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Event Name: Vision Meeting
Event Instance: Prime
Real Date: 2024-02-26
Game Date of Event: 448-04-25
Point of View: Miskton
You say, "Okay! I think we can probably get started. Thank you all for joining me this evening."

Tirost says to you, "Not sure I've ever seen a gate like that."

Pyppa smiles at Tirost.

Tirost smiles at Pyppa.

You say, "I know it's somewhat short notice, but there were issues with the normal scheduling of the meeting, and I did want to try to get something in before the expedition to the Dragon Spine mountains to look into possible relationships to the Nascent Unknown."

You say to Tirost, "A custom spell pattern, that."

Belzor nods to you.

Tirost smiles at you.

Ezerak doffs his top hat.

Jaelia beams at Ezerak!

Jaelia beams at you! What a warm feeling!

Tirost asks you, "It's intricate and beautiful. One of your design?"

Jaelia beams at Tirost!

You nod politely to Ezerak.

You nod to Tirost.

Belzor smiles at Ezerak.

Belzor nods politely to Ezerak.

Tirost bows to Ezerak.

Gwenddolyn waves.

Etasia smiles at Ezerak, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

You say, "On which note, before we get into the visions, I should quickly talk about the Nascent Unknown."

You say, "Whatever was causing the glowing and pulsing appears to have ceased, but the Unknown is definitely still there in orbit, just harder to see when it's not glowing. It can still be spotted with a telescope, however."

Etasia smiles at Kethrai, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Tirost nods to Etasia.

Kethrai dusts himself off.

Etasia nods to Tirost.

Etasia waves to Kethrai.

Jaelia beams at Kethrai!

You say, "It now appears as a rocky asteroid, holding a fixed position directly overhead. Careful viewing reveals a faint speck of churning crystal at the body's visible center."

Kethrai trills softly at Tirost.

Tirost raises a hand to his chest and bows his head to Kethrai.

Belzor asks, "Asteroid? Holding an orbit?"

You say, "It also appears to be trailing a magical disturbance behind it, briefly hiding other celestial objects behind distorted ripples in its wake."

Tirost frowns.

Karthor strokes his beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Pyppa ponders.

Gwenddolyn says, "Hiding what other objects, plural is never good."

Etasia takes a sip of her whiskey.

Khearkrash says, "Prolly whatever planets and stuff are behind it."

You say, "My guess would be that whatever was the source of the light previously, it may now be contained within the crystal at the center of the asteroid."

Khearkrash waves to Mistanna.

You say, "And on the subject of the Unknown, we should perhaps start with a few visions that seem to have some relation to it."

Tirost smiles at Mistanna.

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Mistanna smiles at Khearkrash.

Etasia smiles at Allye, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Mistanna waves to Tirost.

Tirost waves.

Belzor casually observes the area.

Ryeka gets an impish expression on her face, and lets out a hearty cheer.

Luna just arrived.

Allye grins at Ryeka.

You say, "With a hammering blow, I felt the air torn from my chest, and I found myself cast high into the sky, the curve of Elanthia falling away as I flailed madly to orient myself. In the distance, I made out a perfect circle of featureless dark blue light, which began to grow, though I was unable to ascertain whether the object was approaching or expanding. The edges of the circle began to blot out the stars and moons, covering the curve of the planet, and still it grew. I felt myself tugged forward, falling into the circle as its edges expanded ever outward and it seemed to wrap around me, a shrinking circle of visible space behind me, getting smaller and smaller. Finally, there was nothing but dark blue light, and the vision faded."

Karthor scratches his head.

Allye ponders.

You say, "Although the light itself is gone for the moment, that dark blue light certainly makes me think of the Unknown."

Allye nods to you.

Tirost nods.

Ryeka nods.

Khearkrash ponders.

Khearkrash raises his hand.

Gwenddolyn says, "It's as if it is hovering, like it can be controlled."

You say, "The expanding of the light in this case may refer to the object's influence... and I can't imagine that after traveling all this distance it's here to do something subtle and not very noticeable."

You nod to Khearkrash.

Allye says, "Consuming, kind of."

Allye frowns.

Tirost nods to you.

Karthor asks, "So it's what, pullin' somethin' into itself? Or someone?"

Etasia nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

Gwenddolyn says, "Pulling somethings here."

Khearkrash asks, "So a few of these visions have sort of alluded to "being on elanthia, then being the nascient unknown" right?"

