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Citizenship is the state of being a member to a particular province or region.

How To Become a Citizen

To become a citizen simply find the local citizenship office and ASK CLERK ABOUT CITIZENSHIP and follow the directions. Citizenship offices are typically found in town halls.

Note: Free-to-play are not eligible for citizenship

Available Citizenships and Benefits

Location Title Benefits
Aesry of Aesry Surlaenis'a
  • Recognition by the city guardians.
  • Public ship captains will alert you when their ship is about to leave, upon request.
  • Access to citizen only rooms in the Inn of the Crystal Wave
Forfedhdar of Forfedhdar
  • Access to additional home sites.
Ilithi of Ilithi
  • Access to citizen-only establishments (Vaalrin House).
  • Recognition by the guards that allow entry at night through the north, south and west gates.
  • Night access to shops for citizens.
M'Riss of M'Riss
Ratha of Ratha
  • Free lift rides
  • Access to the Golden Lyre club in the Hotagi'rath Theater
  • Public ship captains will gweth to alert you when their ship is about to leave, upon request.
Therengia of Therengia
Velaka of Velaka
  • Anytime access to Palace Walk via KNOCKing on the palace gates.
  • Reduced currency exchange fee (in Muspar'i).
Zoluren of Zoluren
  • Free ferry fare between Crossing and Leth Deriel.
    • Traders still pay ferry fees for caravans and cargo.
  • Ability to close/open city gates (currently disabled).

Citizenship Clerk Locations

Region Clerk Location Genie Room Lich Room
Aesry Surlaenis'a North Inner Ring, within the Debt Office. r153
Forfedhdar Inner Hibarnhvidar, Office of Citizenship near the Office of Debts r197
Ilithi Within the Great Tower, Citizenship Office r548
M'Riss Mer'Kresh, Town Hall Office of Citizens r297
Ratha Within Shhoi-sson Palace, Office of Citizenry Registration near Debt Collection. r470
Therengia In Therenborough's Ibec Hall. r272
Velaka In Muspar'i, southwest of the jail, Civic Building. r552
Zoluren Crossing Town Hall, Citizenship Office r312 11799


You can receive an Affiliation title by locating the clerk adjacent to the clerk that first bestowed citizenship and by typing ASK CLERK ABOUT TITLE. Affiliation titles appear after the character's name and post title and look like "of Zoluren" or "of Therengia."

Also possible are city-based titles. You can ASK ABOUT CITY to gain the new title. You may only pledge to a single city at a time, and it's in addition to your "of (province)" affiliation title. Claiming one of these new titles comes with an initial paperwork fee and will increase your monthly taxes as well.

Costs of Citizenship

Fees and Taxes

There is a charge to becoming a citizen that is a few gold. Additionally, every month, real life time, taxes are assessed whether you are in the game or not. Taxes typically cost a few gold as well. Please note some of these prices seem to be lower due to premium status. If you join and get a higher fee, please leave a note on the discussion page with the price, province and if you are premium or not.

Canceling/Changing Citizenship

In order to change citizenship to another area the existing citizenship must first be canceled. This is done by returning to the office of the province you currently have citizenship in and then typing CANCEL. Note that there is a fairly long waiting period of 30(RL) days afterward, before another citizenship with any province may be acquired. A fee is also added to your debt once you cancel.

Joining Fees, Upkeep Taxes, and Cancellation Fees

Taxes are charged approximately every 120 days (30 real life days).

Location Joining Fees Taxes [1] Cancellation Fees Charging Province
Aesry: 8,000 lirums 5,000 lirums 10,000 lirums Collection of Qi.
Forfedhdar: 4,500 - 5,000 dokoras 4,500 dokoras 10,000 dokoras Collection of Forfedhdar
Ilithi: 4,500 dokoras 4,050 dokoras 7,000 - 9,000 dokoras Domain of Ilithi.
M'Riss: 7,200 lirums 4,500 lirums 9,000 lirums Collection of Qi.
Ratha: 7,500 lirums 7,000 lirums 12,600 lirums Collection of Qi.
Therengia: 9,000 lirums 3,150 lirums 7,000 lirums Province of Therenborough (Ibec Hall)
Velaka (Muspar'i): 4,500 lirums 4,500 lirums 8,100 Lirums Province of Therenborough (Riverhaven)
Zoluren: 5,000 kronars 3,500 kronars 7,000 kronars Principality of Zoluren.


  1. Taxes are increased further if you hold a city affiliation title.

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