Harvest ritual

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Necromancer thumb.jpgNecromancer Guild
Harvest ritual
Requirements: 2nd Circle
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: ritual / thanatology
Use Cost: Divine Outrage
Description: With the Harvest ritual, you will be able to extract a piece of flesh that will be useful in the pursuit of knowledge. Specifically, it can be used to make fetishes.
Effect: Gathers "material" to be used later. Teaches Thanatology and Skinning.
Messaging: You bend over the <creature>'s corpse to make a few quick, precise motions with your ritual knife, focusing your thanatological insight intently in order to prepare it for harvesting. You then plunge your knife efficiently into the corpse and carve out a <quality> piece of fetish material.


  • The HARVEST ritual allows the gathering of a piece of material from a corpse and requires the use of the Preserve ritual on the corpse first.
  • Utilization of this ritual successfull will also teach Skinning in addition to Thanatology.
  • This ritual cannot be performed if the corpse has been SKINned and will prevent skinning of the corpse afterward, but may be used on any formerly living thing to learn Skinning, even if it was not otherwise skinnable.
  • The resultant material will be destroyed if DROPped and may also be used to fuel the Devour spell.
  • This ritual generates a small amount of Divine Outrage.

Material Quality

Order Material Quality
1 terrible
2 bad
3 poor
4 average
5 good
6 great
7 excellent
8 flawless

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