges at Drathrok's Duskruin are in motion..."

Imroth says, "Maybe. Sounds like the battle part didn't happen though."

Belzor asks, "Duskruin?"

Belzor peers quizzically at you.

Imroth says, "Maybe the crowd was just too loud."

Ezathiel softly says, "Or prepare for neverending conflict."

Ezathiel shrugs.

You say to Belzor, "A battle arena, where contestants can fight monsters."

Belzor says to you, "Sounds like a nice night on the town."

Belzor smiles.

Elurora grins at Belzor.

You say to Imroth, "Yes, it could be that the crowd was too loud, or there could be something else going on."

Imroth says, "Drathrok puts it on every once in a while."

Belzor asks, "Everyone can attend?"

Elurora nods to Belzor.

You say to Belzor, "There are also stands for watching people fight."

Imroth says, "Anyone who likes fighting, cheering, or running through mazes."

Ezathiel stands up.

Ezathiel closes the step stool.

Belzor ponders.

Ezathiel puts his stool in his rucksack.

Belzor exclaims, "Sounds like fun!"

Ezathiel removes a tinted monocle from his right eye.

Belzor smiles.

Ezathiel gets a soft chamois cloth with golden trim from inside his rucksack.

Tirost smiles at Belzor.

Ezathiel smiles sourly as he cleans the besmudged monocle carefully.

You say, "So, there's that. There will certainly be a lot of people repeatedly preparing for fights. It could also be some other sort of loop or repeating action, but the preparing for combat does seem likely to be important."

Ezathiel rubs a tinted monocle.

Ezathiel attaches a tinted monocle to his right eye.

Ezathiel shifts his weight.

Ezathiel shifts his weight.

Tirost says to you, "I certainly relate to the ceaseless reptition of combat training."

You grin at Tirost.

You nod.

Imroth chuckles.

Hanryu searches around for a moment.

Imroth exclaims, "Muscles grow strong through repetition!"

Belzor asks Tirost, "The way of the guild, I suppose?"

Elurora nods to Imroth.

You say, "Let's see... Two more visions to discuss this evening. I suppose I'll get the less... pleasant one out of the way, first."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Tirost nods at Belzor, obviously agreeing with his views.

Tirost says, "Just so."

Ezathiel gazes at you.

You say, "A man knelt in a dark room and sketched a series of symbols into an unsettling ritual circle. Once complete, the man began to chant, and the circle sizzled and writhed to the cadence of his intonation. After some time, the man choked, retching and coughing, and his back rippled grotesquely, the skin splitting and tearing as boney plates and ribs extended from his spine. The horrifying change went on for some time, the man writhing in agony in a growing pool of blood and gore, and finally, the ritual concluded."

You say, "The ritual circle evaporated, and the man rose, steaming beneath a vile suit of bone armor. With an air of newly acknowledging my presence, he looked at me and grinned, and then the vision faded."

Avyctis blinks.

Imroth frowns.

Navesi shudders.

Sofina smiles.

Sofina says, "Sounds like fun."

Belzor says, "Well, that is.....interesting."

Tirost glances at Sofina.

You say, "The first thing that comes to mind there is a new development in necromantic magic, from the looks of it."

Tirost nods to you.

Hanryu sarcastically says, "Great, we needed better aromred Necromancers."

Ezathiel nods in agreement.

Lenko ponders.

Tirost grins at Hanryu.

Sofina says, "Bone armored at that."

Sofina looks herself over.

Lenko nods in agreement.

Elizzibiana says, "Ugh, bloody bird."

Imroth says, "Their own bones."

Elurora furrows her brow.

Ezathiel glances at Sofina.

Elurora nods to Imroth.

Sofina unfurls her nightsilk wings, revealing the claws at the wing joints.

Sofina smiles at Ezathiel.

Pyppa raises an eyebrow.

Ezathiel clucks his tongue and shakes his head.

Tirost says to you, "It doesn't seem to be something that will be used by the Redeemed."

Imroth says, "Sometimes I think the public view of necromancers is too harsh... and sometimes they do stuff like that."

Hanryu chuckles.

Elurora rubs her nose.

You say to Tirost, "I'm not sure exactly what limitations the Immortals place on them, but that does seem plausible."

Ezathiel sighs.

Ezathiel nods in agreement.

Elurora takes a sip of her milk.

You say, "I don't think there's any particular action items to take from what we can see there... but something to be on the lookout for, to avoid being surprised by it."

Pyppa nods to you.

Avyctis cocks his head.

Elizzibiana takes a sip of her coffee.

You say, "And then... one more vision to go over."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Imroth says, "Didn't think I would need to suggest keeping one's bones on the inside."

Tirost says to you, "I have long wondered what has become of Sivroch, and whether she has assumed the place formerly held by Jeihrem, or whether he has fully recovered."

Elurora chuckles at Imroth.