Gwenddolyn says, "Plural, more than one thing."

Tirost says to Karthor, "Good question. It's disturbing in light of what Miskton said about the things it seems to have collected in its wake."

Allye angles her ears forward, gazing curiously at Khearkrash.

You say to Khearkrash, "There have been some perspective shifts along those lines, yes."

Khearkrash says, "So what if its like the return of something once banished from here."

You say, "There have also been a few visions of things like falling into the light of the unknown. Or in one case being pulled up into the sky by something..."

Tirost gazes thoughtfully at Khearkrash.

You stroke your beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Khearkrash asks, "Something ranging from good in Syal to bad, like Maelshyve or Lyras?"

Gwenddolyn says, "That is quite a spread of possibilities."

Gwenddolyn grins at Khearkrash, her dimples flashing into view.

You say to Khearkrash, "It's a possibility, though nothing comes to mind at the moment as to a good clue for what it might be, in that case."

Tirost glances at Luna.

Khearkrash asks, "Something rapidly removed from our sense of existence, slowly making its way back?"

Belzor gazes intently into his sanowret crystal, and scintillating sparks of light dance across its surface.

Allye glances up at the sky.

After a few moments she lowers her gaze.

You say, "If it was something that had previously been on Elanthia, I suppose the only thing to go on is that it might be related to those who wielded crystal magic in the past, before it was lost."

Ryeka ponders.

Kethrai says, "Tezirah, to offer an option that's maybe somewhere between those extremes."

Khearkrash ponders.

Khearkrash nods.

You say, "There's another vision that seems to be related to the Nascent Unknown. And also, possibly... something else."

Tirost gazes at you.

Gwenddolyn says, "The Merelew called it the long throw, but a translation of how long is the key, could it be from Imperial times or even older."

You say, "In endless, starry darkness, I soared, winding between constellations and swirls of diffuse dust. A lighthouse rapidly spun, casting twin beams of light that pierced the void, illuminating nothing, and I drifted past the ancient object. I bumped into a slowly moving disturbance, gently pushed aside as the distortion tunneled in a winding motion. In the distance, I made out a point of dark blue light, and willed myself towards it. The point receded, and I pursued. After some time, the light vanished, and the vision faded."

Pyppa raises an eyebrow.

Ryeka ponders.

Ayrell curtsies gracefully.

You say, "The lighthouse is something that has appeared in a number of visions at this point, though often appearing a bit more like a normal lighthouse."

Gwenddolyn asks, "A new lighthouse vision?"

Gwenddolyn says, "Odd."

Tirost ponders.

Etasia smiles at Ayrell, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Ryeka asks, "Something that doesn't want to be seen?"

Pyppa smiles at Allye.

Ayrell smiles at Etasia.

You say, "The point of blue light seems likely to be the Unknown, but then there's whatever that disturbance was that I bumped into."

Ryeka nods.

Allye beams at Pyppa!

You say, "The thing that comes to mind is being out in the middle of the ocean, and feeling yourself bump off of something large just below the surface. It is not a reassuring comparison."

Khearkrash asks, "A disturbance in the void?"

Tirost says to you, "I understood this as something that encountered the Unknown as it moved, before it came to rest above us."

Ezerak smiles at Ayrell, revealing the dimples in his cheeks.

Etasia ponders thoughtfully

Ayrell smiles at Tirost.

Tirost smiles at Ayrell.

Khearkrash ponders.

You say to Tirost, "Whatever it is could very well be related to the influence of the Unknown."

Tirost asks you, "You said it is not sorrounded by a field of other objects?"

You say, "But I did get the sense that it might be... something else, even if it is reacting to the Unknown."

Tirost clears his throat.

Tirost asks, "Now sorrounded by a field of other objects?"

Ryeka ponders.

Karthor asks, "That disturbance sounds a bit like what ya described earlier as bein' in the thing's wake, eh?"

Khearkrash asks, "I vaguely remember there being a vision about souls and the big Void a while back, like escaping things from the big void? wasnt there?"

You say to Tirost, "Oh, no. It passes in front of normal celestial objects as it moves above us, and even when not directly in front of them there is some disturbance that obscures them."

Tirost nods to you.

You say, "But yes, this could be related to that disturbance."

Gwenddolyn asks, "Almost like a comet tail?"

You say to Khearkrash, "I think there have been some things along those lines, though I don't have the specifics at hand at the moment."

You nod to Gwenddolyn.

