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Event Name: Vision Meeting
Event Instance: Prime
Real Date: 2024-01-13
Game Date of Event: 447-10-10
Point of View: Miskton
You say, "Okay! I think we can get started. Thank you all for joining me here this evening."

Mazrian nods to Betlind.

Aislynn makes a chirring noise in Mazrian's direction.

Akeiro nods at Raikage, obviously agreeing with his views.

Betlind beams at Mazrian!

Jaelia grins at Mazrian.

Betlind bows to Mazrian.

Xionara waves to Ayrell.

Mazrian says to Yallen, "I'm so sorry, child. You are very brave."

Elurora snaps to attention and hails Ayrell with a crisp hand salute.

Tirost smiles at Ayrell.

You say, "There are a number of visions to go over tonight, and several of them seem to relate to the movements of the Nascent Unknown."

Xionara perks her ears up happily as she gazes at Ayrell.

Xionara's tail undulates lazily through the air.

Ayrell waves to Xionara.

Ezerak doffs his top hat.

Elurora gives Ezerak a slight curtsy, barely more than a quick bob.

Ayrell smiles at Tirost.

Tirost bows.

Ayrell smiles at Xionara.

Ezerak waves to Elurora.

Jaelia hugs Ayrell, getting a smile in return.

Xionara waves to Ezerak.

Mazrian shakes Tirost's hand.

Jaelia smiles at Ezerak.

Ayrell curtsies gracefully.

Ezerak waves to Xionara.

Ayrell hugs Jaelia, who wraps her arms around Ayrell with a warm smile.

Elurora grins at Ezerak.

Karthor strokes his beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Raikage chuckles at Yallen.

Kethrai closes his eyes for a moment and grows still.

Ezerak hugs Jaelia, who wraps her arms around Ezerak with a warm smile.

Xionara perks her ears up happily as she gazes at Ezerak.

Xionara's tail undulates lazily through the air.

Karthor waves to Mazrian.

Tirost smiles at Mazrian.

Jaelia hugs Ezerak, getting a smile in return.

Jaelia grins.

Ayrell smiles at Elurora.

Mazrian waves to Karthor.

Coethi takes a seat.

Jaelia gasps at Coethi!

Mendira smiles at you.

Kethrai closes his eyes and takes on a look of supreme focus.

Zalinyar grins at Huebald, her dimples flashing into view.

You say, "I imagine we may have a fair bit of talking to do about those, so I think I'll start with the ones that don't seem to have a clear relationship to it."

Xionara waves to Coethi.

Jaelia beams at Coethi!

Xionara just hugged Coethi.

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Akeiro takes a sip of his brandy.

Ryeka grins, revealing her dimples.

Coethi waves.

Ayrell smiles at Huebald.

Tirost waves to Ryeka.

Ryeka raises her hand in a quick salute.

Huebald hums happily to himself.

Ears tilted forward, Selame curls her tail around Akeiro's ankles loosely.

Xionara waves to Ryeka.

Mazrian smiles at Ryeka.

Akeiro takes a seat near Selame.

Ryeka says, "I hope I'm not late."

Ryeka winks.

Jaelia beams at Ryeka!

Mazrian says to Ryeka, "Well. As I live and breathe."

Ryeka hugs Mazrian, getting a smile in return.

Jaelia says to Ryeka, "Fashionably on time."

Akeiro takes a sip of his brandy.

Ryeka grins, revealing her dimples.

You say, "The first one I'll go over appears to be another continuation of the series in which the seer finds themselves with a dear friend who dies on a battlefield."

Ryeka lets out a hearty cheer for Jaelia!

Akeiro grins at Yallen.

Raikage says, "Heubald, you did well early defending against the Rebels. I didn't get a chance to say that in all the carnage but well done."

You say, "Exhaustion bludgeoned me suddenly, and I staggered, but did not fall. The shroud-wrapped corpse of my dead friend pressed down across my shoulders. I walked, one foot in front of the other, sinking into the mud, and the landscape slowly changed. Trees gave way to scrub, grass gave way to desert. I walked, one foot in front of the other, back aching and shoulders tiring. The sun touched the horizon and stained the land orange as the stars emerged."

Raikage nods.

You say, ""Could be worse, you know," the voice of my friend said. "Could be you that died. Not sure I'd be able to carry you all this way."

You say, ""Could be worse, you know," the voice of my friend said. "Could be you that died. Not sure I'd be able to carry you all this way."

Ryeka smiles at you, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Akeiro nods to Raikage.

Huebald nods to Raikage.

Xionara waves to Mendira.

You say, ""Shut up. You're dead," I replied. "The dead don't speak."

Yallen winks at Selame.

Xionara perks her ears up happily as she gazes at Mendira.

