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Storm Season Readiness

Strewn about the Five Provinces, pieces of vellum are found treated with oils to help protect the writing upon them from the endless rain that batters the lands.

The unsigned pieces of vellum all read the same:

The seas are tumultuous, the skies rage! Denizens of the Deep travel to lands far from their homes, and much, much stranger creatures attack from both above and below!

In such a time as this, one is served well to be armed with knowledge as much as steel. Truly, perhaps it is knowledge that is the key here, for who can ignore the connection to knowledge shared by the entire triad of Immortals related to the waters of our world? Perhaps Drogor's wrath is not only a destructive force against knowledge, but also an assault in retribution for acts carried out in ignorance -- a statement in response to those who do not know, and do not seek, to demonstrate real understanding of Him?

To this end, I say to all of you -- all of us -- prepare yourselves for the Storm! Arm yourselves with understanding! Seek shelter in knowledge! Find succor in informed action!


Below are some places to read up on background lore related to the ongoing events! Some of these are more directly applicable than others, but all give at least some insight into pieces of the story.

Elanthipedia articles:

  • General information on the Immortal Drogor -- Drogor
  • General information on the Immortal Lemicus -- Lemicus
  • General information on the Immortal Eluned -- Eluned
  • Widely known information on the brine shark -- Brine shark
  • Widely known information on the cloud eel -- Cloud eel

In-game books:

  • The Albatross and the Storm -- found in the Misrel Lemicus'a library on Aesry Surlaenis'a and the Ship's Circle library on Mer'Kresh. Also available at Albatross and the Storm (book)
  • A Cleric's Lesson -- found in the Misrel Lemicus'a library on Aesry Surlaenis'a and also available at Cleric's Lesson (book)
  • The Immortals -- found in most non-specialized in-game libraries and also available at Immortals (book)
  • The Religions of Elanthia -- found in the Misrel Lemicus'a library on Aesry Surlaenis'a, the Crossing Temple library, and the Shard Cleric Guild library. Also available at Religions of Elanthia (book)

What Must Be Done

High Priestess,

I’ve done as you asked and waited until I was certain. He had mutilated himself in such ways as I never wish to see again. I will relay everything in full when we meet, but most disturbing and most of note was his mouth; carved into a hideous facsimile of that of a shark, his teeth filed to points.

Enclosed is what I presume was the last letter he had written. It was amongst his things hidden within a nearby lean-to.

I am sorry.



The watery creature came again last evening, and most of the others fled soon after. I do not blame them. There is no succor. He is everywhere. We were fools to think Him only interested in the oceans, fools to not spill blood and prostrate ourselves immediately.

The current storm rages outside of my makeshift shelter as I write this to you. I have been following them as I promised you I would, led by the portents thrust upon us all. My remaining traveling companion assures me that his foresight shows this place to be safe for the coming anlaen, but my heart holds fear none the less. Powerful though the Mage may be, I cannot help but notice that he falters in his readings now, too, just a hint of hesitation where once there was naught but stolid certainty. I would not be surprised should I awaken in the morning to find him gone as well.

There is a jar of holy water that I keep with me always. I added the fish eyes to it, the ones spewed from the gullets of the Drowned Ones, those first of His creatures to come upon our shores in warning. I originally thought of this as a talisman of sorts, some meager protection against the storms’ fury. I think now, though, that it was always something else. Something more. The waters are watching, ever watching. Maybe it is not the storms we should be worried about.

I had the dream again -- the ship upon the churning sea, faced by an enormous eel. I feel that I know now what it means.
I understand that you grow tired of my tone in these missives. Do not think that the courier inadequately relayed your last response, for the woman made your intent very clear, but the signs are undeniable. Our refusal to bend will only prolong and intensify the suffering of all beings. The masses must know, Tallis, they must prepare. Sacrifices must be made!

My soul screams for me to begin with the village below. A flood would be most fitting, but with the elementalists gone, I would have to make do with what I have on hand. These compulsions come ever more frequently now, and I am no longer sure that fighting them is the righteous path. Perhaps this is the truth. Perhaps this is my calling.

