Hair Apparent (2)

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Hair Apparent
Event Hollow Eve Festival 414
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Hair Apparent, Sales Floor]
Lush velvet panels cover the walls and ceiling of the room, while thick carpets cover the floors, dampening the sound of any footsteps. Simple lanterns illuminate the wares, the scented oil within them permeating the area with heady spice notes. You also see a long table with several things on it, a gilt-edged display with several things on it, a fabric-draped counter with several things on it, a low bench with several things on it, a squared pedestal with several things on it, a velvet-lined shelf with several things on it and the exit.
Obvious exits: none.

On the long table
Item Price Done
set of watered steel rings 22,550   
miniature swords crafted from blued steel 18,040   
streamers of frothy openwork lace dotted with champagne diamonds 225,500   
set of four slender nacre-inlaid ebony hairsticks 902   
set of oceanic blue cloisonne haircombs crowned by pitch pearls 63,140   
gilt-edged display
Item Price Done
pair of clasped hands rendered in kertig 225,500   
labyrinthine green gold filigree flame set with absinthe emeralds 270,600   
tiered chains of brine shark teeth interspersed with driftwood rounds 451,000   
cloud turquoise haircombs adorned with svelae droplets 451,000   
pair of sleekly curving alerce hairsticks topped with Drogor's Wrath sapphires 180,400   
fabric-draped counter
Item Price Done
silver stylus 902   
tangled mass of book bindings 180   
pair of knitting needles tangled in yarn 1,804   
length of baling wire 451   
packing twine 180   
twisted iron lockpicks 1,804   
coiled copper wire 451   
mangled soup spoon 451   
low bench
Item Price Done
simple band of leather 631   
slender eel-skin cords 902   
length of sepia cording tipped in onyx 1,172   
aniline leather strips woven with gold 2,706   
cluster of shark's teeth suspended from woven kelp 902   
squared pedestal
Item Price Done
decorative skeleton keys with elaborate silver-chased details 2,706   
dancing pivuh crafted from opaline blue-green ammolite 45,100   
diamondique raindrops 9,020   
tiny anatomy charts rendered in steel 721   
erythraean ladybugs with tiny onyx spots 726,110   
golden cupcakes decorated with gemstone sprinkles 7,216   
diamond-flecked strawberries 13,530   
leaping nomlas cast in enameled bronze 1,353   
crystalline jellyfish edged in platinum 9,020   
creamy jade rabbits with night diamond eyes 46,002   
velvet-lined shelf
Item Price Done
carved ivory haircomb supporting a cluster of gold-rimmed cobalt melir 180,400   !!
woven chain of preserved faesoul blossoms 541,200   
cascade of interwoven sharktooth blossoms 90,200   
pair of dried river reeds 360   
thin rib bones 541   
trine of pallid albatross feathers edged in black 902   
petrified twigs 902   
series of six long sea urchin spines 3,608