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Event Name: Vision Meeting
Event Instance: Prime
Real Date: 2021-08-14
Game Date of Event: 439-02-01
Point of View: Miskton
You say, "Okay, I think it's probably about time to get started. Thank you all for coming."

You say, "There are several new visions to discuss, most of them seeming like they lean more toward the metaphorical side of things."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

You say, "Let's see... To start, perhaps this one."

You say, "Seated on a large rowboat, I felt something tug at my fishing line, and with a start, I yanked the pole back, securing the hook! I began to pull in the catch, alternating between pulling the fish up and winding the line tighter, and after some time, my arms began to tire as the stars burned above. The battle raged on, the fish periodically resting and allowing me to make easy progress, only to make a run and pull out more line. The sun began to rise, and I pulled the beast higher and higher. I began to see its flitting form beneath the waters -- larger than I would have expected."

You say, "Suddenly, the fish raced to the surface, and began to grow, larger and larger, scales expanding to proportions of a hand, then a plate, then a wagon wheel. The fish was twenty feet long, thirty, fifty, a hundred, and it was churning around the boat angrily. The line snapped, and the fish swam straight for me, and the vision faded."

Nsar sarcastically says, "Sounds like every fishing story... ever."

Agalea says, "Such a fish tale."

Mazrian nods.

You say, "While not too dissimilar from some of the fishing stories I heard from some of the old men in Riverhaven growing up, I think it's perhaps not quite so straightforward."

You grin.

Mazrian says, "Quite the story about biting off more than you can chew."

Tirost nods to Mazrian.

You nod to Mazrian.

Agalea says, "The numbers of its length are the significant part."

Durso says, "Searching for something that his more than expected."

Agalea says, "They reference Prydaen stuff."

You say, "My interpretation at the moment is that it is something along those lines. Trying to find, or perhaps learn, something, discovering it, and then finding it to be more trouble than anticipated."

Sothios leans on Mazilyn.

Mazilyn angles her ears forward, gazing curiously at Agalea.

Mazrian asks, "How would the prydaen symbology go?"

You ask Agalea, "Oh?"

Mazrian raises an eyebrow in Agalea's direction.

Agalea says, "The wheel."

Agalea says, "You know, they are born, they die, they go to the wheel, they come back into a new body."

Agalea says, "Numbers in association with that."

You ask, "What do they mean in that context?"

Agalea asks, "Don't the Prydaen souls even retain memories of all their lives?"

Kretona gazes at his claws.

Agalea says to Kretona, "Except yours, you are different."

Kretona grins at Agalea.

Agalea says, "A special soul."

Nefis gazes at Zharen.

Zharen glances at Nsar.

Agalea says, "You know, one that has come back so many times."

Mazrian chuckles.

Agalea exclaims, "Numbers!"

Zharen quietly says, "I thought this was a Lunar mage meeting....."

Hanryu searches around for a moment.

Zharen peers quizzically at Nefis.

Agalea says, "It would be a visions meeting."

Agalea says, "One thing that the Moon Mages are really good at."

Agalea says, "Seeing things."

You say, "Sometimes even things that are actually there."

Zharen glances at you.

Agalea says, "Its all about interpretation."

Agalea says, "We are all only the sum of our experiences in life."

Nsar says, "I think its probably a warning to the uninitiated to avoid travelling the seas in an attempt to pull things from the depths that you dont understand."

Agalea exclaims to Nsar, "Oh! Or that!"

Agalea says, "Krakens."

You say, "At any rate, it's a bit difficult to say WHAT investigation the vision might be referring to, given that there's so many that could find things that could result in trouble."

Agalea grins, revealing her dimples.

Kretona peers quizzically at Nsar.

Mazrian says, "Or it could mean trying to put a hook in a certain shark is likely to backfire."

Agalea says, "Sharks taste good."

Agalea grins, revealing her dimples.

Kretona grins at Agalea.

Mazrian says, "I'm sure they think the same about you."

Mazrian nods.

You say, "And said trouble could range from powerful people getting upset, to massive explosions."

You say, "So difficult to say precisely what it might be a warning for, but something to keep in mind if results from some endeavor seem like they're starting to get out of hand."

Agalea says, "It could be any number of things."

