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Inneth Vahl
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Necromancer
Instance Prime


You see Disciple Inneth Vahl, Valpatur of Phelim, an Elf.
Inneth has numerous tyrium chimeras piercing the curvature of one of his pointed ears and silver-flecked violet eyes. His void black hair is short and thick, and is worn loose, tucked behind his ears. He has freckled skin and a gaunt build.
He is unusually tall for an Elf.
He appears to be an adult.
His forearm has a tattoo of a writhing golden serpent impaled on the blade of a knife. [1][2]
He is in good shape.

He is wearing somber woven cloak dappled with flowers|a somber woven cloak dappled with scarlet nightshade blossoms, [3][4] an anloral nightingale pin, a dark silk robe adorned with meticulous flourishes of silver and violet, an austere madun belt restrained with a chaotic array of aldamdin buckles, a wickedly honed ritual knife sculpted from a shard of white glaes and some polished dragonar-lined boots laced up both sides with twisted silk cords.


Year Age Event
342 AV 0 Born during the month of Nissa the Maiden in the year of the Crystal Snow Hare.
389 AV 47 Begins adventuring in Kermoria.
390 AV 48 Becomes a citizen of Therengia.
392 AV 50 Attends the first Hollow Eve Festival. [5]
427 AV 85 Meets Zamidren Book, joins the Philosophers of the Knife.
427 AV 85 Renounces citizenship in Therengia.
428 AV 86 Forsaken by the Immortals. [6]
428 AV 86 Parts ways with the Philosophers of the Knife.
428 AV 86 Meets the Lich Jeihrem.
428 AV 86 Attends the Hollow Eve Festival.
429 AV 87 Begins using the title Valpatur.
430 AV 88 Becomes a citizen of Ilithi.
430 AV 88 Reaches legendary status as a Necromancer.
430 AV 88 Witnesses the death of Maelshyve and Osven's sacrifice.
430 AV 88 First encounter with the Hounds of Rutilor. [7]
431 AV 88 Begins researching the older traditions of Necromancy.
(Still Perverse, but no longer mechanically  so. [8] Now "independent".)
431 AV 88 Attends the Festival of the Guilds.
Works twice as an assistant for the Witch, Keishalae.
432 AV 89 Amasses enough power to be declared a Necrolord.
432 AV 89 Attends the Hollow Eve Festival.
Works again as a Witch's Assistant.
Works twice as an assistant for Phinara.
433 AV 90 Returns to the Soul of Maelshyve as part of an expedition to study the Philosopher's Knot.
434 AV 91 Explores the Temporal Pocket and travels into the past, facilitated by V's experimentation with Feral Energy.
435 AV 92 Meets the Old Man. [9]
435 AV 92 Guided by the Purified Scholar Zauldin, finds Redemption with the Immortals.
Once again gains the favor of Phelim.


Custom Title: Valpatur[10]
Alterer: Zipsy, Hollow Eve Festival 428

Original: a dove grey robe (feature hider)
Alteration: a dark silk robe adorned with meticulous flourishes of silver and violet

Thick folds of exquisite Elven silk flare and recede, enshrouding an under-robe of deep obsidian. Every pleat, every crimp and crease, of this garment is immaculate. Purple embroidery erupts violently from the sleeves, subjugated along the hems by sophisticated patterns of lustrous silver.

Alterer: Urdesas, Hollow Eve Festival 428

Original: a sanguine-hued gutting knife with a punka-wrapped handle
Alteration: a wickedly honed ritual knife sculpted from a shard of white glaes

Fashioned from a single vicious shard of tapered white glaes, the knife has been engineered for bouts of disciplined barbarity. The base has been wrapped in a thick alabaster fabric to provide both grip and protection against the unrelenting edge. Slight differences in texture and opacity are all that distinguish handle from blade.
A ritual knife reads:
"Obey me, and the universe will bend to your will." [11]

Alterer: Liave, Hollow Eve Festival 428

Original: a dark watersilk bag bearing a detailed cambrinth medallion
Alteration: a soldier's supply bag secured with a marred cambrinth medallion

Pragmatic construction and an ample supply of thick Imperial weave have converged to form this bag, designed to endure frequent and relentless crusades. The cambrinth medallion affixed to it, however, has seen better days. Severely distorted and barely recognizable, the original iconography -- a hammer in front of a red spiral -- has been ravaged by surgical gouges desecrating the emblem. Painted into the supplemental grooves is a crimson eye surrounded by a black sphere. [12]
A soldier's supply bag reads:
"What kind of power? It doesn't matter." [13]

Alterer: Keishalae, Festival of the Guilds 431[14]

Original: a suit of woven armor composed of crisscrossed bands of thick canvas
Alteration: a suit of woven titanese armor embellished with ornate pauldrons of demonbone

Secured with a system of clever straps, a double-layered weave of thin titanese offers a surprising amount of protection and freedom of movement. Two large pauldrons are mounted at the shoulders, each of bleached demonbone etched with vignettes of irreproachable craftsmanship. The right depicts two groups of Elves clashing [15] in the shadow of the Dragon's Spine. On the left is a twisted device of terrible complexity, gears and organs, [16] and a skeletal hand clutching a ritual knife.
A suit of titanese armor reads:

