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Event Name: Vision Meeting
Event Instance: Prime
Real Date: 2021-12-11
Game Date of Event: 440-03-37
Point of View: Miskton
You say, "Okay, I think we can probably get started. Thank you all for joining us this evening."

Xelten says, "Nonsense. There is always a need for formality."

Tirost chuckles at Xelten.

Ryeka winks at Xelten.

You say, "This may be a relatively quick meeting, as I have not noticed much in the way of new movement in the web of fate since the last discussion. However, I think it would still be worthwhile to go over the most recently seen visions."

Ryeka nods.

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

You say, "So let's see, to start..."

You say, "We can perhaps go with the latest vision that seems to be related to Zengmodaleth, in the Plane of Electricity."

Zynell grins at Eyst.

Ryeka blinks.

You say, "My mouth filled with the taste of copper, and I found myself standing next to a tall figure in a black robe gazing upward at a torrential lightning storm. As green and white energies crackled and lashed across the skies, whipping whirling balls of furious energy and discharging immense coronal hazes across the electrified air, the figure sighed. A custodian approached, flickering red, blue, green, red,and the figure nodded. Turning, the figure strode into a wall of writing electricity, disappearing from view, and the storm continued as the vision faded."

Ryeka nods.

You say, "It seems quite plausible that the figure there is Daervlan, the Lord of the Void."

Ezerak nods in agreement.

Tirost gazes thoughtfully at you.

Tirost says, "The figure seemed disappointed, but he did not interact with the custodian, nor take any action save to leave."

You say, "He's probably the one who has the most actual knowledge of what is going on in Zengmodaleth, and seems to have set a bit of a challenge to see if people can figure out just what is going on with it. Perhaps to prove ourselves worthy of whatever secrets it holds."

Tirost curiously asks you, "You think it's a test?"

Ezerak says, "Perhaps disappointed that we haven't figured it out yet."

Ezerak chuckles.

Tirost flashes a quick grin at Ezerak.

Zynell says, "Or a clue."

Zynell says, "They were flashing all sorts of sequences."

You say to Tirost, "That's my understanding from word that has come from the scholar Uryutis, although I've not spoken much with him directly."

Ezerak says to Tirost, "The Grovekeepers have said as much."

Ryeka ponders.

Ezerak nods to you.

Tirost nods.

Tirost says, "It seems the figure nodded at a certain particular sequence of lights."

Xelten asks, "What better way is there to audition an apprentice?"

You say, "There have been attempts to communicate with the custodians, but they do not seem to have been successful thus far."

Tirost nods to you.

Zynell says, "There was a group sorting through the various light sequences for clues."

You say, "It's possible that the sequence of lights seen in this vision might be helpful for future attempts to do so."

Navesi nods politely.

Eyst says, "If the vision can be taken at face value though, it does seem possible."

Zynell nods.

You nod politely to Navesi.

Navesi says to you, "Thank you."

Tirost nods in agreement.

Tirost asks, "Red, blue, green, and red, was it?"

You nod to Tirost.

Tirost smiles at Navesi.

Zynell nods.

Navesi smiles at Tirost.

Navesi says, "I see we're discussing the custodians."

Ryeka nods to Navesi.

Tirost nods to Navesi.

Zynell says, "Aye."

Ezerak hugs Navesi, getting a smile in return.

You say, "I believe further investigations are being planned, and I'm sure word will be put out once an approach is decided on."

Tirost nods to you.

Eyst nods.

Zynell ponders.

Navesi says, "I know Saragos and Mazrian have been planning to investigate further. It's just a matter of getting them to set a date."

Navesi says, "I might take over if they don't. Either way, we know we need to move on it."

You say, "Though if anyone sees any significance in the patterns that have been seen thus far, either from visions or directly from the custodians, I'm sure they'd be interested to hear it."

Xelten says, "Timeliness was never an elemental domain."

Navesi says, "I certainly would."

Navesi says to Xelten, "I don't know, I played with that once."

Ryeka asks, "If I might suggest- this does look risky. Might I suggest having clerics with knowledge of how to cast Vigil working with the mages?"

Navesi flashes a quick grin.

Zynell asks, "If the figure was looking at the storm while sighing, perhaps that may be something to look into?"

Navesi nods to Ryeka.

Tirost nods to Zynell.

Tirost says to Zynell, "Crossed my mind as well."

Xelten says, "Patiently waiting for us to figure out that storm, perhaps."

Navesi says to Ryeka, "We will certainly take support."

Zynell says, "It could just be representative of disorder in the electricity though."

Zynell shrugs.

You say to Ryeka, "There is definitely some risk, yes. The malfunctioning custodians pose a threat themselves, as well as the lightning selreks that seem to be riding in at least some of them."

Zynell nods to Tirost.

