Guildfest 438/Glaes Spatula Cooking Competition

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This contest is hosted by chefs Sestiva and Soovie.

Prize Place Prime Winner Plat Winner
slender glaes spatula embellished with gold filigree inlay 1st Place Aislynn Imrimid
slender glaes spatula embellished with silver filigree inlay 2nd Place Miskton Uzmam
slender glaes spatula embellished with bronze filigree inlay 3rd Place Ailunae & Hoshii (Tie)

[Fairegrounds Meadow]
The fragrance of freshly mown hay is prevalent as the deep green grass of the clearing gives way to the fields where the faire is set up and in full swing.
You also see a banner-strung oak table sheltered with an attached umbrella with several things on it, an umber tent draped with mammoth hides, a large cake-shaped tent with pink canvas awnings and a hemp sack tied to the end of a barbed spear.
Obvious paths: east, northwest.


On the oak table
Item Price Done
steamer basket full of crimson soup dumplings stuffed with spicy duck and carrot puree - Aislynn (1st place) 0   
large platter full of golden brown griddle-fried dumplings stuffed with shrimp and aromatics - Miskton (2nd place) 0   
large platter stacked with crispy fried potato skins generously stuffed with spiced vegetables - Hoshii (3rd place) 0   
teetering pile of crispy flatbread sprinkled with spices and feta cheese - Ailunae (3rd place) 0   
platter of seared prereni fillets atop a salad of pickled lotus root and Ilithic apple - Zepentaria 0   
tall regal stand of dark Rissan chocolate cupcakes lavishly swirled with hazelnut ganache - Kaedan 0   
decadent dark chocolate and bourbon caramel tart sprinkled with flaky sea salt - Abundantia 0   
glossy mound of peppery greens on sourdough toast with a poached egg topping - Rileos 0   
large platter of deep-fried minced shrimp bundles loosely wrapped with crisp lettuce leaves - Korya 0   
freshly smoked Theren's Best ham - Tweedum 0   
tuna rolls topped with brown butter-toasted bread crumbs - Vincenza 0   



Had to include venison, coffee, and taffleberries.

Main Course

Had to include boobrie (cut determined by cook), a herb-infused cheese, and cabbage.


Had to include kumquat, pistachio, and rum.

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