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The world of Elanthia has its own system of time. There are days and seasons, just as in the real world. However, time flows faster in Elanthia than it does on Earth, and the weeks and months are not divided the same way.

Some old systems (such as repair shops) use Earth time, but this is out of character.

Unless otherwise noted, this article refers to the Kermorian calendar, which is used throughout the known lands. The Gorbesh calendar is described below.

Telling time

As a new adventurer, you can estimate the time. The accuracy of this estimate improves with perception skill. Rangers and Moon Mages can tell time more accurately. Moon Mages also have the ability to tell the time while indoors via a superior Time Sense.

Many Elanthians do not have access to timepieces, so they rely on their observations of the sun and moons. Other methods include: sundials, orlogs (windable timepieces), bells, and anlas candles.

Because dates are reckoned as years and days since the victory of Lanival, the first day and year are 0, not 1. The days of the month are numbered from 1-40. Thus, the first day of the year is expressed as 1 Akroeg or as "0 days since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer."

Conversion charts

All of the below conversions are based on the in-game output of the TIME INFO command.

Elanthia Earth
1 roisan/minute 1 minute
1 hour 15 minutes
1 anlas (2 hours) 30 minutes
1 day (12 anlaen) 6 hours
1 andu/week (4 days) 24 hours
1 month (10 andaen) 10 days
1 year (10 months) 100 days

Equivalent Units
Second Roisan Hour Anlas Day Andu Month Year
Second 1
Roisan 60 1
Hour 900 15 1
Anlas 1,800 30 2 1
Day 21,600 360 24 12 1
Andu 86,400 1,440 96 48 4 1
Month 864,000 14,400 960 480 40 10 1
Year 8,640,000 144,000 9,600 4,800 400 100 10 1

This information is confirmed by the TIME INFO command, which gives "the canonical conversions"[1]:

Elanthia Time |  Equivalent Units  |  Earth Time
Year          |  10 Months         |  100 Days
Month         |  10 Weeks (Andaen) |  10 Days
Week (Andu)   |  4 Days            |  1 Day
Day           |  12 Anlaen         |  6 Hours
Anlas         |  30 Roisaen        |  30 Minutes
Roisan        |  60 Seconds        |  1 Minute

For charts of the days of the year and the cycle of years, see Elanthian calendar charts.

Units of time

The Elanthian day consists of 12 anlasaen, beginning and ending at midnight. There are no time zones. (Perhaps the known lands are so small that time zones are not needed.)

The words "minute" and "hour" are not OOC terms[2], although the use of "hour" may confuse people. (They may interpret it as 60 minutes if they think you're being OOC, 30 minutes if they think you mean anlas, or 15 minutes if they think that you mean the Elanthian hour.)

Roisaen (minutes)

The Gamgweth word for minute is "roisan." (The plural is "roisaen.") The Common term "minute" is an acceptable alternative.


People often refer to "anlasaen" (shortened to "anlaen") as "hours," but this is misleading. An anlas actually contains two Elanthian hours.

There are 12 anlaen in a day:

Number Name Hours Roisaen Note
0 Anduwen 0-1 0-29
1 Starwatch 2-3 30-59
2 Asketi's Hunt 4-5 60-89 summer sunrise
3 Berengaria's Touch 6-7 90-119
4 Hodierna's Blessing 8-9 120-149 winter sunrise
5 Peri'el's Watch 10-11 150-179
6 Dergati's Bane 12-13 180-209
7 Firulf's Flame 14-15 210-239
8 Tamsine's Toil 16-17 240-269 winter sunset
9 Meraud's Cloak 18-19 270-299
10 Phelim's Vigil 20-21 300-329 summer sunset
11 Revelfae 22-23 330-359

Dayparts - shown via Time verb

Daypart (in order) Notes
It is currently <season> and it is dawn.
It is currently <season> and it is early morning.
It is currently <season> and it is mid-morning. All shops open by now.
It is currently <season> and it is late morning.
It is currently <season> and it is midday.
It is currently <season> and it is early afternoon.
It is currently <season> and it is mid-afternoon.
It is currently <season> and it is dusk.
It is currently <season> and it is sunset. Shops that close at night closed by now.
It is currently <season> and it is early evening.
It is currently <season> and it is evening.
It is currently <season> and it is late evening.
It is currently <season> and it is night.
It is currently <season> and it is approaching sunrise.


The soldiers of the Empire divided each day into 15 sections or watches -- nine for the day and six for the night. This usage survives into present times.

The nine day watches are: dawn, early morning, mid-morning, late morning, noon, early afternoon, mid-afternoon, late afternoon, and dusk. (Sunset occurs after dusk but is not a "watch.")

The six night watches are: early evening, mid-evening, late evening, midnight, night, and almost dawn.

