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Status: Alive
Aliases: the disfigured scholar
Guild: Necromancer
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Zauldin says, "Thank you for coming. Some of you may recognize me, though I feel an introduction is in order."

Zauldin says, "When Osven struck down Maelshyve, I was part of a diversionary force who sought to divide her attentions so the devices could be planted. We were attacked by a Demonic Priestess known as Sivroch. She left me for dead after stripping me of my memories, and my name, and only in the Temple did I find solace."

Zauldin says, "I do not know who I was, but I now know who I am. I have been renamed by the Temple in honor of my efforts -- now, I am Zauldin, and have been purified."

Zauldin says, "I was once a Necromancer. Some would say still am. For now, I will not argue the semantics of what was or will be. I will only say say that I have rejected my past, and found Redemption in the welcome arms of the Immortals grace. I have been born anew, and have a clear purpose set before me."


Purified Scholar Zauldin, a Human Necromancer.
Zauldin has an angular face, and his features are marred by a triple line raked across his brow and cheek. He has tilted almond-shaped blue eyes and sandy blond hair. His right hand frequently twitches, clenching into a tight fist.
A strange orange light periodically flickers around his head, casting bizarre shadows across his scarred features.
He appears to be mature.

He has severe scarring about the head.

He is wearing a leather satchel secured with a brass clasp, a roughspun linen vest, a quilted cloth hauberk embroidered with a small unicorn, a thin steel skinning knife with a leather-wrapped hilt and a pair of battered leather boots.