Carleen's Emporium

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Carleen's Emporium
Province Zoluren
Justice Unknown
Map Ranik's Map 111
Owner Carleen
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Miscellaneous shops, Food shops, Drink shops, Juggling shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Carleen's Emporium]
Stuffed with knick-knacks and kitsch treasures, this little shop is the perfect place to stop for a travel break. Wooden shelves hold a variety of items suitable for mementos or gifts, and the back wall is devoted to a counter holding refreshments. A note with a platinum kronar encased inside its glass frame hangs on the wall behind the attendant. You also see a stained glass door, a glass-topped case with some stuff on it, and an armoire with some stuff on it.

A framed note reads:

Dearest Sister Carleen,

Congratulations on the new shop!  
Momma would be so proud of you!  Erleen, Sherleen and Chloreen send their blessing for your success, too.

I've enclosed a platinum kronar for good fortune -- no merchant should ever be without a little emergency coin in the till.

Best of Luck!

Affectionately, yr sister


On the armoire
Item Price Done
black velvet cloak painted with a sad-eyed puppy holding a bone in its mouth 8,125   
black velvet cloak painted with a picture of a sad-eyed clown smelling a daisy 8,125   
black velvet cloak painted with a picture of a pouty-lipped bard wearing spangled white hunting leathers and playing a gittern 8,125   
black velvet cloak painted with a sad-eyed kitten playing with a ball of yarn 8,125   
On the glass-topped case
Item Price Done
set of colorful wooden chickens 312   
set of black and white wooden cows 312   
set of wooly white sheep with black faces 312   
set of fancifully painted wooden horses 312   
set of vicious-looking grey geese 312   
On the confectioner's paper
Item Price Done
nutlog made of nougat stuffed with chopped apricot and pecans 31   
nutlog made of chocolate-coated vanilla nougat stuffed with chopped almonds and pecans 31   
creamy nutlog rolled in walnuts that smells of honey and cognac 31   
On the shiny platter
Item Price Done
bottle of Carleen's thick beer 37