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Phinara Frilsy
Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Type: alterer
Associates: Keishalae

Phinara is an alterer who originally only worked on clothing and containers. During Hollow Eve Festival 432 she began an apprenticeship with the Witch Keishalae, and now works on a much wider variety of items.


You see Witch's Apprentice Phinara Frilsy, a Human.
Phinara has a softly angular face with laugh lines, thick-lashed blue-green eyes and a button nose. Her brunette hair is shoulder length and wavy. She has freckled skin and a lean figure.
She is average height for a Human.
She appears to be in her prime.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a crisply pleated ivory silk blouse with sewing needles tucked in the sleeve cuffs, a deep brown thornweave traveling skirt belted with a swathe of copper spun glitter, some sturdy black leather walking boot and a leather seamstress's case clasped with a plum garnet button.


Tonight! Phinara will be opening a list for complex items at 6pm ET. She will have helpers.

No chakrel, no war paint (needs a barbarian)

No neithrel , no instruments

No soulstones, holy weapons, pilgrim's badges, prayer mats (needs someone holy)

No Fade or Ambika (needs a thief)

No tattoos

No familiars

No food addition to wands (altering the wand itself is ok)

No planetary gems (go to her other scheduled session)

No live animals (their homes are fine)

No titles


No mounts

Weapons and armor will be fine. EZATMO modifications are fine, but not adding new EZATMO. Modifying foci is fine but not creating new. Eddy, feature items, cambrinth, post room strings, tarantulas all ok to bring tonight.


Phinara says, "For those who haven't met me yet, my name is Phinara and I'm a seamstress."

Phinara says, "That means I work with fabrics and other soft textiles, such as fur and feathers. If you're willing to pay extra, I'm willing to work on your leather items."

Phinara says, "But I'm afraid my metalworking skills are pretty much limited to small buttons and clasps, so no weapons."

Phinara says, "And before anyone asks, pouches are pouches. Bags are bags. Therefore, pouches cannot become bags and bags cannot become pouches. At least, not using my sewing needles."

Atmospheric Silencing

Phinara says, "This won't be like my normal sessions, this is a very targeted and specific thing."
Phinara says, "In fact, I won't reallllly be altering any designs at all."
Phinara says, "Today, all I am offering is to silence those pesky regeneration items everyone insists on wearing in multitude."
Phinara says, "It's 3000 plats to silence an item."
Phinara says, "To be clear, if you choose to take part in today's silencing activities..."
Phinara says, "That WILL count as one of your alterations for this festival."