Etasia takes a sip of her whiskey.

Kethrai says, "Typically, a lighthouse is placed to warn ships of the danger of running aground near them. It shouldn't be that unusual to run into something if you're drifting near a lighthouse. I'm more worried about the fact that it's said to be moving."

Valynn just arrived.

Jaelia beams at Valynn!

Khearkrash ponders.

Jaelia gazes intently into her sanowret crystal, and scintillating sparks of light dance across its surface.

Valynn smiles at Jaelia.

Valynn smiles at Jaelia.

You say, "Yes, the disturbance did seem to be moving as well."

You say, "In the lighthouse vision."

You take a sip of the whiskey.

Pyppa ponders.

Jaelia takes a sip of her tea.

Tirost asks Kethrai, "Do you think it was actually a lighthouse, spinning in the void - or something that resembled one?"

Valynn nods politely to Hanryu.

Hanryu leans on Valynn.

Kethrai looks at Tirost and shrugs.

Valynn grins at Hanryu.

Valynn hugs Hanryu, getting a smile in return.

Ezerak says to Tirost, "It sounds like a symbol to me."

Karthor says, "If it specifically illuminated nothin', maybe the hazard it was meant to warn about moved."

Tirost nods to Ezerak.

Tirost says, "Or maybe the mind of a visionary making sense of an object with lights spinning that has few other points of reference."

Ezerak says to Tirost, "For some sort of guide, perhaps."

You say, "The lighthouse does seem like some sort of guidepost. And perhaps a point of safety, in some visions."

Ryeka nods in agreement.

Tirost quietly says to you, "Forgive me, but I must take my leave. It was good to see you again."

Tirost bows.

You nod politely to Tirost.

Etasia smiles at Tirost, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Mistanna chuckles.

Mistanna waves to Tirost.

You say, "There is also another vision which... might relate to the Unknown. Or could be something else entirely."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

You take a sip of the whiskey.

Jaelia takes a sip of her tea.

Karthor says, "Narrows it down."

Karthor chuckles.

You say, "A winter field stretched before me, and with a squeal of laughter, a child skipped through the fluffy snow. Kneeling down, the child scooped a generous sweep of snow into her mittened hands and began to form a compact snowball. After a bit of work, she held up a lumpy mass and grinned happily. Suddenly, the snowball vibrated angrily, and several large spikes of slushy ice expanded outward."

You say, "The child frowned and scooped up a bit more snow, compacting the snowball to restore it to a lumpy sphere, but after a moment, the snowball once again vibrated angrily and expanded erratically."

You say, "Undeterred, the child once again scooped up some more snow and compacted the mass, and the vision faded."

Ryeka blinks.

Etasia chuckles.

Valynn ponders.

Karthor mutters something into the air about angry snowballs.

You say, "My initial feeling is something related to the captured star. Which could be related to the Unknown."

Ryeka exclaims, "Angry snow? That's new!"

Ezerak nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

Hanryu asks, "Persistence or insanity?"

Ezerak says, "Something that is confined and doesn't want to be."

Ryeka nods to Ezerak.

Gwenddolyn says, "The star visions."

Karthor asks Hanryu, "Both?"

Pyppa smiles at Ezerak.

Etasia takes a sip of her whiskey.

You say to Ezerak, "And stars and cold go together."

Pyppa glances outside a moment.

Hanryu asks Karthor, "Very thing lines between most of the time eh?"

You grin at Hanryu.

Karthor nods in agreement.

You say to Hanryu, "I think it starts crossing the line as you get to the point where those spikes might actually go through something."

Hanryu chuckles.

Valynn grins at you.

Hanryu says, "Seems a reasonable place to put the line, yea."

Allye chortles softly at some secret joke.

You say, "Something getting more and more compacted could also relate to some of the behavior of the Unknown before it reached its current point. The light seemed to be drawing inward."

Ryeka nods.

Kethrai ponders.

Gwenddolyn says, "Wearing plate gloves is highly recommended while making snowballs."

Ryeka grins at Gwenddolyn, her dimples flashing into view.

You grin.

Etasia grins at Gwenddolyn, her dimples flashing into view.

Urbaj says, "That's sometimes how I feel casting spells lately - like an ignorant child trying to manipulate and form mana streams, but with unexpected deviations. Tastes, smells, visions. But I keep cluelessly persisting."

Etasia takes a sip of her whiskey.

