Magical Minions (2)

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Magical Minions
Event Hollow Eve Festival 414
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Toy shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Magical Minions, Creatures from Afar]
A vibrant backdrop circles the front room of the wagon, creating faux environments around a lush tree with silken leaves and a miniature sand barge. Centered along the eastern side of the room in front of a fanciful backdrop, a painted stool sits next to a deep mahogany table just below an ebonwood shelf. You also see a large dragon-shaped door, an ironwood rack with several things on it and a hanging wire strung across the room with several things on it.
Obvious exits: north.

Behind the ebonwood shelf
Item Price Done
pygmy three-toed sloth covered in mottled dark brown fur 73,964   
slender reddish-brown tree shrew with a long fuzzy tail 55,924   
chubby tuft-eared black bearcat with a bushy prehensile tail 19,844   
silver-grey brushtail possum with large pointed ears and a dark muzzle 10,824   
red-footed grey pygmy anteater covered in dense fur with a silver sheen 8,298   
On the lush tree with silken leaves
Item Price Done
bright hyacinth blue macaw with subtle yellow-gold markings 65,846   
regal snow hawk with taupe-speckled pure white feathers 68,552   
magnificent piebald peacock displaying strikingly patterned tail feathers 80,278   
chameleon dwarf kingfisher with white-spotted black and gold plumage 41,492   
iridescent bleeding-heart dove with a vivid red mark on its ivory breast 31,570   
On the painted stool etched with stylized flames
Item Price Done
vibrant green tree frog with huge vertically-slit red eyes 21,648   
tiny azure poison dart frog banded with inky-black splotches 8,027   
dark green veiled chameleon striped in shades of turquoise blue 76,670   
chartreuse gold dust day gecko speckled with shimmering yellow dots 58,630   
shimmering dark grey sunbeam snake covered in highly iridescent scales 52,316   
On the flat sand barge
Item Price Done
dusky midnight-blue scaled basilisk with a fearsome-looking barbed tail 61,336   
scraggly pale grey death squirrel displaying a hooked-fang maw 12,628   
skeletal feral bone mastiff with sickly green crystals set into its eyesockets 60,434   
gelatinous glistening scythewing larva shaded in dusky iridescent hues 8,118   
shaggy black barghest with silver-flecked emerald green eyes 30,668   
On the deep mahogany table
Item Price Done
pot-bellied orangutan with pale red fur and extremely long arms 20,746   
long-limbed woolly spider monkey covered in light brown fur 13,530   
grey-bellied night monkey with owlish golden brown eyes 18,040   
lanky rosy-brown lemur flaunting an outrageously long ringed tail 58,630   
red-brown slender loris with saucer-like golden amber eyes 63,140   
On the ironwood rack
Item Price Done
sleek golden pard with night-black fur and glittering eyes 31,570   
muscular black firecat with flame-tufted ears and luminous blue eyes 41,492   
sabre-toothed warcat covered in tawny gold fur flecked with dark orange spots 31,570   
blue-eyed clouded arzumos with creamy striped fur dusted with gold 49,610   
nightmare black seordmaor covered in glossy fur and vivid electric blue scales 54,120   
On the hanging wire strung across the room
Item Price Done
wolfish grey leucro with plush silver-tipped fur 22,550   
lean blood wolf with a handsome grey-flecked red coat 13,530   
wild-eyed snowbeast with a hulking form covered in pure white fur 31,570   
small red jackal marked with pitch-black fur on its back and bushy tail 36,080   
inky-black shadow hound with pale silver eyes and large tusk-like fangs 45,100   

[Magical Minions, Tiny Toys]
Fantastical drawings of curling towers and flower filled forests cover the walls. Depicted frolicking between the trees or flying through the clouds around the castles are all sorts of fuzzy, winged and scaled creatures. Dangling at different lengths from the ceiling are colorful baskets.
Obvious exits: south.

In the shiny purple basket
Item Price Done
glistening compass jellyfish with long ruffled tentacles 45,100   
sleek brown river otter with bright golden amber eyes 45,100   
stout saltwater crocodile with pale yellow stripes 45,100   
petite blacktip reef shark with cloudy sea glass eyes 45,100   
In the fuzzy red basket
Item Price Done
tiny painted snail with a spiraled multicolor shell 54,120   
pink fairy armadillo covered in tiny rose quartz scales 45,100   
scaly anteater covered in burnished copper plates 72,160   
miniature giant tortoise with a gold-spangled shell 135,300   
In the bright yellow basket
Item Price Done
googly-eyed spotted pig with a curly tail 36,080   
googly-eyed hot pink ostrich with long spindly legs 36,080   
googly-eyed white wolf with oversized fangs 36,080   
googly-eyed black bat with leather wings 36,080   
In the soft blue basket
Item Price Done
sad-eyed spun glitter dragon with tiny gold wings 90,200   
sad-eyed spun glitter bunny with long floppy ears 90,200   
sad-eyed spun glitter unicorn with a spiraling horn 90,200   
sad-eyed spun glitter kitten with a belled collar 90,200