Xionara's tail undulates lazily through the air.

Yallen takes a bite of the sandwich.

Ezerak nods politely to Raikage.

You say, ""Let it end with us," the voice pleaded. "There's nothing left."

Raikage nods politely to Ezerak.

Xionara waves to Lileath.

Elurora gazes thoughtfully at you.

Tirost raises his tankard, drinking deeply from the Dwarven ale inside.

You say, ""I... I can't. I won't."

Yallen giggles.

Jaelia beams at Lileath!

You say, "I continued walking, the dust swirling around my feet, and the night deepened, the stars burning above. The vision faded."

Karthor strokes his beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Lileath waves to Jaelia.

Mendira gazes at you.

Kethrai ponders.

Mazrian blinks.

You say, "Could be insanity, could be a ghost, could be symbolic."

You grin wryly.

Ryeka nods to you.

Xionara looks thoughtfully at you.

Yallen smiles and tries to clean up the mess with the marshmallow and peanut butter in Raikage's hair but alas, it is too far gone. The tangles roped into hearty knots and nearly cemented with the marshmallow goo.

Tirost says to you, "You have seen these two before, I think. There is something they have been doing which the dead friend suggests should end."

Yallen takes a bite of the sandwich.

Xionara waves to Anuril.

Anuril nods to Xionara.

You say, "For all of this to be something that has enough of an impact to show up in visions, it feels like the person in the vision may be planning some sort of revenge, which could be large in scale."

Xionara's ears perk up happily.

Xionara's tail undulates lazily through the air.

Jaelia pets a plump pumpkin-hued kitten.

Jaelia winces slightly as the pumpkin-hued kitten chews a bit on her arm.

Jaelia pets a plump pumpkin-hued kitten.

Suddenly, the pumpkin-hued kitten leaps out of Jaelia's reach! While in flight, it changes directions completely several times, but still lands on its feet. It runs around wildly, darting crazily from spot to spot, pouncing on nonexistent spiders and batting invisible balls of yarn so fast that its paws blur. Then, as quickly as it began, it flops back down near Jaelia and begins to serenely lick one paw as if nothing had ever happened.

Jaelia nods to a plump pumpkin-hued kitten.

Akeiro takes a sip of his brandy.

Selame leans back against Akeiro with a loving smile.

Huebald says, "Didn't they mention they wanted somethin' in the first one? I mean, obviously things didn't go to plan either way, but I do wonder what that was about."

Ryeka pets a plump pumpkin-hued kitten.

The pumpkin-hued kitten suddenly butts up close to her, purring and rubbing against her legs.

Akeiro takes a bite of the fritter.

Tirost says, "It seems to continue the theme of perserverence in the face of haunting loss."

You say, "The battle itself may have been an outcome they didn't want, in that case."

Yallen takes a bite of the sandwich.

Yallen gives a marshmallow sandwich stuffed with dark chocolate and peanut butter a slow smile and makes a long, slow contented sound in the back of her throat.

Karthor nods.

Huebald nods.

Xionara angles her ears forward in curiosity.

You say, "There were apparently no interruptions, and nobody to help, so there may have been only the single survivor."

Xionara gets an odd expression on her face.

Akeiro nods at Selame, obviously agreeing with her views.

Akeiro gazes at Raikage.

Selame squints at Raikage.

Selame nods in agreement.

Kethrai asks, "The shroud in this vision seems... significant, maybe?"

Akeiro nods to Raikage.

Kethrai says, "Rakash and Prydaen traditions involve shrouds for the dead. They're notable for that."

Raikage chuckles at Akeiro.

Selame nods to Kethrai.

Selame nods at Akeiro, obviously agreeing with his views.

Yallen nods to Raikage.

You say, "True, though if one had to carry a corpse for a long distance, I think anyone might want to wrap it in something. It could be a clue, however."

Elurora takes a sip of her milk.

Jaelia takes a sip of her tea.

Yallen nods in agreement.

Huebald ponders.

Selame laughs at Yallen.

Yallen takes a bite of the sandwich.

Karthor closes his eyes for a moment and grows still.

You say, "But at a high level, it appears to have been a battle which the friend wishes didn't have to happen, in which all but one participant were wiped out... and that survivor is apparently not satisified with that damage to the other side, because of the death of their friend."

Zalinyar says, "I'm still wonderin why the dude didn't drop the friend and say use your favors pal, you're heavy."

Mazrian chuckles at Zalinyar.

Zalinyar grins at Mazrian, her dimples flashing into view.

Ryeka asks, "If he was favorless?"

Karthor says, "They do seem like they could be adventurers, whatwith the quip about dead people not talkin'. I've literally heard that'un before."

Akeiro nods to Yallen.

