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Status: Alive
Race: Prydaen
Gender: Female
Type: alterer

An alterer that works general items, and on item stackers. First seen at the Hollow Eve Festival 432 event.


You see Tansae Leafstrike, a Prydaen.
Tansae has an angular face, tufted pointed ears, a pair of rimless glasses with heart-shaped rosy pink lenses complementing her tilted cat-slitted blue-violet eyes and a pointy nose. Her brown mane is long and wavy. She has sandy fur with silver points, a curving tail and a shapely figure.
She is slightly under average height for a Prydaen.
She appears to be elderly.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a brightly colored party hat topped with colorful streamers, a roughspun shirt trailing unfinished hems dotted with loose threads, an oilcloth utility belt with leather straps, some turquoise leather leggings and a short spun rainbow cape fluttering from the shoulders.


During Hollow Eve Festival 436 Tansae worked on a wide variety of items, excluding things like cambrinth, feature-modifying jewelry, and other specialty items. Clothing, containers, armor, and weapons were all acceptable.


A large Tansae sign reads:
"Tansae's Stacker Alteration Rules:
1. The container can't be generally worn.
2. The stacker item needs to be able to fit into the container normally.
3. The stacking item must be a store-bought item.  The item and its store origin will be written on the stacker container.
4. Tansae will do slight modifications of how a container looks.
5. The cost is 1000 platinum for a custom stacker that stacks an item 5 times.  Each additional set of 5 will cost an additional 500 platinum.  30 is the max to stack.

In her words:

  • Tansae says, "While I work with a variety of things, for tonight, I will only be working on what is often called a stacker container."
  • Tansae says, "I can set your container so that it stacks a single type of item of your choice."
  • Tansae says, "It will ONLY stack exact duplicates of that chosen item."
  • Tansae says, "I would like to say that it's very important to CHOOSE WISELY."
  • Tansae says, "I can create one from another item."
  • Tansae says, "However, if that item has any special quirks, I may have to remove them."
  • Tansae says, "For it to function properly."
  • Tansae says, "The container can't be generally worn."
  • Tansae says, "The chosen item needs to be able to fit in the container normally."
  • Tansae says, "The stacking item MUST be store-bought."
  • Tansae says, "I will write the item and its origin on your container so that you don't forget."
  • Tansae says, "I will do slight modifications of the container you pick."
  • Tansae says, "I'll change colors and fabrics if you wish."
  • Tansae says, "But I wouldn't do a full on alteration."
  • Tansae says, "No, I will not change wear a container is currently worn."
  • Tansae says, "You can provide me a new one that's worn at the spot you want."
  • Tansae says, "My cost starts at 1000 platinum."
  • Tansae says, "This will be changing your container into a stacker and your chosen item will stack five times."
  • Tansae says, "Each additional set of five will be an additional 500 platinum."
  • Tansae says, "So thus, a stacking container to stack an item ten times, would be 1500 platinum."