Mob Mentality (2)

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Mob Mentality
Event Hollow Eve Festival 399, Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 417
Owner Salinri
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Armor shops, Clothing shops, Housing shops, Jewelry shops, Magic shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Dokoras
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Dilapidated Showroom

[Mob Mentality, Dilapidated Showroom]
Rusting walls drip water in the corners, with spiders lurking where they can find a dry niche. Several broken barrels and crates compete for floor space in front of poorly constructed wooden furniture. The wares on display appear to belong in a farmer's toolshed, and given the scraggly appearance of the shifty-eyed sales clerks, they may once have been found there.
You also see a battered wardrobe, a crooked sales counter with several things on it, an uneven weapon rack with several things on it, an old milk pail and a corroded door.
Obvious exits: north.

In the battered wardrobe
Item Price Done
crude leather mask 902   !!
tattered work gloves 180   !!!!
soiled grey sleeveless tunic 451   !!
shabby grey woolen cloak 4,059   !!
thick leather coat covered in stains and patches 4,510   !!
crude pair of pants made from a modified skirt 1,353   !!
pair of stained and battered boots 1,082   !!
On the sales counter
Item Price Done
broken maple bow yoke 202   !!!!
oak-hafted sledgehammer 4,329   !!!!
butcher's knife 1,804   !!!!
barrel slat 451   !!!!
battered oak staff 902   !!!!
On the weapon rack
Item Price Done
leather-wrapped plowshare 2,706   
bent-tined pitchfork 2,706   !!!!
heavy iron scythe 2,706   !!!!
broken-bladed hoe 4,510   !!!!
heavy iron-pronged pitchfork 2,706   !!!!
In the milk pail
Item Price Done
set of roughly decorated cornhusk dolls 135   !!
In the broken barrel
Item Price Done
long wooden torch 45   !!
In the wooden crate
Item Price Done
glazed jar of naphtha 676   !!

Magic for All

[Mob Mentality, Magic for All]
Patchwork silks conceal the walls of this portion of the shop, giving it a more refined feel -- until one notices the rusting metal through some of the more poorly-stitched seams. Tables and crates draped in scarves display some wares available for sale, while shelves hold more delicate items.
You also see an elaborately written sign with another beneath it and an easel with a fanciful painting depicting the World Dragon hatching from Grazhir on it.
Obvious exits: south.

In extravagant script, the sign proclaims:

"The esteemed Madame Salinri personally guarantees each item 
sold in her establishment, provided they are used as directed."

Beneath this larger sign, a simpler one states:

"Let it be known that the Moon Mage Guild does not recognize or 
endorse the esteemed Madame Salinri, and holds no responsibility 
for any incidents resulting from purchase or use of the items sold herein."
On the easel
Item Price Done
fanciful painting depicting the World Dragon hatching from Grazhir 45,100   !!
On the low shelf
Item Price Done
replica of the Zaulfung Stones 9,020   !!
replica of the Siergelde ruins 9,020   !!
A blackened-edged piece of vellum reads:

"These replicas are intended as items of personal focus and harmonious decor within the home.

Be advised that the replica of the ruins will not accept orbs.

On the draped crate
Item Price Done
red crystal bracelet of evenly polished orbs 225   !!
green crystal bracelet of evenly polished orbs 225   !!
blue crystal bracelet of evenly polished orbs 225   !!
violet crystal bracelet of evenly polished orbs 225   !!
black crystal bracelet of evenly polished orbs 225   !!
clear crystal bracelet of evenly polished orbs 225   !!
A small card reads:

"The bracelets are for luck in the following areas:
Clear: Spiritual awareness
Black: Learning and knowledge
Violet: Friendship
Blue: Health
Green: Prosperity
Red: Love

Please note: You may need to remove the bracelet to entreat it for aid.

On the high shelf
Item Price Done
large crystal shard protruding upward from a glistening black base 9,020   !!
replica of Aesthene's crystal suspended within an ornate filigreed silver framework 9,020   !!
clear crystal pendant suspended from a black silk cord 902   !!
A small parchment reads:

"These crystals are intended to bring focus and elemental balance to your home or person.

Please be aware: Attempts at duplicating Aesthene's experiments with the replica crystal are not advised.

On the table
Item Price Done
white feather dangling from a silk cord 180   !!
red feather dangling from a beaded leather cord 180   !!
black feather dangling from a bone-studded leather cord 180   !!
A note reads:

"The feathers are for a ritual to call forth the blessings of the winds. Red is for warm or summer winds, white for cool or winter winds, and black for storm winds.

To use, clean the feather, raise it upward, wave it to gather the wind to yourself and pull it to summon the wind to enjoin its will with yours. Kissing the feather will dismiss the winds.

Plese note: I will not be held responsible for incorrect or reckless usage.