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Olvin Loudwater
Status: Alive
Guild: Bard
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Type: alterer

Olvin is an alterer who specializes in helping his clients stand out, in the form of customized arrival and DEPART messages. He first appeared during Hollow Eve Festival 436.


You see Acting Coach Olvin Loudwater, Flair Master of Arthe Dale, a Halfling Bard.
Olvin has a jovial face with unruly eyebrows, slightly pointed ears, twinkling ale-brown eyes, a bulbous nose and dimples. His golden brown hair is short and curly. He has rosy skin and a stout build.
He is tiny even for a Halfling.
He appears to be an adult.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a rustic smokewood walking stick, an unbuttoned jacket of wine-hued velvet, a green songsilk waistcoat with golden buttons, a creamy linen shirt with an open collar, a pair of stylish brown knickerbockers and a leather backpack embossed with a golden tree.


Custom Depart

Olvin says, "What I can do is teach you how to DEPART with more flair, to make a truly dramatic exit."

Olvin says, "Cutting right to the chase, I see! I can teach you the basics of how to depart with flair for 2,000 plats. At this price point, I cannot guarantee that no one will figure out how to copy your style."
Olvin says, "For 5,000 plats, I can put the word out with the acting guild not to coach others to copy your exact style."

Olvin says, "If you have already learned 10 custom departs from the undertaker, you'll need to forget one before you can learn one from me."

  • 2,000 platinum = custom depart message, and you'll be the first to have it, but we cannot guarantee exclusivity.
  • 5,000 platinum = custom depart message, and we won't offer that EXACT SAME messaging to another player. But we can't guarantee that someone will never have anything similar.

Messages can be no longer than 500 characters, including spacing and punctuation.

Custom Arrival (Login/Logout)

Olvin exclaims, "What am I doing in three days? Coaching you on how to make a dramatic entrance and exit (though not as dramatic as death)!"
Olvin says, "Today I'll be coaching up to ten of you to make a more dramatic entrance and exit. The fee is 5,000 plats."
Olvin says, "Please note that while I'm an influential Olvi, I can't literally summon the gods or mythical beings to attend you."

OOC: This entails four sets of messaging: what other players in the same room as you see when you log in or log out (max 150 characters) and what shows up in the Arrivals window (max 90 characters).

You ask Olvin, "Does the length need to account for your name too, so if you have a fairly long name, you'd want less...er...flair?"
Olvin says to you, "No."