Scarlett's Web Race

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Scarlett's Web Race
Event Hollow Eve Festival 396, Hollow Eve Festival 399, Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410
Owner Scarlett
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Game
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Scarlett's Web Race, Entry]
A cavernous expanse stretches out before you, lit with flickering torches that barely dispell the darkness. Light glistens off the stalagtites of milky calcite and reflects along the large dew-laden web that stretches across the width of the cave. Several platforms rise up to meet the outer edge of the gossamer net, and towards the center sits a cocoon-like basket. You also see a red portal, the web mistress Scarlett, a participant list, a large rules sign and a massive web.
Obvious exits: none.

|            Web Climb! ~ The Rules              |
|                                                |
|   A new round will start every 5 minutes.      |
|                                                |
|   1.) Sign up by paying the climbing mistress  |
|       500 coins, wait for the game to start.   |
|   2.) Be alert!  When she tells you to climb,  |
|       climb as fast as you can!                |
|   3.) If you reach the center with enough time |
|       to spare, try to grab a prize!           |
|   4.) If you fall, that's your problem.        |
|       We're not liable, but we WILL laugh.     |
|   5.) You may LEAVE the signup list at any     |
|       time, but don't expect a refund.         |
|                                                |
The web mistress Scarlett says, "Uh huh, it'll cost you about 500 dokoras to play. GIVE that to me and I'll sign you right up!"
The web mistress Scarlett turns and checks a participant list, then looks around the area.
The web mistress Scarlett accepts your coins. "Good luck!"
The web mistress Scarlett gives you a grin, then adds your name to the participation list.

Overview of the Game
Once you have signed up for the game, you wait for Scarlett to start it up then climb web/climb up. With multiple people, you can get knocked down and slip. Once you reach the center, if you are the first one there, there is a cocoon that you can LOOK IN COCOON and choose one of the prizes listed below. The prizes look to be the same each time. Once you choose a prize or the game ends, CLIMB DOWN to get back to the entrance.