Agalea says, "It could even be a fever dream."

Nsar nods to you.

Whitney laughs!

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

You say, "In the next vision..."

You say, "Standing on a long beach, the waves gently hissing as they lapped against golden sands, I inhaled deeply of the salt air beneath brightly shining moons. The wind stirred an endless ocean of grass, growing before an endless sea of water, one side rippling with silver and green, and the other tumbling with waves and foam. I heard a growl from the sea of grass and noticed two predatory eyes hidden within the foliage. I slowly stepped backwards, feeling the cold water swirling around my ankles, the eyes following me hungrily."

You say, "A sharp *tink!* like shattering glass came from behind me, and glancing over my shoulder, I saw a long broken line spidering through the air. Turning in confusion, I watched as the break continued to splinter, radiating before me. Reaching out to touch the strange anomaly, I felt movement behind me, and was knocked into the water by something with sharp teeth that closed around the back of my neck, and the vision faded."

Mazrian smiles at Whitney.

You say, "The first thought that popped into my head, standing on the beach with the endless grass on one end, and the endless sea on the other, was a representation of the Plane of Abiding, and then some other planes."

Tirost nods to you.

You say, "And the cracks in the air being some sort of planar breach. The beast... well, there's all sorts of dangerous things out there."

Ezerak nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

Mazrian says, "Interesting that the beast is on the Abiding side, in that interpretation."

You say, "Well, I was thinking Abiding was just the beach itself."

Xelten says, "Enemies abound."

Tunstall gazes intently into his sanowret crystal, and scintillating sparks of light dance across its surface.

You say, "This is mostly just a gut feeling in this case, though, for the specifics."

Mazrian says, "Then the beast lying in ambush is coming from..."

Agalea twitches several times as the ridges encompassing her form recede and vanish.

You say, "If the ocean of grass and the ocean of water do represent different planes, I couldn't say for sure which ones."

Tirost says to Mazrian, "This plane..."

Agalea says, "Life tends to lay in ambush of everyone, just waiting for that moment you are not ready for that branch you are about to trip over."

Kretona sniffs at a flask of Rissan brandy.

Kretona takes a sip of his brandy.

Mazrian says, "Or the unexpected crack in thin air, as the case may be."

You say, "The lines breaking through the air do seem like the kind of thing that is most likely to happen in an area of planar weakness, though."

Mazrian nods to you.

You say, "A lesson to be noted about turning your back on predators as well, I suppose."

Nefis gazes at Mazrian.

Mazrian says, "It sounds like one is standing on the beach, looking at an obvious threat. Wary. And then something flashy and unexpected happens."

Mazrian says, "Likely something alarming. But the threat is still behind you, and it takes advantage."

You nod.

Tirost nods to Mazilyn.

Mazilyn giggles at Tirost.

Tirost grins at Mazilyn.

Whitney gazes upward.

Kretona rubs a glaes tail knife ensnared in the constricting tentacles of a demonbone kraken.

Nsar says, "Looking towards the island and finding a beast laying in wait.. another warning."

Zharen asks, "What is the anamoly they speak of?"

Nefis asks, "Perhaps worth considering...the person in the vision thought the anomaly more of a threat?"

Kretona takes a sip of his brandy.

Tirost says to Zharen, "What indeed...."

Whitney smirks.

Mazrian dryly says to Nefis, "They apparently got that one wrong."

You say, "Either a threat, or extremely surprising."

Nefis says, "Oh, I imagine all of us can agree that a singular death of one nameless seer is probably less concerning than reality cracking."

Mazrian asks, "To the seer?"

Mazrian raises an eyebrow.

Agalea says, "I mean, if we could prevent reality cracking I would toss all the Seers into a pit."

You say, "Depends on just how big the crack in reality gets, I suppose."

Nefis shrugs.

Zharen asks, "Have there been any discussion on the Construct that the Traders have bargained with? Perhaps it could apply to this Vision?"

Tirost gazes thoughtfully at Agalea.

Meserios says, "It may very well be that we are all the Seer."

You say, "I've not seen much first hand how the Negotiants interact with this plane, but cracks in the air seem possible."

Meserios grins at Xelten.

