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GameMaster Cordulia
Rank FGM
Type CE
Tenure Present

Announced as a GM: 11/29/2018

Positions & Contributions


  • GameMaster Cordulia who is strewn with bits of duckweed

You notice an odd, almost godly aura about Cordulia.


Yes, that's GameMaster Cordulia, in the flesh.
Cordulia's slitted yellow-green eyes are perfect for lurking beneath the surface. Several conical teeth protrude from her long, overlapping jaws, resembling a sly grin. She has glistening green-black scales covered in rows of bony scutes, stubby limbs, and a muscular, keeled tail protected by a muracite tail guard.
She looks primordial, as if time has passed her by.

Her crocodilian face is decorated with tel'athi bloodvines dotted with ruby thorns, creating helical tendrils that coil around her left eye before ending in a bevy of small spirals behind her jaw.

She is wearing an enveloping shawl woven from living swamp moss that is loosely wound around the head and neck, a viridian scalene gamantang draped with silver gossamer, a light thornweave robe embroidered with a labyrinthine cypress pattern, some amber worry beads embedded with fossilized arthropods, a chakrel pilgrim's badge inlaid with a soulstone cassava root, a kaleidoscopic dragonfly inlaid with ammolite and a small beaded handbag.


Entrance & Exit Messages

  • The air before you condenses into runners of inky liquid that coalesce into a small pool. Cordulia emerges from beneath its glassy surface, her scales wreathed in a shimmering haze of mist.
  • Cordulia melts away, sending out runners of inky liquid that vaporize into iridescent mist.

Cordulia's Bayou