Ryeka nods to Urbaj.

You say to Urbaj, "That is another possibility, actually."

You say, "Look at preparing a snowball as casting a spell."

Urbaj nods.

Ryeka says, "I've seen a lot of strange stuff with the mana streams lately too."

Etasia nods in agreement.

Allye nods in agreement.

You say, "Just earlier today I had the mana streams suddenly twist and ripple like ribbons of seaweed underwater before snapping back to normal."

Ryeka blinks.

Etasia says, "Think Mazrian will be have a discussion on that in the near future."

You nod to Etasia.

Karthor says, "That sounds familiar. Not nearly as tasty as some o' the other ones."

Etasia says, "The mana streams."

Etasia nods.

Karthor nods to you.

Ryeka chuckles.

Etasia chuckles at Karthor.

Ryeka asks, "Cupcakes with too much icing?"

Karthor nods to Ryeka.

Jaelia exclaims, "Mazrian's favorite thing to talk about - cupcakes!"

Jaelia nods to Ryeka.

Ryeka laughs!

Jaelia nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

You say, "The next vision... could also perhaps relate to the Unknown, if it is some sort of vessel. Though whether or not that is the case, it at least seems likely related to the same subject as several other recent visions involving sailors."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

You say, "Waves splashed gently against the hull of the small, single-masted boat, and a man checked the compass briefly before making a minor course adjustment. Pulling several lines, he trimmed the sails, though it seemed more out of habit than any need to do so. The boat steadily though slowly cut through the gentle seas, heeling slightly in the weak beam wind. Scanning the cloudless skies, the man headed below deck to prepare a quick meal of jerky and water."

You say, "Returning to the helm, the man sighed in boredom. He checked my compass once again, though the boat remained on course. He leaned back and closed my eyes, basking in the warm midday sun."

You say, "The winds slowed and ceased entirely, and without opening his eyes, the man merely swore as only sailors can, and rubbed his forehead in frustration. The sea was still, the sky empty, and the vision faded."

Ryeka blinks.

Karthor says, "Time to pull out the oars, I s'pose."

Ryeka nods to Karthor.

Allye grins.

Etasia giggles at Karthor.

Gwenddolyn says, "Reminds me of rowing out to that tower."

You say, "Slow but steady progress is better than none, I suppose. Though he might be in a hurry."

Gwenddolyn asks, "Or was it a lighthouse?"

Kethrai says, "The sky was empty... That sounds a bit frightening, although I suppose it could just be referring to clouds if there's a lack of weather to move the boat."

You take a sip of the whiskey.

Etasia says to Gwenddolyn, "Tis a lighthouse."

Gwenddolyn says, "Interesting."

Gwenddolyn nods to Etasia.

Etasia nods to Gwenddolyn.

You say to Kethrai, "With the midday sun out, it at least doesn't seem to be an ominous vision about a lack of stars."

Gwenddolyn says, "Maybe it's about that lighthouse."

You say, "We've had no shortage of those."

You chuckle.

Karthor says to Kethrai, "Sounds like a cloud thing. We aleady did the empty sky thing, eh? Got a whole festival named fer it an' everythin'."

Karthor chuckles.

You say, "And then the fifth vision... probably isn't related to the Nascent Unknown, but never say never."

You chuckle.

Jaelia laughs!

Ryeka grins, revealing her dimples.

Etasia grins at you, her dimples flashing into view.

Kethrai softly says to Karthor, "If you say so, that happened before I was born..."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Karthor nods to Kethrai.

You say, "I found myself in a featureless clean room. The lighting cast no shadows, and the walls were bare, though a single doorway graced the far wall. The door suddenly opened, and the woman in the wide-brimmed hat quickly stepped into the room, closing the door behind her. Her cataract-clouded eyes looked me over head to toe, and she said, "Didn't mean to be late. Turn around."

You say, "Skeptically, I turned to see a silver rod extending from the floor, forking until it was approximately eye level. With a flourish, she lit a cigarillo and stepped past me. Inhaling deeply and blowing a series of smoke rings that danced and dissipated around the forks, she nodded in approval."

You say, ""I admit this one took me by surprise," she said with a chuckle, and rapped her knuckle against one of the tines. The object rang, the tone building, echoing louder and louder. The sound continued to build, the tines began to visibly vibrate, the woman grinned bigger, and the vision faded."

Ryeka acts puzzled.

Ezerak says, "Her again."

Ezerak chuckles.

