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Daervlan eth'Riel
Status: Alive
Guild: Warrior Mage
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown

High Lord Daervlan eth'Riel

Full title: Guardian of the Planes, Lord of the Void, High Lord of the Guild of Warrior Mages. Rumored to correspond with Heralds. It is possible he has some relationship to the famed Iluranel eth'Riel of history due to the shared surname.

The Lord of the Void

Posted by GM Armifer on 12/20/2010
In a millennia old tradition, very little is known about Daervlan other than the titles in front of his name. However, he is one of many people in history who have held the title of Lord of the Void, and something of the nature of the station can be understood in its historical context.

The most pertinent fact that a historian can glean is that "the Lord of the Void" has no formal place among Warrior Mages. The title exists outside the guild's hierarchy, passed on from its holder to an apprentice at the time of his death. Historically, it's most accurately said that the Lord of the Void is an independent station which is often, but not always, aligned with the Warrior Mage Guild.

If the Lord of the Void chooses to seek a place among the Warrior Mages of his day, he is festooned with accolades. If the praise and titles are piled high enough, perhaps it will hide the ambivalence Elementalists hold for him. It is commonly thought that the Lord of the Void spends most of his time outside the Plane of Abiding, tending whatever interests his line has cultivated beyond the boundaries of reality. He is believed to have spells of exotic design that allow him to survive these sojourns, but what is better known and more feared is the bizarre authority the Lord of the Void has claimed over Elemental magic.

Displeasing the Lord of the Void has historically had one consequence expressed in varying ways: nullifying Elemental magic. The iconic case happened 350 years ago, when the Lord of the Void of that era answered a demand for a duel by stripping the hothead, known for his skill at electricity spells, of his access to that element altogether. For the rest of his days, the man was unable to even cause someone's hair to stand on end.

Thankfully, whether by grace or by whatever demands are placed upon the station, the Lord of the Void has had more interesting things to do than play the bully. As far as the guild is concerned, Daervlan remains an exemplary model for his station: graceful and usually absent.

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