Andaen (Weeks)

The word "andu" (pl. andaen) literally means "day" in Gamgweth, which is a source of confusion for adventurers. However, since each andu is actually four days long, the best translation is "week."

Source: The Elanthian Calendar
Each of the months is divided into 10 andaen of four days each. These "weeks" are named after the Immortals.

Name Days
Kertandu 1-4
Hodandu 5-8
Evandu 9-12
Truffandu 13-16
Havrandu 17-20
Elandu 21-24
Chandu 25-28
Glythandu 29-32
Faeandu 33-36
Tamsandu 37-40


There are ten months in a year; each is 40 days long. The months are divided into ten andaen (weeks) of four days each and are named after Lanival's companions and their possessions.

Number Name Days
1 Akroeg the Ram 0-39
2 Ka'len the Sea Drake 40-79
3 Lirisa the Archer 80-119
4 Shorka the Cobra 120-159
5 Uthmor the Giant 160-199
6 Arhat the Fire Lion 200-239
7 Moliko the Balance 240-279
8 Skullcleaver the Dwarven Axe 280-319
9 Dolefaren the Brigantine 320-359
10 Nissa the Maiden 360-399


The year has four seasons of equal length (100 Elanthian days or 25 Earth days).

Season First Day Last Day
Winter 31 Dolefaren (day 350) 10 Ka'len (day 49 of the next year)
Spring 11 Ka'len (day 50) 30 Shorka (day 149)
Summer 31 Shorka (day 150) 10 Moliko (day 249)
Fall 11 Moliko (day 250) 30 Dolefaren (day 349)
  • The days given use the convention of numbering the first day of the year as 0 (what you see in the TIME command).


The years run in a cycle of seven names and are numbered according to a watershed event of Elanthian history, the Victory of Lanival.

  • 0. Year of the Silver Unicorn (Victory of Lanival)
  • 1. Year of the Bronze Wyvern
  • 2. Year of the Golden Panther
  • 3. Year of the Amber Phoenix
  • 4. Year of the Iron Toad
  • 5. Year of the Emerald Dolphin
  • 6. Year of the Crystal Snow Hare

Elanthian holidays

Gorbesh/Alaudian calendar

Source: The Gorbesh Calendar

The Gorbesh Calendar is sometimes called the Alaudian Calendar after the Founder of the Empire. The calendar reflects the importance of religion, astrology, and prophecy in Gorbesh society.


There are 400 days in the Gorbesh year.

Weeks and months

No mention of week or month divisions. Presumably, they are of the same number and duration as the Kermorian calendar.


The Gorbesh have different names for the planets of our solar system.

Inner Outer
Kermorian Albarian Kermorian Albarian
Verena Xosedas Szeldia Osec
Estrilda Avieben Merewalda Alauven
Durgaulda Tliij Ismenia Aneus
Yoakena Eimarqe Morleena Maeben
Penhetia Sidasas Amlothi Misueshi
Dawgolesh Ilierek
Er'qutra Kneisa

These names form the basis of the 35-year cycle. Names are paired in the form of one god to one goddess, ie, Xosedas - Osec.

  1. Xosedas - Osec
  2. Avieben - Alauven
  3. Tliij - Aneus
  4. Eimarqe - Maeben
  5. Sidasas - Misueshi
  6. Xosedas - Ileirek
  7. Avieben - Kneisa
  8. Tliij - Osec
  9. Eimarqe - Alauven
  10. Sidasas - Aneus
  11. Xosedas - Maeben
  12. Avieben - Misueshi
  13. Tliij - Ileirek
  14. Eimarqe - Kneisa
  15. Sidasas - Osec
  16. Xosedas - Alauven
  17. Avieben - Aneus
  18. Tliij - Maeben
  19. Eimarqe - Misueshi
  20. Sidasas - Ileirek
  21. Xosedas - Kneisa
  22. Avieben - Osec
  23. Tliij - Alauven
  24. Eimarqe - Aneus
  25. Sidasas - Maeben
  26. Xosedas - Misueshi
  27. Avieben - Ileirek
  28. Tliij - Kneisa
  29. Eimarqe - Osec
  30. Sidasas - Alauven
  31. Xosedas - Aneus
  32. Avieben - Maeben
  33. Tliij - Misueshi
  34. Eimarqe - Ileirek
  35. Sidasas - Kneisa

Prime years

The first year of the cycle, Xosedas - Osec, is always a time of great importance and consequence. Expensive, year-long festivals are hosted, the greatest war campaigns are begun, new buildings or cities are started, and new monuments are raised. Also, the people are most devout at this time.

Death years

The last year of the cycle, Sidasas - Kneisa, is a time of reflection and remembrance of everything that's happened in the past cycle as we salute the new age. The Skalds write epic scrolls recording the events and people, immortalizing them for all time.


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