You say, "There's nothing from the vision itself that makes me particularly jump to singling them out, though."

Zharen says to you, "I have heard of Traders being assassinated by reality bending...sometime. Its very suprising."

Zharen fidgets nervously.

Mazrian says, "As one might imagine."

Xelten quietly says to Hanryu, "The Rangers' plot to pin the guilt on others is still working."

You say, "Yes, they do seem to have some rather strict penalties for violating their contract."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

You say, "The next vision is yet another instance of being told, "You do not have permission."

You say, "I found myself sitting at a table across a man in elegant robes. Cataracts clouded his eyes, and he looked confused, though he continued to hold himself with poise. He intertwined his hands before him, his long, graceful fingers exploring the intricacies of his nails and palm. He cocked his head slightly, raised his face to mine, and smiled wistfully."

Hanryu whispers something to Xelten.

Xelten smirks.

You say, ""I am sorry, I have forgotten my story," he said with a sigh. "I I once knew who I was."

Nefis folds his arms inside the sleeves of his caftan robe, assuming a sanguine expression.

You say, "I began to spin a tale of his past, filling in details as they occurred to me, finding inspiration from my own history, carving a sense of dignity and worth into his journey. He listened, eyes closed, with a smile on his lips."

Zharen glances at Nefis.

You say, "Before I could finish chronicling his life, he opened his eyes, now clear and bright, and said, "You do not have permission."

Mazrian raises an eyebrow.

Ezerak chuckles.

You say, "The first thing that came to my mind after seeing this was the Naming ritual."

Ayrell ponders.

Mazrian asks, "Can you explain the naming ritual, please?"

Zharen paces back and forth.

Ezerak nods at Mazilyn, obviously agreeing with her views.

Ezerak nods at Mazrian, obviously agreeing with his views.

Mazrian flashes a quick grin at Ezerak.

Ezerak coughs.

Mazilyn smiles at Ezerak.

Kretona scratches one ear, looking bemused.

You say, "It's a method of imprinting a name, with a magical pattern, onto something. I don't know all of the details, because it's not widely shared through the guild, and to my understanding not many people are capable of doing it. And even then, the only modern uses of it I'm aware of have been the Naming of Grazhir shards."

Sothios smiles at Whitney.

Tirost frowns thoughtfully, as a twittering bird nears a sleeping storm-grey cat.

Mazrian gazes thoughtfully at you.

Xelten says, "Another interpretation is perhaps the relationship between an Immortal and a soul, though in this case it would seem the individual denied such authority."

You say, "Nera, however, imposed Names on powerful beings from the Plane of Probability, which is something they have long held a grudge over."

Ezerak says to Xelten, "Perhaps, but the 'you do not have permission' makes me think it's related to Moon Mages specifically."

Mazrian asks, "Moon mages would, likely, not care about having permission to do something like that. Fair to say?"

You say, "The ones who are capable of it, perhaps not."

Ezerak says, "It's a recurring theme."

Ezerak chuckles.

Sothios grins at Whitney.

Xelten whispers something to Ezerak.

Mazrian says, "Perhaps Traders would? Their arrangement is more...legalistic."

You say, "This vision is the one that has done the most individually to convince me that the "you do not have permission" is specifically meant for us, that is, moon mages. Although the fact that it keeps occurring pushes that interpretation as well."

Ezerak chuckles.

Ezerak nods to Xelten.

Mazrian nods to you.

Mazilyn asks, "Was that the nly description of the figure?"

Ezerak whispers something to Xelten.

You nod.

Xelten smirks at Ezerak.

You say, "The figure didn't leap out at me as being related to other visions, though I haven't fully cross-referenced everything yet."

Nsar asks, "Were the eyes significant of anything in recent history?"

You say, "Though the figure in the previous 'you do not have permission' vision did also have a robe, but it didn't stand out as particularly matching this one."

Mazilyn asks, "I dunno that one, is it repeatable?"

Mazrian asks, "Did it strike you that the old man knew very well who he was? That he was maybe drawing the response of the man who tried to characterize him?"

Nefis says, "The most concerning aspect to me has always been the force seemingly to interrupt the visions. Moon mages are losing control of their prophetic powers."

Zharen asks, "What if they are infusing the man with memory? Injecting a story into a blank slate?"