Karthor scratches his head.

You say, "The impression I get, looking back on the visions featuring this woman, is that she has seen a lot of large scale disasters."

Ryeka nods in agreement.

Hanryu closes his eyes and fades swiftly into the shadows.

Etasia gnaws on her lip.

Allye nibbles her lip thoughtfully.

Etasia gazes at you.

Gwenddolyn says, "Or caused them."

You say, "And in the visions she appears to be sharing her experiences."

You say, "I'm not sure exactly what this one represents, but I can certainly see how those vibrations continuing to grow stronger could quickly become a problem."

Ryeka gnaws on her lip.

Etasia asks, "Would the tines represent a key of types?"

Etasia gets a tinker's tine from inside her kidskin haversack.

Etasia taps a tinker's tine that she is holding.

Etasia puts her tine in her kidskin haversack.

Etasia asks, "Like that kind of tine?"

You say, "A tuning fork is what most comes to mind here."

Karthor asks, "Or maybe that was her casually solvin' whatever unexpected problem arose. A positive spin fer once?"

Kethrai says, "It sounds more like a tuning fork."

Kethrai nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

Etasia nods.

Gwenddolyn asks, "Tuning what?"

Ryeka nods.

Drunvalo nods to Kethrai.

Gwenddolyn says, "Could be anything."

Valynn quietly asks, "Perhaps it is musical and may affect the Bard guild?"

Elizzibiana licks her lips.

Valynn studies the faces around her.

You say, "A possibility."

You nod.

You say, "Bards are certainably able to demonstrate how sound can be dangerous."

Valynn nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

Jaelia says, "Their singing."

Etasia nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

Jaelia rolls her eyes.

Ryeka says, "I'm thinking I ought to visit Taisgath and Throne City. Those would be logical places for lighthouses."

Ryeka ponders.

Valynn quietly asks, "They are the masters of sound, no?"

Gwenddolyn says, "I thought of tethloren island."

You say, "With some of the things this woman has shown us, though, I start to wonder if maybe some of them are things that could have been. Like the alternate worlds the Timekeepers once showed us."

Ryeka nods to Gwenddolyn.

Gwenddolyn says, "Ringing a bell transports you elsewhere."

Gwenddolyn says, "Maybe it does that."

Etasia says, "Aesry , surely does."

Etasia says, "Oh if ya have not taken the journey, surely bring a picnic basket."

Gwenddolyn chuckles.

Ryeka grins at Etasia, her dimples flashing into view.

Etasia grins at Ryeka, her dimples flashing into view.

Gwenddolyn says, "Hopefully you like to climb."

You take a sip of the whiskey. Faint notes of smoky oak, honeyed vanilla, and a touch of dried fruits create a harmonious blend that transitions from sharp to mellow, mirroring the gentle repose that one would hope from Eylhaar.

Ryeka chuckles.

Etasia grins at Gwenddolyn, her dimples flashing into view.

Ryeka says, "I want to check out one of the shops there anyway. No inconvenience."

You say, "That covers the visions I had to discuss, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to go over them with people. My apologies for the delay on the meeting."

Gwenddolyn chuckles.

Pyppa smiles at you.

Ryeka smiles at you, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Etasia smiles at you, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Luna smiles at you.

Valynn praises you.

Gwenddolyn says, "I have some jump jewelry you can borrow."

Karthor says, "Puzzlin' as usual. Appreciate the sharin' though."

Gwenddolyn winks at Ryeka.

You say, "The investigation to the Dragon Spine mountains also had to be pushed back a bit, but I am hoping to do it in the near future. It should be posted on the public calendars again soon."

Ryeka grins at Gwenddolyn, her dimples flashing into view.

Valynn quietly says, "Thank you for sharing your visions."

Elizzibiana nods to you.

Hanryu says, "Looking forward to it."

Luna nods.

Valynn smiles at you.

Ryeka says, "I also want to make a few stops on the way."

Allye nods to you.

Etasia says to you, "Glad to be able to be here this eve fer this one, appreciate your time and efforts always."

Kethrai bows to you.

Allye says, "Thank you for pulling these together, Miskton."

Hanryu shakes your hand.

Hanryu raises his hand in a quick salute.

Ryeka smiles, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Gwenddolyn nods at Etasia, obviously agreeing with her views.

You exclaim, "Thank you all for coming!"

You carefully mark your place and close your astronomer's journal, securing the clasp.