Karthor chuckles.

Elurora rubs her nose.

You say, "Favorless, or they represent something more than just individual people, perhaps."

Yallen nods to Akeiro.

Mazrian nods to you.

Zalinyar says, "Then I guess he'd drag the buddy to a safer spot to depart so he could dig a grave."

Selame laughs at Akeiro.

Ryeka nods.

Jaelia says, "They lost everything, and cannot stand to leave the body of their dead friend behind, if thought hey are already gone, I don't know that they had anything left in that battle with the reference of we both should have died and ended it."

Jaelia says, "Or that they could join together in death and end it."

Zalinyar says, "Or he's taking him to a necromancer."

Jaelia says, "The burning stars and fading twilight at the end are very haunting too, like they would burn the stars and celestial skies into the nightfall of everything."

Aislynn quietly says, "I do rather wonder if the dead was asking not to come back. If the entire vision is referring to another period when death is more... permanent."

Akeiro nods at Selame, obviously agreeing with her views.

Tirost scratches his storm-grey cat.

Imroth waves.

Xionara waves to Imroth.

You say, "We'll stay on a bit of a grim note as we move on to the next vision..."

Huebald waves to Imroth.

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Yallen nods to Selame.

Jaelia nods.

Selame nods at Yallen, obviously agreeing with her views.

Xionara gazes at you.

Yallen closes her eyes for a moment and grows still.

You say, "A calm forest brook flowed around stones and fallen logs, the air filled with the sound of birds and crickets chirping. Fireflies lazily drifted along the waters and brush, gathering en masse as they flickered in sequence, creating beautiful surges of yellow-green luminescence. Gradually, the fireflies drifted closer and closer together, forming a cluster of light that grew brighter and brighter, holding its shape before me as the insects struggled to fly in such a tight formation. The orb of flying fireflies grew brighter and brighter, and suddenly, it went dark. As my eyes adjusted once again to the darkness of the forest brook, I saw a large clump of dead fireflies drifting downstream, and the vision faded."

Xionara brushes one ear with her hand, grooming it absentmindedly.

Ryeka frowns.

Huebald frowns.

Selame gasps at you!

Karthor scratches his head.

Aislynn's tail gives a quick lash at the air, and then she grows intensely still.

Tirost frowns.

Elurora chews on her lip, looking deep in concentration.

Mazrian rubs his neck.

Mendira quietly says, "Awww."

Kethrai ponders.

You say, "As a rough guess, many people working together for some large work... at very great cost."

Xionara frowns.

Yallen giggles.

Imroth nods.

Elurora takes a sip of her milk.

Betlind ponders.

Betlind nods at Elurora, obviously agreeing with her views.

Ryeka takes a bite of the sandwich.

You say, "Certainly a focus on nature in the vision, as well."

Elurora grins at Betlind.

Tirost nods to you.

Selame ponders.

Mazrian asks, "Don't fireflies flash to attract mates?"

Imroth says, "No hint to why they gathered like that."

Yallen gets some roasted new potatoes from inside her canvas tote.

Yallen takes a bite of the potatoes.

Raikage says, "When I flash to attract mates I get arrested."

Xionara raises an eyebrow in Raikage's direction.

Yallen laughs at Raikage.

Aislynn snorts at Raikage.

Huebald says, "Flickerin' in sequence? Custodians do that, aye? But no copper at the start of this one."

Navesi looks at Raikage and sighs.

Kethrai clears his throat.

Mazrian asks Raikage, "Have you tried glowing?"

Zalinyar chuckles at Raikage.

Ryeka says, "There is a spot where the marauders roam near Therenborough with a bunch of fireflies that seem trapped."

Ryeka shrugs.

Yallen says to Raikage, "Donnas shohs dems yas nees."

Yallen shakes her head at Raikage.

Raikage says, "I haven't mastered glowing yet."

You ponder.

Yallen takes a bite of the potatoes.

Yallen gasps!

Yallen gazes down at her hands.

Xionara looks thoughtfully at Ryeka.

Tirost glances at Ryeka.

Navesi takes a bite of the sandwich.

Xionara softly says, "Hrm."

You say to Huebald, "They seemed to be focused on getting the intensity of the light as great as possible, rather than a specific sequence."

Ryeka ponders.

Huebald ponders.

Tirost says to you, "Or they're being used by some other force."

You nod to Tirost.

Mazrian thoughtfully says, "Perhaps it's a metaphor for us, as sentient beings."

Ryeka nods to Mazrian.

Tirost glances at Mazrian.

Coethi quietly says, "Maybe they're trying to collectively signal for help, and nobody saw."

Yallen asks, "Da huhs?"

Yallen scratches her head.

Ryeka takes a bite of the sandwich.