Hail Lord Drogor!

Opening Dates

  • Plat: October 24, 2014 (17 Lirisa 414)- November 19 (2 Arhat 414)
  • Prime: October 31, 2014 (5 Shorka 414)- November 19 (2 Arhat 414)
  • Fallen: November 7, 2014 (34 Shorka 414)- November 23 (18 Arhat 414)

Official Description

Official event page

Location and Map


Tasks for Tickets and Items

Events and Gifts

Festival Greeters, Olidon will be wandering the grounds and giving out gifts!
Ticketed items
Stores with items for HE tickets.
Found in the barnacle-encrusted driftwood treasure chest with rusted hinges in the Sternum of the Baby Spider. small iron shark. See forum post for Armifer teaser!
Raffle Results
Hollow Eve 414 Raffle List
Natural Beauty token raffles: Vymos (female set) and Navesi (male set)
dragon's front right claw: Cayra
lifesculpted instrument: Tenike
special embiggening session with Bildon: Bardulf, Broichan, Camillo, Enef, Katjia, Khearkrash, Mithik, Myya, Saracus, and Ysei
Hollow Eve 414 Alteration List
Hollow Eve 414 Ticket Raffle: did not occur in Prime
Prime: Friday, November 14, at 9 p.m.
Plat: Saturday, November 15, at 9 p.m.
Fallen: to be announced
A Private Session with the Witch

Tired of the long lines? Want to skip the middle men? Do you want to be one of the chosen few? Keishalae is happy to oblige!

This very limited offer will allow you a single 15-minute session with The Witch to personally create one design at no in-game cost. These sessions will be scheduled in advance from 10am - 7pm (Eastern, of course!). There will be some built-in breaks for Keishalae to rest and reign in her urges to explode your heads. We make no promises in regards to your health and safety.

[The OOC details: The work done in these sessions will NOT count against your festival total! Keishalae's normal alteration rules DO apply. This is a convenience offer for players who do not have the time to sit and wait on the chance to be picked from a list.]


See forum post for FAQ.

Tentative Merchants


Abandoned Dragon
Acaph's Acquisitions
Accents for the Arachnophile
Ahreusse's Atelier
All Aquiver
All Wound Up
Amulets by Liathe – UPDATED!
Amylia's Attic
The Archivist
Asketi's Stop
Bare Necessities
Beastly Behavior – UPDATED! Beastly Behavior
Behind the Mask
Below The Fold
Birds of a Feather – UPDATED! Birds of a Feather
Bizarre Bazaar
Blanve's Bounty
Blood and Gourd
Blythe Spirits
Bones – UPDATED!
Chizelli's Charms – UPDATED!]
Clear Visions
Clockwork Inquisition Apparently UPDATED or NEW?
Cloudwalker's Smoke Shop
Country Style
Crafty Cloaks
Creature Comforts
Creepy Costumes
Cuddly Creations
A Cultured Attire
Cute as a Button – UPDATED!
The Cutting Edge
Damsel in this Dress – UPDATED!
Dark Dalliance
Dark Defenders
Dark Delights
Dark Symphony
Darsam's Drifters– UPDATED!
Delicate Creations
Diamond Dieties
Dry Bones
Dying to Shop
Eagle Eye
Eclectic Eccentric
Elahkti's Metal Arts
Empty Settings
Eternal Moments
Everything in Moderation
Exaltation Tintinnabulum
Excess Baggage
Eye Spy
Fabric Fantasies
Faithful Defender
Fall's Harvest
Fallen from Grace Apparently UPDATED or NEW?
Famous Last Words
Fangs for the Memory
The Fashionable Panda
The Finer Things
Fishy's Pants Mart
Flower Power
Force of Habit
Forever Faithful
Frisky Portraits
Future is Now

