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The Inverted Crucible are alchemists who utilize the wide-ranging compounds found in the ocean’s depths to unlimited purpose, from making medicines, cosmetics, untearable fabrics, stunning dyes, and purified metals. Their name comes from the approach to performing air requiring chemical reactions: a large dome is inverted and filled with air, and within the dry space, the work can begin. Accordingly, one of the first lessons an initiate must master is control of the Air Bubble spell. This group may feature strong Elemental magic users who excel at Fire and Air spells. They are blacksmiths, weavers, and engineers and they value handcrafts.

Zaenen scratches his chin before speaking. "A problem in all things and a solution to all problems. This is the Inverted Crucible, the ingenuity of the Merelew using of the sea and our mind to solve all problems. The sea is full of material to be purified, baked in fire, distilled in steam and transformed in acid. Merelew sick? Medicine to be purified. Merelew fight to protect Andreshlew? Metal to be smelted. We are craftsfolk, weavers, smiths, alchemists and engineers. We look forward to learning your solutions."

Faction Movement

Earned by raising your ecosphere at the Seat of Unification once you reach a certain level of standing and defeat a Drogor avatar.

First Person You (move type) (direction), a seething foam growing from your footsteps. Vivid azure and orange bubbles hiss, crackle, and pop in rapid sequence as you move.
Third Person Leaving Player (move type)s (direction), a seething foam growing from (his/her) footsteps. Vivid azure and orange bubbles hiss, crackle, and pop in rapid sequence as (he/she) leaves.
Third Person Entering Player just arrived, a bluish orange foam boiling beneath (his/her) feet.

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