Ryeka licks her lips.

Zalinyar says, "THeir fire got too hot and they burned each other to death maybe."

You say, "The candle that burns twice as bright, burns half as long, and all that."

Selame says, "Or maybe it was a warning of some kind, of what could happen if gathered in such a tight space."

Imroth says, "I don't think fireflies burn like that."

Jaelia says, "I am far too focused on stars. I saw a bunch of lights or stars clustering together, burning bright, then fading or falling."

Yallen gazes at Selame.

Yallen shivers.

Selame leans over and scratches Yallen's back.

Zalinyar nods to Jaelia.

Yallen sniffles.

Yallen nods to Raikage.

Selame nods to Raikage.

You say to Jaelia, "I could see fireflies representing stars, but I'm not sure what would lead to them clustering together."

Akeiro laughs happily.

Yallen offers Raikage a glass of mocha milkshake.

Raikage takes a sip of his milkshake.

Yallen offers Raikage a bowl of overly salted pretzels.

Raikage takes a bite of the pretzels.

Imroth says, "Maybe clustered together protectively."

Yallen offers Selame a tiny spun sugar fae.

Jaelia says to you, "Unknowns, constellations, celstial storms, meteors, anything light and celestial related, not always literally stars."

Imroth says, "Didn't seem to work out if that is the case."

Selame nods to Imroth.

Xionara shakes her head.

Kethrai says, "Bees sometimes cluster offensively. Place themselves around an intruder and beat their wings to generate heat and cook it to death."

Imroth nods to Kethrai.

Kethrai says, "Usually kills the bees too..."

Selame says, "Cluster too close together anything is bound to burn themselves out and fall to dust."

Selame takes a bite of the cookie.

Imroth says, "The ol' burning ball of bees."

Yallen nods to Selame.

Jaelia nods to Selame.

Selame takes a bite of the cookie.

A plump pumpkin-hued kitten sneaks up behind a tan bear and whaps at it with its paw!

Xionara mutters something into the air about emergence theory.

Akeiro grins at Imroth.

Selame gazes at a plump pumpkin-hued kitten.

Akeiro takes a sip of his brandy.

Imroth shrugs.

You say, "And having talked about those... I now have three visions that all seem to be related to the Nascent Unknown."

Imroth says, "Poor fireflies in any case."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Elurora cocks her head at you.

Tirost glances at Navesi.

Navesi raises an eyebrow in Tirost's direction.

Raikage takes a bite of the pretzels.

You say, "I think... let's start with the one that is perhaps the most dramatic, and gives some of the bigger clues about what we can perhaps expect."

You say, "Including a location."

Ruea smiles.

You say, "I was falling, the cold air tearing across my face as a distant Elanthia loomed. I could make out several distant landmarks - the Segoltha Bay, distant islands, the forests of Leth Deriel. As I oriented myself, I realized I was falling directly above the eastern span of the Dragonspine Mountain range. Several lances of blue light flashed past me, hurtling downward. Exploding with violent light and fire moments after they flickered across the landscape, the staccato impacts reached me several seconds later. Several more lances of light flickered around me, focusing into a large spike of blue crystal, crackling as it hardened and lengthened into a jagged point."

Karthor adjusts the fit of his spectacles.

Ruea leans on Ayrell.

You say, "Carefully, I telekinetically nudged my body closer to the otherworldly object, and bracing myself, I struck it with a sharp blow. The crystal chipped but quickly healed and reformed. The ground raced towards me, and the vision faded."

Mazrian blinks.

Ryeka blinks.

Yallen scratches her head.

You say, "And I suppose we might as well talk about them all at once, since they seem to relate to one another."

Betlind ponders.

Karthor acts puzzled.

Tirost lets out a long, contemplative breath.

Yallen crosses her eyes.

You say, "The next one possibly gives a clue for further narrowing down the location to look at."

You say, "A pair of scuttlers appeared before me, scrutinizing me momentarily. They turned and began carving the ground into an intricate series of curves and swirls, filling the pattern with glowing crystal. A pulsating dark blue light exploded across the sky, and the scuttlers began working faster. As they continued to carve the ground, a dark blue rippling gate was revealed beneath them, which they stepped atop its rippling surface as if it was solid. Peeking over the edge of the gate, I saw a view of a sweeping field of stars, slowly rotating, and recognized Merewalda and Morleena before the view began to fill with the curve of Elanthia. As the view continued to rotate, the scuttlers appeared to look directly overhead. Suddenly, the view within the gate snapped to perfect stillness, and I watched for several long moments as clouds slowly drifted across the planet and overhead. The view began to blur with pulsating dark blue light, and the vision faded."

Mazrian says, "Hm."

You say, "And then the third vision seems to take place at the same time as the first, but from a different perspective, and showing a different activity."