Navesi says, "Or he's tired of us waiting to solve his puzzle."

Ryeka nods to you.

Tirost whispers something to Ryeka.

Tirost grins at Navesi.

Ezerak ponders.

Ryeka whispers something to Tirost.

Tirost softly says to Navesi, "That... seems likely."

Navesi nods to Tirost.

Ezerak says to Xelten, "You know, perhaps those two things could be related."

Tirost smiles at Ryeka.

Ryeka smiles at Tirost, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Zynell asks, "Why do you suggest vigil?"

Xelten says to Ezerak, "It must be fueled by something."

Zynell angles her ears forward, gazing curiously at Ryeka.

Ezerak nods at Xelten, obviously agreeing with his views.

Ryeka says, "It will link the strength of the cleric's soul with that of the receiver of the link."

Ryeka says, "And potentially provide support in case of some kind of spirit drain."

Zynell asks, "In the electric plane?"

Ryeka says, "That I do not know."

Ryeka says, "It's outside my experience."

Zynell says, "Apologies, i may have just missed a comment."

Zynell grins.

Ryeka grins, revealing her dimples.

Ryeka winks at Zynell.

Ryeka says, "No worries."

Zynell giggles.

Xelten says, "You are in fine company, as nearly no one has much experience there."

Ryeka chuckles.

Ryeka nods to Xelten.

Ryeka says, "I'm passingly familiar with cleric stuff- and do have mage friends, both lunar and warrior."

Zynell nods in agreement.

You say, "The next vision combines aspects of several previous visions, and leads me to worry that something is happen in the Dark Hand. Especially given recent findings from investigations looking into matters around the Paladins guild."

Ryeka nods.

You say, "Everything felt lighter, and I found myself falling towards the sky. As I spun through the air, I caught a glimpse of twisted trees and muddy swamp water raining upward with me. After a disorienting moment, I slammed into hard-packed dirt and roots. As the dirty water sprayed across my face, I awkwardly found my balance and stood, the inverted horizon wreaking havoc on my inner ear, and took stock of my surroundings."

You say, "I stood below a floating mound of dirt and root, slightly above the tree-line below me. Tentatively making my way to the side of the mound, the view was exceptionally odd, and though I was pressed towards the floating mound, I could not shake the feeling that I was falling."

You say, "Suddenly, I heard a grunt and turned to see a man covered in scars. Screaming, he was wrapped in a glistening net of coiling tendrils, which interlaced across his muscles in sparkling white light, and he rushed forward. I tripped backwards, and the vision faded."

Tirost frowns thoughtfully.

Ryeka frowns.

You say, "There had been previous visions of floating dirt and rock, which themselves seemed to be tied to other visions of a swampy wilderness beyond a large wall."

Eyst nods.

Navesi gazes thoughtfully at you.

You say, "And the man covered in scars and wrapped in a net of tendrils appeared in a recent vision that had aspects that seemed to be potentially symbolic of Corik's Wall as well."

Ezerak frowns.

Ikevindy ponders.

Zynell nods in agreement.

You say, "Whether he is a specific person, or represents a group of people, is hard to say."

Xelten says, "Sounds like Paladin magic, as expected."

Tirost glances at Xelten.

Tirost takes a sip of his ale.

Telamont leans on Zynell.

Ezerak blinks.

Ezerak casually observes the area.

Ezerak searches around for a moment.

Zynell leans on Telamont.

Xelten raises an eyebrow.

You say, "In the previous vision, the tendrils had seemed like they represented something coming out of the Dark Hand, but in this one they do seem to lean a bit more toward something that might be related to Paladins, yes."

Ryeka says, "The paladins are involved with the Dark Hand."

Ryeka says, "And Corik's Wall."

You say, "And the former Paladin guildleader Beren is suspected to be in the Dark Hand, which is what people have recently been looking into."

Ryeka nods to you.

You say, "And during a recent investigation a corpse clutching a note was discovered, which seemed to indicate that there are Gorbesh on the move in the Dark Hand, and possibly afflicted by the corruption of the place."

Ryeka ponders.

Tirost raises an eyebrow in your direction.

Eyst nods.

Tirost quietly says, "That I had not heard."

Eyst says, "If there man is still out there, there's quite a bit more going on besides."

You say, "I believe a recent issue of the First Land Herald has some details on the discovery, and the contents of the note."

Tirost chuckles.

Ryeka nods.

Navesi glances at a grey and cream muted tortoiseshell leopard.

Tirost quietly says, "I no longer have the excuse of spending most of my time in Hibarnhvidar."

Zynell says, "If i recall correctly, the note said "The Fist grows, and the Gorbesh push north, their minds fraying. We must hold the line. We must secure or-" the rest of the message is destroyed."

You say, "The Emerald Knights have been informed, and I believe the group called the Truthseekers are planning another expedition beyond the wall in the near future."