You say, "I feel like not, or at least not at first."

Tirost says to Mazrian, "It did seem like the dreamer's storytelling brought the elder clarity and authority."

Mazrian nods to you.

You say to Nefis, "I'm not sure what control you think we had. We can see what is available to be seen in the web of fate."

Nefis says to you, "Yes, but at least the visions in the past were uncompromised."

Nefis asks you, "Does it not concern you?"

Mazrian stands up.

Agalea says, "I do hate to be rude, but I think I left the kettle on."

Agalea stretches her arms.

Mazilyn asks, "What was the other permission vision?"

Agalea says to Whitney, "It was a pleasure to meet you."

With a graceful movement of her hands, Agalea lowers her head and sinks into a formal curtsy before Whitney.

Whitney says to Agalea, "Likewise."

Sothios smiles aga

Sothios laughs!

You say, "I was concerned when Pelag ai Aldam seemed to be forcing his way into visions, but this does not feel the same."

Durso chortles softly at some secret joke.

You say, "It doesn't seem to be a matter of seeing something, and then someone stepping in to block us, saying "you do not have permission". Hearing that seems to be the point, such as it is."

Mazrian smiles at Whitney.

You say, "That's perhaps not the best way to put it, as in general I don't think there is actually a directed will behind the visions we see."

Mazrian cautiously asks, "Are you all engaged in anything that might merit repeated warnings of that nature?"

Meserios casually observes the area.

Sothios smiles at Mazilyn.

Mazilyn smiles at Sothios.

Xelten asks, "Are they ever not?"

Mazilyn laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Ezerak grins at Xelten, his dimples flashing into view.

You say, "Not that I'm aware of, at the moment. The experiments to try to make peaceful contact with beings from the Plane of Probability have tapered off. They certainly received responses, but not promising ones, given the goal."

Durso chuckles.

Ayrell chuckles to herself.

Kretona says, "Pretty sure that is the nature of their guild."

You say, "But that only covers things which are being done openly."

Mazrian dryly says, "They certainly did garner some unequivocal results."

Zharen glances at Nefis.

"Burn him! Burn him!" You hear the cries echo around you as everyone in the vicinity immediately gives Zharen a wide berth!

You say to Mazilyn, "And sorry, the other vision... Well, there have been a number of them. But the most recent..."

Nefis frowns.

Kretona grins at Zharen.

Zharen whispers something to Nefis.

Nefis snickers.

Kretona says to Zharen, "Always upsetting the locals.."

Zharen raises two fingers to his brow in a quick hand salute.

Nefis asks Zharen, "Of course, attract the guards here will you?"

Mazilyn nods to you.

Xelten says, "Oh dear. If the locals have begun to notice the attendees, then it may become rather fiery indeed."

You say, "I found myself walking through a hallway, the walls made of sheets of thin paper soaked in noxious fluid. I found an open room, a sheet of paper mounted to a writing desk. I sat and began to write, telling my story, and after I finished, I hung the paper alongside other stories, and it quickly became soaked in oily liquid."

Zharen begins chortling at Nefis.

You say, ""As if that would have been enough," came a sharp voice behind me, and I whirled around to see a figure obscured by a silvery robe, holding a flint and steel in gloved hands. "Still, an addition."

You say, "To my horror, the figure struck the flint, causing a spray of sparks, the erupting ring of fire roaring as it expanded to engulf everything in sight. Turning to run, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a sheet dissolving into ash, and made out the line, "-OT HAVE PERMISSION Y-" before I could see nothing but smoke and fire. The vision faded."

You ponder.

You say, "Interestingly, that one is also about the seer telling a story."

You stroke your beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Tirost frowns.

Hanryu licks the tip of one finger and traces a pattern in the air, as if painting upon glass.

Tirost folds his arms across his chest.

Nsar says, "Doesnt seem like they're telling their own story, however."

Ezerak chuckles.

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

You say, "For the next two visions, I didn't have interpretations jump quite as easily to mind."

Mazrian nods.

Nsar says, "If you'll excuse the expression, it seems like you're projecting yourselves and your insights where it isnt welcome."