Ryeka ponders.

You say, "Water splashed over my face, and I struggled to stay afloat in stormy seas. Waves crashed overhead, and the wind howled, tearing at the water in a furious gale. Sliding along swells and surges, I lost all sense of direction and became submerged for longer and longer periods of time, unable to reach the surface, unable to breathe. Everything was silent beneath the waves, the inky blackness of the depths wavering under spears of light that did nothing to illuminate beyond the storm-torn surface."

You say, "A coil of steelsilk snagged my upthrust arm, looping around my wrist and tightening almost painfully, yanking me upward. I cleared the surface, coughing, and was pulled higher, dangling above the ocean surface, swinging madly in the storm. I looked around to find nothing but endless sea and storm. Following the line of the rope, I saw that it extended far into the clouds, disappearing into a swirl of pulsating dark blue light. The vision faded."

Yallen grins at Akeiro.

Yallen closes her eyes for a moment and grows still.

Selame leans back against Akeiro with a loving smile.

Elurora ponders.

You say, "So... it seems the Nascent Unknown will be raining down destructive light in the vicinity of Leth, some of which forms a large rystal spire, possibly near the Frozen Heavens. And possibly involving some direction from the crystalline scuttlers in the area."

Tirost gives a slight nod.

Ryeka ponders.

Xionara twitches an ear nervously.

Huebald asks, "Has it changed any at all since the last time we were here?"

Xionara frowns.

You say, "And at the same time, there is something solid enough up there to lower a steelsilk coil to grab someone and pull them into the sky."

Karthor scratches his head.

Jaelia asks, "Otherion was talking about that in the Emapth Guild Courtyard in Crossings the last week or so, gazing at the stars and meditating and drinking tea, talked about that, then said if Beings of Light attack, they must be uncursed. When you finish this, what does he mean by any of that?"

You say, "I've not had a chance to explore the Frozen Heavens, though I intend to go up there. Though some of the scuttlers are extremely dangerous for anyone who can't rapidly heal themselves."

Yallen grins at Akeiro.

Selame leans over and scratches Akeiro's back.

Imroth says, "Pulling people up to whatever-it-is is somehow more frightening than it raining down destruction."

Ruea adjusts her whisperlayne gown into place.

Navesi asks, "Did the zenzics require uncursing?"

Jaelia says to Navesi, "I have no idea what those are - I apologize, its why I asked."

You say, "Yes, maddened zenzics could be somewhat calmed down by uncursing them."

Navesi says, "One of the mathematical concept beings from the Plane of Probability."

Mazrian nods to Navesi.

Ryeka ponders.

Yallen mutters something into the air about mehbees das pataytoes cans savs alls dems.

Akeiro nods to Yallen.

Tirost thoughtfully says, "Something other than the scuttlers pulled the visionary from the water. Steelsilk seems very different from the crystals of the scuttlers and the falling beams of light."

Akeiro pats Yallen on the back.

Akeiro takes a bite of the fritter.

Yallen beams at Akeiro!

Zalinyar says, "Merwalda is the 8th planet, blue and icy, where the other one is the 10th and orange."

Kethrai says to Tirost, "True, but the subject of the vision seemed to be pulled toward the Unknown by it."

You say, "I suppose it could be someone up there in an airship at the same time, hidden by the clouds and the light..."

Zalinyar says, "Also associated with Elunid, and water."

Imroth asks, "Forgive my ignorance, what is Merewalda and Morleena?"

Kethrai says, "Planets."

Akeiro quietly says, "/quiet Planets."

Tirost says to Kethrai, "If that was the pulsating dark blue light in the clouds."

Ryeka asks, "Airship maybe running cloaked?"

Akeiro says, "Doubt you'd notice a planet in the clouds."

Ryeka nods in agreement.

Akeiro says, "Can't barely discern them from stars but for their moving."

You say, "The view the scuttlers were presenting seemed like it might have been the view from the Unknown itself. Looking away from Elanthia at first and seeing other planets, then pivoting around to point toward us."

Yallen frowns.

Kethrai nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

Tirost says to you, "And the scuttlers began to work faster when the noticed the dark blue light in the sky."

Akeiro says, "Those are some nasty buggers to be in a hurry about anything."

Akeiro shudders.

Akeiro takes a sip of his brandy.

Jaelia gets a spiritwood-bound journal of pure white from inside her silk backpack.

You say, "That seems to give them some relation to it, which would seem to indicate that it has something to do with beings from the Plane of Probability, but that does not explain why the Nascent Unknown had to move such a long distance to reach us."

Selame nods at Akeiro, obviously agreeing with his views.

Tirost nods to Akeiro.

Jaelia turns the page of her spiritwood journal.