Ryeka frowns.

Tirost nods.

Zynell nods to you.

Ryeka nods.

Ryeka says, "That's in line with some old research I did some years ago."

Xelten says, "Merely to mention it, we also saw Gorbesh related to the time anomalies, along with visions of airborn land."

Zynell angles her ears forward, gazing curiously at Ryeka.

Ryeka smiles, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Navesi shifts her weight.

Navesi casually observes the area.

Ryeka says, "I was with a group known as the Order of Light back then. We've scattered to the winds now."

Tirost asks Xelten, "Airborn land? Like a floating castle, or something similar?"

You say to Xelten, "I certainly hope the floating land is not related to what we saw there, considering how many other things there were not working as they should."

Eyst says to Xelten, "I believe I recall that one. A vision of the land with all kinds of natural laws upended."

Xelten nods.

Ezerak whispers something to Navesi.

Xelten says, "Examples of what chaos might have been born of different decisions, presumably."

Navesi whispers something to Ezerak.

Ryeka nods.

Tirost says to Eyst, "Which might fit with this vision, and the sense of earth floating above the vision holder."

Eyst gives a slight nod.

Zynell says to Ryeka, "Tis likely that the truthseekers would benefit from what you may recall."

Ezerak whispers something to Navesi.

Ryeka nods to Zynell.

Xelten glances outside a moment.

Ryeka asks, "If I may know a good place to meet them, and a good time?"

Zynell nods to Ryeka.

Navesi whispers something to Ezerak.

Zynell says, "I will inquire."

Ryeka nods to Zynell.

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Ezerak whispers something to Navesi.

Xelten searches around for a moment.

You say, "The next vision seems like it could, perhaps, be a specific actually event... Though it's hard to say exactly what the wider significance is."

Ryeka nods to you.

Navesi gives Ezerak a slight nod.

You say, "I found myself in a circular tent, lit with brightly burning braziers. The tent was swelteringly hot and reeked of sage and cedar, sweat and wet dog, metal oil and tanned leather. A ring of men and women knelt on the bare earth, their naked bodies glistening with sweat, their heavily muscled and scarred figures indicative of a life of fighting and challenge. At the center of the ring, a child stood, head bowed and hands clasped before him. He spoke softly of a time before the trappings of the tribe, a time of primal connection to the land. He brandished a knife, and cut a thin, winding line along his forearm, letting the blood flow down his fingers onto the dirt. The men and women rose and stepped forward, reaching to touch the child's face and shoulders, and the vision faded."

Ezerak frowns.

Ryeka frowns.

Tirost takes a sip of his ale.

You say, "An important ceremony to the people of that tribe, obviously, but difficult to say who they are without recognizing the particular rites involved."

You say, "If anything about it does sound familiar to anyone, I'd be interested to hear about it, but otherwise I suppose I will move on."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Ryeka ponders.

Ryeka shakes her head.

Ikevindy quietly says, "I was merely thinking there is a hot tent in the Horse Clan."

Navesi says, "Possibly Kaldar. Muscled, undergoing trials. Connection to the land. Sage and cedar."

You stroke your beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Tirost says, "The initiation of some kind of leader perhaps, but beyond that, I do not recognize the rite."

You say, "Both leads worth looking into."

Ezerak whispers something to Xelten.

Zynell says, "Interesting that it is the child is speaking of a time before."

Eyst says, "It would be interesting to hear his words in detail, if he is speaking of truly prehistoric times."

Navesi says, "Or Gorbesh, I suppose."

Ezerak nods to Xelten.

You say, "The next two visions might, perhaps, be related. After learning of the phenomenon known as the Bulwark, I have come to think that perhaps the figures in golden plate that have been seen in a number of visions might be related to it in some way."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

You say, "Everything flickered, the fabric of reality rent, and a miasmatic wind reeking of rot and solvent billowed across my face. The ground erupted into a mass of yowling multi-limbed bodies, skittering with fin and tentacle. The mass rushed forward in vile joy. A massive figure in golden plate grabbed my hand and pulled me behind a shield line, a row of golden plate-clad figures bracing against interlocking shields and pointing long spears forward. A moment later, the mass struck the shield wall, which did not yield. As the air filled with the sounds of combat, one by one, the shield bearers began to fall, the line tightening and curling back to protect me, until it was a ring, and still the mass continued the onslaught."

You say, "One of the figures grunted as a tentacle lashed across his helm. He turned a bloodied face to me and grinned in the brief moment before he was pulled into the mass and torn to pieces. The vision faded."

Ryeka frowns.

You say, "The visions featuring these figures keep showing them standing up against twisted creatures, often coming through things like tears in reality."

Ikevindy winces.

Eyst says, "Not faring so well this season."