You say, "Loud conversation and a flurry of scents washed over me as I navigated a busy market. Vendors sold exotic fabrics and gems from far away lands, haggling over piles of spices and aromatic oils. I turned a corner into a quieter region of the bazaar, and the sounds and smells instantly became distant, muffled by the rough stone walls of a long alley. With some curiosity, I walked into the shade, studying the sides of buildings and drainage, enjoying a few moments of quiet in the liminal space."

Belzor smiles at Imroth.

You say, "A very large dog emerged from a collection of discarded debris. Missing a small chunk of its right ear, and its fur matted and dirty, the dog studied me for a moment, its eyes narrowed as it slinked cautiously forward. Its lip curled, and a low growl echoed. The dog approached, and suddenly, its tail began to wag and it dropped into a play bow, and it barked at me happily. Then, the vision faded."

Elurora ponders.

You say, "Not sure exactly what it means, but it's definitely on the pleasant side as far as visions go."

Pyppa chuckles at you!

Gridaksma ponders.

Belzor says to you, "At least it recognized you."

Imroth says, "I do like dogs."

Elurora takes a sip of her milk.

Tirost grins at you.

Imroth smiles.

Lenko nods in agreement.

You say, "Yes, hostile at first, but probably because it seems to have had a rough time. But then happy upon getting a closer look."

Elurora quietly says, "Probably hungry."

Elurora frowns.

Belzor asks you, "Guarded I would say, vice hostile?"

You nod to Belzor.

Elurora takes a sip of her milk.

Elizzibiana takes a sip of her coffee.

Belzor says to you, "Sorry for the interruption, please continue."

Belzor blushes a bright red color.

Elurora grins at Belzor.

You say, "I wouldn't mind helping out a dog in need, though I think finding a stray dog is probably not the kind of event to have enough of an impact on the web of fate to be seen like this."

Ezathiel scratches his head.

You say, "Unless a lot of people are going to be finding dogs in the near future, I suppose."

You ponder.

Imroth ponders.

Pyppa nods.

Imroth smirks.

Belzor smiles.

Elizzibiana asks, "Maybe a traders market in Muspar'i to replace the shop place in the wm guild?"

Lenko grins.

Belzor asks, "Or perhaps this one was destined to be found by you?"

Belzor smiles at Elizzibiana.

Elizzibiana says, "Since dogs can be our familiars."

Elurora quietly says, "I wonder if Dog would be upset if I brought another dog home."

Elurora gazes off into the distance.

You grin.

Elurora takes a sip of her milk.

Ezathiel chuckles at Elurora.

Gridaksma gazes thoughtfully at Elurora.

Elurora glances at Gridaksma.

Belzor asks, "Any chance a festival is coming about?"

Belzor peers quizzically at you.

Imroth mutters something into the air about probably upset about the name.

Navesi says, "They are social animals. I hear they enjoy company."

Elurora slowly says to Gridaksma, "I probably wouldn't name it Dog II."

Elurora looks at Gridaksma, obviously trying not to grin.

Pyppa laughs at Elurora.

Ezathiel snickers at Elurora.

You say to Belzor, "Not that I'm aware of, though there are usually some festivities around the opening of Duskruin Arena, previously mentioned."

Gridaksma asks Elurora, "Not zacur either?"

Elurora asks Gridaksma, "Wouldn't that be cheating?"

Tirost takes a sip of his wine.

Gridaksma chuckles at Elurora.

Belzor says, "I wonder...."

Belzor ponders.

You say, "That covers the visions I had to discuss this evening, but there is one other thing I wanted to mention..."

Elurora smiles at you.

Ezathiel gazes at you.

Pyppa smiles at you.

Ayrell smiles at you.

Lenko asks, "Dogs in the mazes?"

Lenko flashes a wide grin.

Sofina nods to Lenko.

Belzor gazes at you.

Elizzibiana says to Lenko, "Not likely."

You say, "Many of you have probably noticed some oddness when casting spells recently. Mana streams twisting unusually, or some sort of synesthesia..."

Lenko says, "Aww."

Navesi frowns.

Belzor says, "Yes, in fact I did."

Belzor nods to you.

Elurora nods to you.

Imroth bows his head and chants a prayer.

You say, "More recently, I've experienced something that seems like... an escalation."

Tirost nods to you.

Lenko says, "I have noticed that as well."

Elurora blinks at you.

Ayrell ponders.

Elizzibiana says to Lenko, "War mages have dogs as familiars already, puppies on the other hand might be different."

Hanryu searches around for a moment.

You say, "Earlier today I was casting a spell, and the mana coiled around me tensely, giving the impression of a serpent preparing to strike."

Tirost quietly says to you, "I'd hoped it was an effect of the Unknown."

Lenko says to Elizzibiana, "Good point."

Navesi frowns.

Avyctis blinks.

Imroth bows his head and chants a prayer.

Navesi says, "Perhaps it was, and our response to the Involuted Passage brought this about."