Durso says, "If taken together the visions seem to be saying, something is being sought after that will have a larger impact that intended, and that those doing the seeking either don't have permisson or are beign opposed in the search."

Whitney gazes upward.

Tirost says, "Wait a moment, please Miskton."

You nod.

Xelten asks Tirost, "Are you saying he does not have permission to continue?"

Tirost asks, "In the last vision, the burning paper - did you take that to mean, 'you do not have permission yet?"

Ayrell smirks at Xelten.

You say, "The phrase has been repeated, in some instances."

Tirost flashes a quick grin at Xelten.

You say, "That was what I thought was happening there."

Whitney nods to Mazilyn.

Kretona takes a sip of his brandy.

Mazilyn giggles at Whitney.

Whitney grins at Mazilyn.

Mazilyn winks at Mazrian.

Whitney nods.

Ezerak says, "Hmmm, I was thinking it was repeating over and over, as in one of the other visions."

Tirost nods to you.

You nod to Ezerak.

Sothios grins at Mazilyn.

Xelten says, "A form of punishment for a young shadow creature. Lines of 'You do not have permission' down the page."

Sothios nods to Hanryu.

Mazilyn smiles at Sothios.

Durso grins at Xelten.

You say, "Though, the interaction with the figure in that vision was one of the more forthcoming ones, such as it is. At least, until it set everything on fire."

You say, "Anyway, the next vision..."

You say, "I found myself in a small cage suspended in inky darkness, thick chains securing the metal box extending outward and fading from sight. A single torch hung from the roof of the enclosure, creating a pool of light around a man seated in the center of the cage. The man held his hands a foot apart, and a brilliant starburst of light erupted from the space between his palms. Weaving into a complex torus that twisted and bent, the display shed motes of silver and gold and oscillated along the spectrum, a rainbow shimmering against the abyss. Flinging his arms wide, the man stretched the display, snapping a dozen orbs of knotted light into orbit around his head. With a sigh, the man dropped his hands, and the lights faded, leaving the two of us under the soft flicker of the torch amidst abyssal darkness. The man peered into the depths, and the vision faded."

Mazrian thoughtfully says, "I was talking to Sir Madigan about that one, and an interesting interpretation came up."

You ask, "Oh?"

Whitney raises an eyebrow in Mazrian's direction.

Tirost gazes at Mazrian.

Mazrian says, "The magic looks like a casting of a Paladin's Clarity spell."

You stroke your beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Mazrian says, "Now... most Paladins can't get that many spheres. The best can get six, not twelve."

You say, "Can't say I'm familiar with the appearance of that spell offhand."

Nsar asks, "Wouldnt there likely be thirteen orbs if it was from one of you that follows that Path?"

Mazrian says, "Take my word for it, then, for now."

Mazrian says, "The number of orbs correlates to the skill or accomplishment of the Paladin in some way."

Xelten says, "Or the twelve planets as viewed from Elanthia."

Mazrian says, "There is a Paladin who has been missing for some time. Who was last seen going over the wall."

Mazrian says, "Sir Beren."

Whitney raises an eyebrow.

Whitney nods.

Mazrian says, "Who disappeared many years ago while investigating the disappearance of another Paladin, Sir Oane."

Whitney ponders.

Whitney nods.

You stroke your beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Mazrian says, "Who I understand was something of a controvertial figure among Paladins."

Mazilyn says, "If it's a paladin, they are the thirteenth orb."

Nsar dryly says, "Maybe they need to send more to find Beren then..."

Tirost asks Mazrian, "Perhaps the cage represents Sir Beren's captivity. What mission did Sir Oane undertake?"

You say, "I did have the thought that the magic in the vision had a bit of an appearance of Holy mana to it."

Hanryu grins at Xelten.

Xelten smirks at Hanryu.

Mazrian says, "Sir Oane was convinced that there were some truths about the Paladin's soul that remained buried."

Whitney nods.

Mazrian says, "He was investigating a lead when he was arrested by the Paladin Council."

Whitney nods to Mazilyn.

Mazrian says, "To sit for a trial that never happened."

Whitney hugs Mazilyn, who wraps her arms around Whitney with a warm smile.

Whitney nods to Mazrian.

Whitney nods to Mazilyn.