Jaelia gets a nightingale feather quill set with a tiny star-shaped sapphire from inside her silk backpack.

Tirost nods to you.

Imroth says, "Those are just some nasty buggers."

You say, "I had previously mentioned the possibility that either there's some far off location where it was easier to move something large to this plane, or perhaps it needed time to prepare and they didn't want it to be noticed until they were ready to start moving into position."

You say, "Or, of course, it IS something that has an origin on this plane, but of use to whoever is moving it around."

Tirost asks, "Do we know how the scuttlers that are hear already came to be here?"

Selame scratches behind her ears vigorously.

Karthor asks Tirost, "They scuttled?"

Selame takes a bite of the cookie.

Karthor ducks his head.

Kethrai says, "The crystal spikes it was launching toward the ground sure sounded like the same Crystal Darts the scuttlers use."

Tirost chuckles at Karthor.

Imroth chuckles at Karthor.

Ryeka grins at Karthor, her dimples flashing into view.

Coethi angles his ears forward in curiosity.

Elurora takes a sip of her milk.

Kethrai says, "If bigger."

Urbaj says, "The crystals in the vision seem most similar to Trabe crystals, based on the color and their capacity for being repaired. Crystal Darts are Crauyarin."

Imroth says, "Crystal artillery."

Urbaj says, "We usually use Trabe for defense - like in the Regalia or Trabe Chalice spells, or the Moon Mages' spire in Hibarnhvidar. But with enough velocity anything can be a weapon."

You say, "They seem to have something to do with conceptual life from the Plane of Probability, which would explain their material, but I don't believe the exact origin is known."

Huebald nods to Urbaj.

Tirost quietly asks Mazrian, "Fought against scuttlers before?"

Mazrian shakes his head.

You say, "If the light raining down is what formed the crystal, I suppose it continuing could also contribute to the crystal healing. But yes, it may just be something to do with the nature of the crystal itself."

Akeiro says, "They're fun to empower with eggs for your friends."

Mazrian says to Tirost, "Not yet. Sounds like a trip to take."

Akeiro nods.

Akeiro takes a sip of his tea.

Tirost nods to Mazrian.

Mazrian flashes a quick grin at Akeiro.

Akeiro quietly says, "Kali gets really happy when I do that to her."

Akeiro winks at Mazrian.

Akeiro takes a sip of his tea.

Selame begins chortling at Akeiro.

Mazrian chuckles at Akeiro.

Tirost says to Mazrian, "Very dangerous. Nearly died many times when the came to Shard before these two showed up."

You say, "Crauyarin scuttlers can make themselves nasty, but can be dealt with. Avtalia scuttlers have an attack which can shred through defenses."

Imroth says, "Maybe there is a price for trader magic that someone or something is coming to collect."

Betlind waves.

Tirost laughs softly, trying to hide his amusement.

Aislynn nods to Imroth.

Mazrian says to Tirost, "Now I'm planning a training expedition."

Mazrian chuckles.

Tirost grins at Mazrian.

Xionara nods.

You say, "They are definitely themselves constructs, not extraplanar life. But may have been created by something not from this plane."

Tirost gazes thoughtfully at you.

You say, "Clearly the Negotiants are well versed in crystal manipulation, and other beings may be as well."

Imroth nods.

You say, "So, I may personally have some issues exploring the areas where the avtalia scuttlers roam, but I do intend to check the rest of the mountain in that area, to see if there is something already unusual in place."

Yallen licks her sticky fingers.

Yallen takes a bite of the cookie.

Akeiro takes a bite of the cookie.

Xionara whispers something to Numinor.

Akeiro makes a grunting noise.

Akeiro takes a bite of the cookie.

Huebald ponders.

Akeiro takes a sip of his tea.

Karthor says, "I'd be willin' to accompany ya sometime if ya like. Been meanin' to see how tryin' to keep someone else healthy there goes anyway."

Numinor whispers something to Xionara.

Selame rubs Akeiro gently, massaging his muscles.

Karthor looks at you and shrugs.

Tirost says to you, "Happy to join you, should you wish company."

Xionara nods at Numinor, obviously agreeing with her views.

Mazrian nods at Karthor, obviously agreeing with his views.

Elurora says to you, "Two Plaadins and an Empath would probably make it as safe as one could."

Mazrian nods to you.

Elurora takes a sip of her milk.

Imroth nods.

You say, "And if you do see the Nascent Unknown suddenly start to fire down on us... well, people will hopefully know where to likely look, now."

Akeiro takes a bite of the cookie.

Imroth says, "I can be a shield if you need as well."

Briaen nods at Elurora, obviously agreeing with her views.

Akeiro takes a bite of the cookie.