Alterer: Keishalae, Festival of the Guilds 431

Original: a light spidersilk hip pouch stitched with a dragon ouroboros (10-item container)
Alteration: an ebon-hued pouch consumed by layers of cluttered scrawlings and symbols

The array of markings coating the once-pristine pouch could, generously, be characterized as completely incomprehensible. The lowest level appears to be relatively organized bits of embroidered text, while subsequent layers are a mix of chalk, mismatched thread, ink, and even blood. [17] Each new snippet is piled atop the last. From complex diagrams and mathematical proofs to gibberish phrases and haphazard corrections, it is apparent that more than just a solution has been lost.

Alterer: Keishalae, Festival of the Guilds 431[14]

Original: a steel biomechanical tarantula
Alteration: a biomechanical zynachi spider augmented with mechanisms of blackened moonsilver

Few similarities remain between this zynachi spider and one of its typical brethren. The chitinous plating of the spider's long, hooked legs has been supplemented with blackened moonsilver, each lithe appendage softly radiating an eerie black. Huge swaths of its abdomen and cephalothorax have been covered with a profusion of tarnished phosphorescent levers, buttons, and dials with no immediately apparent purpose.
A biomechanical spider reads:
"Take that, you treacherous land octopus!" [18]

Alterer: Keishalae, Hollow Eve Festival 432[14]

Original: a series of blued steel rivets (feature modifier)
Alteration: a series of tyrium chimeras [2]

A menagerie of mythical beasts are represented in this collection of thin-gauge piercings. Each specimen is a vibrant purple, and no two are alike.

Alterer: Keishalae, Hollow Eve Festival 432

Original: some ornate scalene boots laced up both sides with twisted silk cords
Alteration: some polished dragonar-lined boots laced up both sides with twisted silk cords

Dark grey leather has been laboriously wrought to a burnished finish, held secure by steelsilk threads that meander through an esoteric network of hooks on both sides of these indulgent boots. Hidden in the supple lining is a devious little pocket, just large enough for a surprise or two.

Alterer: Keishalae, Hollow Eve Festival 432

Original: an oiled leather belt with a polished platinum buckle (moneybelt)
Alteration: an austere madun belt restrained with a chaotic array of aldamdin buckles

Tarnished black threads seethe and subside against a legion of colored silk, casting a dark sheen across the weft of this wide belt. An assortment of highly polished, yet paradoxically reflectionless, aldamdin buckles are clustered erratically near the central clasp, many of them unrelated to keeping the belt actually fastened. The excess mechanisms conceal small pockets, each perfectly sized to hold a small collection of coins.
An austere madun belt reads:
"Mistakes were made." [19]

Alterer: Phinara, Hollow Eve Festival 432[14]

Original: a sleek thigh bag of black shadesatin (20-item container)
Alteration: a black madun thigh bag ravaged by a scourge of incoherent modifications

Malformed and bulbous, the bag's original silhouette has been lost to a series of incessant and inexplicable revisions. Odd protrusions and countless arbitrary seams create ripples in the fabric's umbral sheen, and the shuttle-woven madun is peppered by pockets too paltry to be functional. Fasteners extrude from inaccessible locations. Strangely, though, all the work put into manufacturing this ill-shaped monstrosity is concise and pedantic.

Alterer: Phinara, Hollow Eve Festival 432[14]

Original: a pair of copper zills[20]
Alteration: a pair of blackened zills bestrewn with a myriad of crimson moonsilver eyes [21]

The two sets of paired discs are covered with a multitude of crimson moonsilver red eyes, [22] the cast of the metal giving them an eerie glow. Framed against the scorched and blackened copper, the discordant eyes scrutinize all directions and seem to follow any movement made. A small inscription is etched inside each zill.
A pair of blackened zills reads:
~Watch the Seal~

Alterer: Kouzan, Hollow Eve Festival 432

Original: a small granite disc scorched along the edges (TM focus)
Alteration: a dense hiromin sphere engraved with a maelstrom of glowing violaceous whorls [23]

This metallic orb is cold -- inexplicably, unnaturally cold. The violet-tinged silvery-white facade of the sphere has been engulfed by a labyrinthine vortex of deep, turbulent trenches, each groove emitting a muted purple. Though tumultuous, there is a degree of coherence to the channels, which are strikingly reminiscent of a fierce winter storm.
A dense hiromin sphere reads:
"Valpatur" [10]

Alterer: Voucher Redemption, 432 AV [24]

Original: a weighted haralun throwing club
Alteration: a weighted throwing club crowned with an impaled haralun serpent [2]

A writhing serpent chiseled from dense haralun coils around a sinuous haft of pale darkspine. The beast's head is set with indurium-chased blood ruby eyes and pierced by a sanguine spike, the jagged reddish-brown graining enhancing the illusion of the skull being relieved of its precious fluids.

Alterer: Loriale, 433 AV


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