Mazrian says, "Later, Sir Beren was tasked by Sir Darius, one of their guildleaders, to investigate what happened."

Mazrian says, "And Sir Beren disappeared. His last known whereabouts were south, beyond the wall."

Whitney says, "I've researched this."

The Elf assistant asks, "what would be the context of the rainbow shimmering light? It seems very similar to arcane magic"

Mazrian nods to Whitney.

Hanryu licks the tip of one finger and traces a pattern in the air, as if painting upon glass.

Mazilyn says, "Or shrew."

(Mazilyn gestures at her rainbow orb)

Xelten nods in agreement.

Tirost gazes thoughtfully at Mazilyn.

You say, "The man in the vision seemed to be immediately disappointed on the formation of the orbs. If the number increases with skill, perhaps either he was hoping for more, or for some immediate reaction in his circumstances to casting it."

Mazrian says, "So, the interpretation we came to is that at least one of those worthy Paladins was snatched by someone and put down a deep hole."

Mazrian nods to you.

Whitney nods.

Mazrian says, "Perhaps he was hoping to pierce the darkness around him."

Mazilyn smiles at Tirost.

Mazrian says, "And get some clue about how to escape."

Durso nods.

Hanryu paces back and forth.

Ahneya stands up.

Hanryu shakes your hand.

Hanryu says to you, "Thanks as always, but I must be off."

You say, "Well, thank you for sharing that. This does seem quite plausible."

Hanryu says, "Safe paths everyone."

Hanryu waves.

Mazrian nods.

Xelten nods to Hanryu.

Tirost whispers something to Mazilyn.

Mazrian says, "Sir Madigan could tell it better, I"m sure."

Mazrian smiles.

Sothios stands near Mazilyn.

You say, "Perhaps I can ask him to demonstrate the spell for me."

Mazrian nods in agreement.

Mazilyn smiles at Tirost.

Tirost laughs softly, trying to hide his amusement.

Durso says to Mazrian, "You did a fine job."

Tirost smiles at Mazilyn.

You say, "And then there's one more vision I have to share this evening..."

You say, "A crowded marketplace sprawled before me, brilliantly colored flags stretched across building tops and between stalls. I smelled seasoned meat roasting on spits, wound between piles of spices and nuts, and stopped to listen to two women argue over the best way to roast coffee beans. A small child approached with a mischievous grin, and reaching up to gently tap my hand, the child said, "Heavy."

Mazilyn giggles at Tirost.

You say, "I barely had time to react before slamming into the ground, drawn down by an unfathomably large weight. Blinking in confusion, I found my hand stuck palm down onto the cobblestones, unable to be so much as moved an inch despite my greatest efforts. I began to panic and scream for help, but everyone nearby was pointedly ignoring me and my plight. The child knelt before me and smiled, and the vision faded."

Tirost grins at Mazilyn.

Tirost nods in agreement.

Mazrian chuckles.

You say, "I was unable to get a good feeling for whether the child's smile felt malicious or not."

Meserios nods.

Mazrian dryly says, "Seems like a pickpocket attempt abetted by the Burden spell."

Ezerak chuckles at Mazrian.

Kretona's tail undulates lazily through the air.

You chuckle.

You say, "Though it would certainly be an exceptional casting of it."

Mazrian nods in agreement.

Nsar asks, "Why would the crowd ignore the man if it was just a simple pickpocket?"

You say, "Yes, I got the impression that the crowd was fully aware of what was going on, but chose to ignore it."

Mazrian nods in agreement.

Durso nods in agreement.

Mazrian says, "Fits with most bazaars I've been to."

You say, "Possibly the child's antics were of less interest than coffee bean roasting techniques, but I would guess there's something more there."

Nsar asks, "Co-conspirators or people that have learned to mind themselves and their gaze?"

Tirost says, "There is also the association with the phrase 'heavy handed,' which might bring the vision in line with many of the other visions that seem to be warnings."

You say, "The heavy handed association does seem plausible, although in that case I'd expect to have taken a bit more action of some sort first."

Meserios says, "Or just general gravitas. Gravity. Keeping us heavy and tied down to this plane, if it is at all related to a naming Ritual interpretation."

You say, "That is a point. The child called my hand heavy, and it became heavy."