Yallen nods to Akeiro.

Akeiro asks Imroth, "Anytime?"

Akeiro angles his ears forward, gazing curiously at Imroth.

You say, "Or where to stay away from, depending on your perspective."

Yallen takes a bite of the cookie.

Imroth says to Akeiro, "Anytime."

Navesi nods to you.

Akeiro's face lights up with joy for Selame.

Yallen nods to Raikage.

Selame grins at Akeiro.

Akeiro grins wickedly at Selame.

Zalinyar ponders.

You say, "Yes, if some experienced defenders and healers are interested, an expedition to the more dangerous areas might be in order."

Mazrian raises his hand in a quick salute.

Kethrai nods to you.

Betlind smiles, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Ruea smiles.

Elurora says to you, "I'd be willing to offer my shield for such an effort."

Elurora smiles at you.

Ruea waves.

Ryeka says, "I am a more skilled fighter than I used to be- but I'm not so sure I should try to take skuttlers."

Karthor says, "I've a feelin' a small team might be best, lest ya stir up dozens o' the things and make it tough to actually find anythin'."

Urbaj says, "In addition to seeing if there's anything particularly unusual out there, documenting and publicizing strategies for dealing with them would be helpful."

Zalinyar asks, "I read a tale once from an old tome in some musty library, about a hidden cave where one of the guardians is said to sleep. Would it be worth trying to find and wake the guardian since his home will be being threatened?"

You say, "I think the avtalia scuttlers might not even need their defense piercing attack to be a real threat to me. Though, at least a moonblade can protect someone from the Crystal Dart the crauyarin ones use, so that might apply as well."

Yallen takes a bite of the cookie.

Huebald quietly says to Ryeka, "I'd worry I'd be more a hindrance than a help, myself."

Ryeka nods to Huebald.

Kethrai asks Zalinyar, "Do you know where to find that cave...?"

Zalinyar says to Kethrai, "It's hidden. But I've looked in places for it."

Aislynn wryly asks, "One hopes the Queen is made aware, also. Isn't Elamiri in the eastern Spine?"

Yallen grins at Raikage.

Selame says to Yallen, "Harder."

Raikage flashes a wide grin at Yallen.

Yallen giggles at Selame.

Xionara hugs Malorna, who wraps her arms around Xionara with a warm smile.

Raikage takes a bite of the pretzels.

You say to Aislynn, "It's a possible concern, as it looked like the beams of light might be spread out over a fairly large area, not just right where the crystal forms."

Yallen pats Raikage on the back.

Aislynn nods to you.

Yallen says, "Das un bigguns fohrshed."

Yallen rubs Raikage gently, massaging his muscles.

Tirost whispers something to Navesi.

Briaen whispers something to Mendira.

Yallen takes a bite of the cookie.

Zalinyar says, "And now at least we know Shard isn't going to blow up."

Mendira nods to Briaen.

Mendira smiles at Briaen.

You say, "Yes, it does look like it's going to be further north than that."

Aislynn cheerfully says to Zalinyar, "Not in the first salvo, at least."

Kethrai says, "...not because of that, anyhow."

Zalinyar nods to Aislynn.

Karthor chuckles.

Briaen nods to Mendira.

Betlind begins chortling at Kethrai.

You ask, "And that covers the visions I've seen recently. Does anybody have any questions, or additional points they'd like to bring up?"

Ryeka ponders.

Kethrai says, "We mustn't forget the lightning storm, the Dragon Priests, the Dark Hand, the Gorbesh..."

Briaen says, "If you will excuse us all, Mendira and I are needed elsewhere."

Elurora takes a sip of her milk.

Navesi whispers something to Tirost.

Elurora glances at Kethrai.

Mendira nods politely.

Anuril grins at Kethrai.

Ryeka says, "Well- I did trip over one item that may or may not matter."

Briaen says to you, "Thank you for hosting, as always."

You say to Kethrai, "Yes, plenty of things to worry about."

You nod to Ryeka.

Anuril says to Kethrai, "Ser Beren, the mana issues."

Tirost frowns slightly.

Anuril ponders.

Betlind says to Kethrai, "Don't forget ya random flayed snowbeasts."

Huebald says to Kethrai, "Whoever sent all those flayed snowbeasts to assault the city."

Tirost nods to Navesi.

Betlind beams at Huebald!

Huebald quietly says, "Too many things."

Karthor chuckles.

Akeiro closes his eyes and settles into a graceful stance.

Kethrai says to Betlind, "I was trying to."

Huebald and Betlind highfive each other.

Yallen hums to herself.

Huebald grins at Betlind.

Betlind grins, revealing her dimples.

Selame takes a sip of her milkshake.

Coethi cocks his head.

Elurora chortles softly at some secret joke.

