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Researchers and adventurers alike recognize two major divisions of the undead: those built around physical remains, and those that are built around spiritual remains.

Spiritual or Non-Corporeal

The spiritual undead are, largely, academic for the purposes of discussing Necromancers. While some Necromancers have demonstrated an ability to conjure or create them, the vast majority of Necromancers are unable or unwilling to replicate the feat. While there is some confusion about what limits this practice, or why the obviously demonstrated technique has not spread, it is a fortunate fact that most necromantic cults lack power over damnation.

Spiritual undead range from Maeldryths to Pale Grey Death Spirits to Snaer Hafwa. They are invulnerable to mundane weaponry, since nothing tangible exists to receive the attack, but Blessed weapons can affect them directly.

Physical or Corporeal

The physical undead have been categorized in various ways over the years, typically by whatever system is in vogue among the Clerics at the time. For the Necromancers' own purposes, they define four states of physical undeath.

The first is the simple raising of a corpse, in whatever condition it was found, and setting it in motion once again with a burst of magic and crude thanatological rites. These are perhaps the "classic" undead as your average imagines them. The soul and mind escape the process, leaving a clumsy puppet of flesh or bone with no volition except what twisted instincts the tortured force of life has granted them.

The second is the laborious construction of a body. The most fearsome of undead monsters are a result of this process, literally cutting and stitching necrotic flesh into a form far different than the "donors" of the material. While often far more specialized and physically capable, these share the same supernatural and spiritual qualities as the first group. They are nothing but unnatural animals.

The third category of undead is rare, but among the most dangerous an adventurer can expect to encounter semi-regularly. While the soul is beyond most Necromancers, sufficiently advanced necromancy can ensnare the mind, preserving the personality and memories of the fallen. These undead retain some degree of the capacities they had in life. A magician raised in this manner still commands the mana streams, while a criminal will retain his devious skills. There are various exceptions to this -- for obvious reasons, undead priests are not useful without a conversion to Maelshyve --, but it holds as a general rule. Sinister Maelshyvean Hierophants are an example.

Though these undead can be described as people in a vague sense, it is impossible to escape that they are simply intelligent monsters. The mind and body lack an anchoring soul, and the monster faces utter destruction at death. While the Necromancer has no overt psychic influence on the personality -- unless he employs other magic to that end -- the undead's creator retains utter and unbreakable power of life and death over his construct. The minds and corpses of enemies are rarely treated this way, for the result is a devious slave.


There are other pages that use the name "Lich." Follow the link for more details.

A lich is a necromancer who has turned his powers inward to become a self-animating, undead being. The most infamous lich is Lyras, who descended into undeath after her death at the hands of Vael. Lichdom is currently beyond the reach of PC Necromancers.

Lichdom should not be confused with merely raising a magician in undeath. The Descent, as it is often called, is a personal process. Only a Necromancer may attain the state, and he may only do it to himself.

The lich retains complete control over his faculties, and blurs the line between man and monster. Liches transcend their creations' risk of casual destruction and oblivion; in fact, liches are often notorious for the difficulty of keeping them dead. More than merely a shadow of life, the lich state often greatly expands the Necromancer's physical and supernatural capacities.

Though the line between man and monster is blurred, it is not wholly gone. The lich state lacks the physical capacities of life, and it heralds the destruction or abandonment of the immortal soul. Necromancers are aware that, in an essential way, the lich state is not "them" -- it is an animated body possessing their personality, but the spiritual center of their being is no longer present. Lichdom is often regarded as a last-ditch state, to preserve something of the self when age or exceptional conflict threatens to not allow the Necromancer to return from death. Only the truly Perverse, who earn the title for the rest of their brethren, see it as nothing but a road to power.

Undead Creature List

Standard Undead:

 Min SkillCapBoxesSkinCorporeal
Zombie goblin035truetruetrue
Tortured soul (2)02,000falsefalsefalse
Pale grey death squirrel1035falsetruetrue
Fell hog1040falsefalsetrue
Lesser skeleton1228truefalsetrue
Goblin zombie1545truefalsetrue
Tortured soul (1)1645falsefalsefalse
Revenant conscript2550truefalsefalse
Small grendel3550truetruetrue
Faenrae reaver3552truetruetrue
Revenant zombie4559truefalsetrue
Skeletal kobold savage85110truetruetrue
Zombie kobold savage85110truetruetrue
Skeletal kobold headhunter85110truetruetrue
Zombie kobold headhunter85110truetruetrue
Drowned one90150truefalsetrue
Giant blight bat90170falsetruetrue
Eidolon steed100125falsetruetrue
Crypt fiend100145truefalsefalse
Mutant togball130165falsetruetrue
Dark spirit130170truefalsefalse
Rotting deadwood dryad150250truefalsetrue
Cadaverous yeehar150300truefalsetrue
Sickly blightwater nyad160250truefalsetrue
Seordhevor kartais180230falsetruetrue
Lanky grey lach190316truetruetrue
Pale grey death spirit200250truefalsefalse
Sinuous ice adder200300falsetruetrue
Skeletal sailor210300truefalsetrue
Transparent shylvic240325truefalsefalse
Feral bone mastiff245310falsetruetrue
Spectral pirate250325truefalsefalse
Zombie nomad260410truefalsetrue
Greater shadow hound270380falsetruetrue
Ghoul raven280380falsefalsetrue
Icy blue ghast280430falsefalsetrue
Vaporous blood wraith3200truefalsefalse
Maelshyvean shadow beast320650truetruetrue
Gargantuan bone golem325380truefalsetrue
Misshapen germish'din330520truetruetrue
Wir dinego360450truefalsetrue
Faenrae assassin375500truefalsetrue
Snaer hafwa380600falsefalsefalse
Vile plague wraith450630truefalsetrue
Zombie stomper460625truefalsetrue
Zombie mauler500670truefalsetrue
Enraged tusky500750falsetruetrue
Misenseor resuscitant550800truefalsetrue
Sinister Maelshyvean hierophant575700truetruetrue
... further results

Quest, Event and Invasion Undead:

 Min SkillCapBoxesSkinCorporeal
Mange-covered rotting Prydaen60100truefalsetrue
Mange-covered rotting Rakash60100truefalsetrue
Noxious flea-ridden beast80140truefalsetrue
Shambling horror1500truefalsetrue
Cracked bone warrior1500
Putrefying shambler1500truefalsetrue
Bone amalgam180250falsefalsetrue
Pirate zombie200350truefalsetrue
Preserved zombified Prydaen240350
Muscular ghoulish slayer250550
Unctuous Rakash zombie2600truefalsetrue
Arisen Rakash ranger3000
Unctuous Prydaen zombie340530truefalsetrue
Asketian harbinger2,0000
Gestalt draugen2,0000
Greater skeleton2,0000
Asketian herald2,0000


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