Mazrian quietly asks, "Would you all excuse me?"

You nod to Mazrian.

Mazrian nods.

Nsar says, "Having walked through a crowd or two in my day that seemed to be doing everything in its power to keep tabs on me without actually watching what I was doing... I think that crowd was well aware of what that child was doing and was doing their best not to be the next victim."

Durso nods at Nsar, obviously agreeing with his views.

You say, "That is definitely a reason why people would ignore that type of thing. Not wanting to attract attention."

Durso says, "The child could be repeating an action they have seen before."

You ask, "And with that, I've covered all the visions I had to discuss this evening. Does anybody have any further thoughts to add, or questions?"

Ayrell shakes her head.

Constantia ponders.

Tirost says to you, "They were very interesting, though more foreboding than I remember."

Nsar says, "I'm curious about the vision you had that ended with fire and smoke.."

Tirost smiles at you.

Nsar asks, "Wasnt it just the observer that was writing at the desk?"

You say, "There has been fire associated with the "you do not have permission" phrase before, as well. I believe one of the first times it was seen was in a charred book, in a burnt building."

You say, "Yes, my perspective was of sitting down at the desk and writing my story there."

Nsar asks, "So then the observer was the author of the '-OT HAVE PERMISSION Y-' sheet? Was that just a portion of their own story?"

You say, "Well, all the walls were covered in sheets of paper."

Ayrell nods to Tirost.

Tirost nods to Ayrell.

You say, "But those who wrote them were probably people similar to the one I was observing things as."

Ayrell nods to Tirost.

You say, "If not the same person, in some sort of loop."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

You say, "Oh, hmm, yes, I'd forgotten some of the details of this, with all the other ones that followed."

Nsar says, "Interesting that the story the observer wrote was the one that caused the destruction.."

You say, "Well, the destruction was sparked, as it were, by the other figure. Whether because of the particular story, or because it added to the others reached some threshhold... I can't say."

Tirost quietly says, "I should be on my way."

Tirost says to you, "Farewell, and thank you for sharing the visions."

You nod politely to Tirost.

Tunstall bows.

Tunstall waves.

Tunstall says, "And I as well."

Tirost smiles.

Tirost bows.

Ayrell nods politely to Tirost.

Tirost warmly says to Ayrell, "Take care."

Ayrell ponders.

"Burn him! Burn him!" You hear the cries echo around you as everyone in the vicinity immediately gives Nsar a wide berth!

Constantia glances at Nsar.

Nsar coughs.

Ayrell glances at Nsar.

Nsar says, "I suppose thats my cue as well."

Nsar mumbles something under his breath.

Nsar stands up.

You say, "Hmm... Actually, looking through my notes, there was another vision of a child with unusual powers around the time we started seeing the "you do not have permission" visions, though I wouldn't think they're directly related."

Nsar says, "I appreciate your time and your blades staying put."

Nsar nods.

You nod politely.

Constantia says, "Hm..."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

You say, "I saw a small crowd gathered before me, laughing and cheering. At the center of the gathering sat a small child who was hunched over a stack of exquisitely patterned origami paper, and I watched as his tiny hands moved with rapid, exacting precision, creating exquisitely detailed animals and oddities in rapid succession. As the child finished each creation and placed it on the ground, they began to move and play, acting out dramatic sequences, some humorous, some deadly. A lion devoured a tornado. A nested pinwheel sliced a soldier to tatteres, and an apple tree dropped tiny fruits for bounding rams."

You say, "The child looked at me with a coy smile and asked, "Any requests?" The vision faded."

Ezerak ponders.

Ezerak says, "It has the crowd in common, as well."

Ayrell nods in agreement.

You say, "I don't think I recall anything happening since that seemed to explain that one."

Durso says, "And the fact that the child addressed the seer directly."

Meserios says, "The dramatic scenes are all quite... aggressive."

You say, "Something to think on, if a similar vision with a child appears in the future."

You ponder.

Ezerak nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

You ask, "Anyway, does anyone else have something to share or ask?"

Constantia shakes her head.

You say, "Then I think we can call the meeting there. Thank you all for coming."

You smile.

You carefully mark your place and close your astronomer's journal, securing the clasp.