Selame takes a sip of her milkshake.

Yallen takes a bite of the cookie.

Ryeka says, "While I was casting my spells preparing to go into combat recently, I felt the familiar streams of mana tying into a knot."

Yallen takes a bite of the cookie.

Navesi nods to Briaen.

Ryeka says, "Then straightening back out."

Raikage asks, "Has anyone heard recently about the greys assassins that came down and attacked the guard here?"

Anuril says to Ryeka, "Huh. Weird."

Karthor chortles softly at some secret joke.

Ryeka nods to Anuril.

Raikage casually observes the area.

Ryeka says, "I was int he southern courtyard of the Great Tower at the time."

Selame takes a sip of her milkshake.

You say to Ryeka, "Yes, I've experienced that as well, though I haven't seen visions that jump out at me as being obviously related to the strangeness with mana."

Yallen smiles and climbs down from Raikage and settles herself to the ground. She adjusts her outfit and wipes the rest of the cookie crumbles on Raikage's pants.

You ask Raikage, "No, I hadn't heard about that. What happened?"

Ryeka nods to you.

Xionara nods at Malorna, obviously agreeing with her views.

Aislynn quietly says to Ryeka, "It's been happening all over, to users of all mana types, even those who avoid Sorcery."

Raikage says, "I think Ayrell can give a better account."

Yallen closes her eyes for a moment and grows still.

Elurora nods to Aislynn.

Ryeka nods to Aislynn.

Huebald nods to Aislynn.

Raikage says, "She was there if I remember correctly, I only heard about it after the fact."

You say to Ryeka, "It is definitely something that deserves further investigation, though."

Elurora takes a sip of her milk.

Ayrell says, "I am only aware of a mercenary who attacked the Mountain Guard and was taken down by an assassin."

Imroth says, "Maybe all those fireflies are different mana streams."

Ryeka nods to you.

Karthor says to Ryeka, "It did pick up significantly with the last change to that Unknown thing though, so yer instincts about it bein' related are probly right."

Huebald says to Aislynn, "Keeps makin' my nose twitch. Ain't fond of it, I don't think."

Aislynn chuckles.

Yallen rubs her bunny slippers and sends little bits of fuzz flying through the air! The vast majority of the airborne bits seem to collect heavily around Selame. With a weird sneer, Selame sneezes, dispersing the fuzz.

Yallen giggles at Selame.

Akeiro grins at Yallen.

Raikage nods to Ayrell.

Ryeka chuckles.

Raikage asks, "Have they shown back up recently to attack again?"

Selame slowly empties her lungs.

You say, "Ah, yes, I definitely recall Kasizva getting stabbed by a stealthy assailant."

Raikage peers quizzically at Ayrell.

Raikage nods to you.

Ayrell says to Raikage, "I feel it important to clarify that the the... assassins you speak of... did not attack the Guard."

You say, "Haven't seen signs of him since, though from what I heard he said on the gweth, it sounded like he wasn't getting paid enough to account for that level of danger."

Ayrell says, "The mercenary was separate."

Raikage nods to Ayrell.

Ezerak nods at Ayrell, obviously agreeing with her views.

Ayrell says, "But there has been no sign of the mercenary since then. And we sadly have no additional information as of yet as to who hired the mercenary."

Raikage nods to Ayrell.

Xionara nods at Malorna, obviously agreeing with her views.

You say, "Yes, and we're definitely interested in who was interested in causing that disruption."

Ezerak says, "I do not expect he'll be in a hurry to bother the people of Shard again."

Raikage says, "I'll see if some contacts up north have any information about the mercenary."

Ezerak chuckles.

Ayrell nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

Ayrell nods politely to Raikage.

You nod politely to Raikage.

Ayrell says to Raikage, "Any information would be beneficial. Thank you."

Raikage nods politely to Ayrell.

Elurora quietly says to you, "Thank you as always for holding this, Mister Miskton. Please let me know if you'd like me to assist in your exploration."

Elurora hugs Betlind, getting a smile in return.

Selame folds her body forwards from sitting, stretching her lower back.

Elurora snaps to attention and hails Ayrell with a crisp hand salute.

Selame stretches her arms.

Betlind nods in agreement.

You say to Raikage, "It seemed like he was part of the Red Hatchet gang, from his choice in weapons and tattoos."

Yallen yawns expansively.

Tirost says to you, "The visions were facinating. Thank you for sharing them."

Selame rubs Yallen gently, massaging her muscles.

Ayrell nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

Raikage nods to you.

Huebald nods at Tirost, obviously agreeing with his views.

Akeiro nods to you.

You say, "And yes, thank you all for coming."

You smile.

You carefully mark your place and close your astronomer's journal, securing the clasp.