You say, "I have not found any good leads on who they might be as an actual organization, although I believe there were figures wearing similar armor in one of those alternate timelines that we had a glimpse into when all of that time magic... stuff was going on."

Ryeka ponders.

Xelten says, "If it is an organization of individuals at all."

You nod.

Tirost glances at Navesi.

Navesi glances at Tirost.

You say, "That's part of what makes me consider the possibility they represent the Bulwark in some fashion, apparently protecting our plane against outside intrusion."

Tirost asks Xelten, "What do you think it might represent?"

Ryeka says, "I did briefly consider the possibility of a sect of moon mages being involved: I used to see their tent in areas where I hunted. But I wouldn't swear to it."

Xelten says, "The least subtle explanation would be whatever was in the sky at Basalt."

Tirost nods.

You say, "The next vision seems to tie into that as well, perhaps."

You say, "The voice in it at least sounded somewhat similar to what was heard in the visions of the beacons, which very much seemed to be tied to the events on Basalt Isle."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

You say, "With a hammering blow, I felt the air torn from my chest as I was thrown high into the sky, the curve of Elanthia falling away as I flailed madly to orient myself. I screamed past the moons, which wept in mourning as they danced along their altered orbits, I screamed past the planets, which whispered and laughed and sneered. The heat and roar of the sun grew cold as it shrank to a pinpoint, and soon I had no sense of movement as I was surrounded by darkness. The stars burned bright, and strange shapes moved in the spaces between. I heard it, a voice in the distance, repeating a command, a refusal, and just as I began to make sense of the repeated words, everything darkened, and the vision faded."

Ryeka blinks.

Navesi nods to you.

You say, "This one seems more directly related to the Bulwark, and the demons that are apparently stirring, as many people experienced on Basalt Isle."

The clear pool of water soaks into the ground, leaving no trace of its presence.

Sothios takes a seat near Zynell.

Ezerak whispers something to Navesi.

Eyst ponders.

You say, "And that covers what I had to discuss for this meeting, as at least thus far I have not seen further movement in the web of fate."

Ryeka nods to you.

Zynell nods to you.

You ask, "Questions, comments, other things to share?"

Tirost asks you, "Do you believe this last vision is related to the other previous visions that dealt with not having permission?"

You say to Tirost, "My impression is that it is not. The voice didn't seem to be speaking to me directly, at least."

Tirost nods.

Eyst asks, "I wonder that if this Bulwark speaks then is it also some kind of thinking entity?"

Tirost gazes thoughtfully at Eyst.

Ezerak says to you, "As always, thank you for hosting and sharing the visions."

Tirost says to Eyst, "I have thought about that a great deal."

You ask, "It sounds like it has some connection to paladins, so possibly a composite of some sort?"

Eyst gives a slight nod.

You nod politely to Ezerak.

Navesi whispers something to Ezerak.

You say to Ezerak, "My pleasure."

You say, "So yes, thank you all for coming."

You smile.

Ryeka smiles, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Ikevindy bows to you.

Zynell says, "For the tent one."

You nod to Zynell.

Ezerak whispers something to Xelten.

Tirost says to you, "Thank you for hosting, Miskton."

Zynell says, "I might consider looking into some of the rakash rituals."

Navesi says to Eyst, "The Bulwark is powered by souls. It may be that those who power it have a voice. Or perhaps they are directed by the divine."

Tirost smiles at you.

You stroke your beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Ryeka blinks.

Ikevindy smiles at Zynell.

Xelten searches around for a moment.

Tirost asks Navesi, "Powered by souls - paladin souls exclusively, is that not so?"

Ezerak shakes his head at Xelten.

You say to Zynell, "I'm not really familiar with them, myself. I'm sure there's people I can ask, though."

Navesi nods to Tirost.

Zynell nods.

Ryeka nods.

Ezerak whispers something to Xelten.

Eyst says, "For the implications of it, it's a wonder the paladins have kept such a thing under their hat all this time."

Navesi says, "Pristine ones, if it is anything like the Sanyu Aes."

Xelten glances at Ezerak.

Tirost nods to Navesi.

Ikevindy stands up.

Elizzibiana says to you, "Always a pleasure to hear of possibilties to come from you, thank you."

Navesi says to Eyst, "Secrets are kept in times of need, my friend."

Tirost asks Navesi, "And it seems to reinforce the laws of our plane against irregularities, like those of Jeihrem's necromancy?"

Navesi nods to Tirost.

You say, "It looks like my Katamba moonbeam is still available, if people would like transportation back to Crossing."

Ryeka nods.

Zynell stands up.

Ezerak whispers something to Xelten.

Navesi says, "It absolutely does. Divine geometries written throughout, forcing out the extraplanar."

Sothios stands up.

Elizzibiana says to you, "Please and thank you."

Tirost nods.

Zynell says to you, "Many thanks for hosting these."