The Gear Shop – UPDATED!
Gersvinda's Natural Studies
Give 'Em the Boot– UPDATED!
Glass Bubble
Glythtide's Gifts and Gags
Grieving Grave
Guildly Pleasures
Hair Apparent – UPDATED!
The Haunted House
Heavenly Entrances
Hero To Go
Hide and Silk
Holey Warez
Hollow Bellies
House of Bling
House of Bones
Hunka's Burning Love
I'll Eat My Hat
Idon Abide the Ten
Ilithian Heritage
Jewelry In Phases
Jhanine Dering Cloaks
The Joys of Noise – UPDATED!
Jubby's Tattoos
Just A Slice
Just Desserts
Jynli's Cattery On the Move
Knightly Attire
Korbesh's Leathers New or Korbesh's Leathers
Krobble's Karavan
The Laughing Nomlas – NEW!
Lavender and Lace – UPDATED!
Liquid Assets
Made for Walking
Magical Minions – UPDATED!
The Male Persuasion – UPDATED!
Masquer Aid
The Merry Hag Apparently UPDATED or NEW?
Might Makes Right Apparently UPDATED or NEW?
The Mind of Sdai
Misenseor Goods
Mob Mentality
Mordiv's Fun House
The Musiceum – UPDATED!
The Naked Sheep
Natural Beauty – UPDATED!
Natural Selections
Nectar of the Wisp
Nidia's Nightmares
Nigeyi's Footwear
Obscure Memories
Obscured Visions
Odiferous Ornaments
On the Mend – UPDATED! No update.
Once Possessed
One Man's Trash
Outrageous Fortune
Over the Edge
Packrat's Piece of Paradise
Peaceful Intentions
The Perfect Rose
Photash School of Butlery
Pi'botuk Pel'arsharra
Pi'rasha's Pins
PrEcIouS DeLighHtS
The Pretty Pony

Q'tahhl's Place
A Quick Bite
Quiver in Fear
Ratchet Shack
Ready to Were
Reinventing the Wheel
Relief in the Dark
Riding The Range
Rugged Appeal
Sable's Tent
Scabbards 'n' Sheaths
A Second Round
See The Light
Siegery Shop – NEW!
Shenneshwi's Stockpile
Shh'oi Mhhg
Shimmers of Silver
Shiny's Shinies
Sibtiem's Creations
Signs of the Times
Silken Garden
Silken Seams
Simply Essential
Sindah's Silk Sensations
Sketchy By Design
Skyward Crafting – UPDATED!
Slay it with Music
Sleepwalkers – UPDATED!
Slings and Things
Smaller Side of Life
Smokes 'n' Spirits
Snacky Happiness– UPDATED!
Snookie's Divine Spoons
Snookie's Holiday Souvenirs
Something's Fishy – UPDATED! No update.
Soulful Trinkets
Spikan's Sporrans
Spiraling Out of Control
Stuff It
The Stylish Stallion
Suite of Sweets
Sumptuous Silks
Tastelessly Tacky
Tending the Fold
The Terrific Turnip
The Other Siegery Shop – NEW!
Thee Mottl'd Teoy Shoppe
Thick as Thieves
This 'N' That – UPDATED!
Tieheq with the Thirteen
Tildi's Blooms UPDATED
Tookes's Nook
Top Notch
Town and Country
Toy Box
Treasures of the Spirit – UPDATED! No update.
Tricky Treats
Turialo's Haven
Vatari's Ritual Addiction – UPDATED!!
Visions of Holiness
A Walk on the Wild Side
Walk This Way
Whimsical Winds – UPDATED!!
Wicked Windows
Woman At Arms Annex
Yarrel's Varmint Vittles
Your Innner Animal – UPDATED!!


Armadillo Crush – UPDATED!
Bobbin' For Bolts
Bobbing for Leeches – UPDATED!
Boggle Blast
Death from Above
Entrail Toss Arena

Game of Chicken
Hot Potato
Rissan Roulette
Musical Chairs of Doom
Nest o' Snakes
Scarlett's Web Race
Spider's Web

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