Supplicants of the Tide

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While Merelew observed the stars and the moons, the Supplicants of the Tide hold that even knowable, natural phenomena are due to the influences of Aluna. As the seas are in flux, so too are the Supplicants precepts of Aluna. Historically, Merelew do not adhere to the notion of aspects, their belief having molded Eluned into Aluna. However, as contact with drylanders continued, some Merelew have morphed each Immortal into an aquatic representation that embodies all three aspects into one. The Supplicants are the most traditional of the factions of the Merelew. They do not proselytize, and recognize the High Temple's connection to the divine, though they maintain their interpretation to be the most accurate. This group may feature strong Holy magic users, and be particularly aghast at rumors of Necromancers.

Iaxet stares at the ceiling while she speaks. "To place trust in Aluna and the divine is the calling of the Supplicants of the Tide. The seas are kept in her embrace, for she is the moonlight streaming through the kelp on the ocean floor, the silvery moon-kissed crests of waves in the dark. Aluna is of the Merelew, and as we are of her, we must keep her faith, hold her in our hearts. Only in faith can we be of the water, the wave returning to the sea that it may once again strike upon the shore. If Merelew forget Aluna, the wave is lost."

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