Ezerak nods at Tirost, obviously agreeing with his views.

Belzor asks Tirost, "Any chance a portion of the Unknown is still here, undiscovered?"

Tirost glances at Navesi.

Tirost says to Belzor, "Perhaps the crystal Miskton mentioned."

You say to Belzor, "There seems to be some crystal in the deep ocean, at least."

Navesi says, "But... it did not particularly strike me as affecting magic or mana."

Ezerak says, "It seems likely that there are pieces of it about still, or whatever crystals it fired at us."

Ezerak nods at Tirost, obviously agreeing with his views.

Elurora gazes thoughtfully at Ezerak.

Imroth exclaims, "Time to explore the bottom of the ocean next!"

Belzor says, "Time to break out the air bubbles."

Imroth nods to Belzor.

Ezathiel nods to Belzor.

You say, "If the dolphins are taking notice of it, I wouldn't be surprised if we hear something from the Merelew."

Navesi nods to you.

You say, "Though it should be some time still before Andreshlew rises again. Perhaps someone will contact us before then, though."

Elurora grins at Pyppa.

Belzor asks, "To be honest, I would be surprised that we have not heard from them already?"

Elizzibiana asks, "Be what, couple years before we see them again. POssibly?"

You nod to Elizzibiana.

You ask, "And that coveres everything I had to discuss this evening. Does anybody else have anything they'd like to bring up?"

Ayrell shakes her head.

Imroth shakes his head.

You exclaim, "Okay then, thank you all for coming!"

You smile.

You carefully mark your place and close your astronomer's journal, securing the clasp.

Imroth says, "Thank you for hosting."

Belzor smiles at you.

Pyppa says, "Thank you Miskton."

Imroth says, "As always."

Imroth bows to you.

Elurora exclaims, "Thank you for holding this, Mister Miskton!"

Pyppa curtsies to you.

Tirost says to you, "Just my gratitude for your sharing the visions, Miskton. They led us to the Involuted Passage, and they are always intereting to hear and discuss."

Elurora bows to you.

Pyppa hugs Ayrell, getting a smile in return.

Pyppa hugs Elurora, getting a smile in return.

Elurora snaps to attention and hails Ayrell with a crisp hand salute.

Ayrell says to you, "Thank you so much for hosting."

Elizzibiana says to you, "Thanks for having these as usual,."

Elurora snaps to attention and hails Imroth with a crisp hand salute.

Belzor says to you, "Thank you for sharing your visions, Court Mage. It was very informative and captivating."

Lenko says, "Definitely interesting."

Elurora waves to Ezerak.

Elurora waves to Belzor.

Avyctis nods.

Belzor waves to Elurora.

Elizzibiana nods politely to you.

Belzor smiles.

Ezathiel bows to you.

Hanryu says, "Safe paths all."

Ezathiel pleasantly asks you, "May i speak with you for a rew moments?"

You say, "If anybody hears about signs of any other crystal fragments from the Involuted Passage, I'm definitely interested in any leads there."

You nod to Ezathiel.

Ezathiel nods.

Lenko nods in agreement.

Belzor asks, "Is there any particular description regarding those crystals?"

Ezathiel pleasantly says to you, "I will wait until you are not busy."

Belzor says, "Inf."

Tirost bows.

Imroth waves.

Imroth raises his hand in a quick salute.

Ezerak says to you, "Thank you for hosting."

Sofina rolls her eyes.

Belzor says, "If....sorry, I do not mean to have so many questions."

You say to Belzor, "Changing size would definitely be one thing. The fragments may be blue, as well."

Belzor nods.

Belzor says, "I do will my best to keep my eyes open for anything suspicious."

Ayrell says, "I must be on my way, but I wish you all a pleasant morning."

Belzor asks, "And if I do find a crystal, is it safe to pick up?"

Ayrell curtsies gracefully.

You say, "Any on land are probably quite small, though if they are capable of growing..."

Lenko says, "I will as well."

Belzor bows to Ayrell.

Ezathiel bows to Ayrell.

Ezathiel smiles.

Belzor bows to Ezerak.

Ayrell smiles.

Ezathiel bows to Ezerak.

Ayrell smiles at Ezathiel.

Ayrell smiles at Belzor.

You say, "I'm not sure if it's dangerous, but you might want to avoid using your bare hands."

Ayrell nods politely to you.

Ayrell hugs Navesi, who wraps her arms around Ayrell with a warm smile.

Belzor smiles at Ayrell.

Avyctis ponders.

Navesi hugs Ayrell, getting a smile in return.

Ayrell smiles.

Ezerak hugs Navesi, who wraps her arms around Ezerak with a warm smile.

Ezerak shakes your hand.

Navesi hugs Ezerak, who wraps his arms around Navesi with a warm smile.

Belzor says to you, "Probably best I not pick it up then."

Belzor chuckles.