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Saracus Soulhawk
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Ranger
Instance Prime


Name: Saracus
Race: Elf
Deity: Kuniyo
Affiliation: Ranger's Guild
Weapons of Choice: longbow, axes, scimitars
Active Locations: Ilithi, Forfedhdar
Current Professions: Tailoring (Venerated Master), Shaping (Venerated Savant)
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You see Force of Nature Saracus Soulhawk, Weapon Master of Ilithi, an Elf.
Saracus has pointed ears and stormy grey eyes. His golden hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn loose, tucked behind his ears. He has tanned skin.
He appears to be young.
He is clean shaven.

He is holding a T'Kashi mirror blade in his right hand and a damascened haralun sterak axe with a dragonwood haft bound in Imperial weave in his left.
He is wearing a padded thick imperial weave robe, a diamond-hide targe with a reinforced design, a polished leather raekhlo with a tyrium bastard sword and a slender Imperial dagger hanging from it, an aged dragonwood scabbard wrapped with Imperial weave, a battle-scarred darkened leather baldric tooled with a majestic snow-capped mountain, a watersteel skinning knife with an Imperial coral pommel, an aged leather outrider's cloak fashioned in an Imperial style, a ribbed mammoth bone balaclava embellished with blackened moonsilver, a black leather war belt riveted with blued-steel studs, a black leather thigh quiver banded with thick dragonwood strips, a silver key with a spider-web design on the grip, some dark leather Elven hunting boots, a blackened steel locket, an archaic warrior's zaulguum-skin backpack woven with Imperial weave straps, a broad dragonwood wristcuff and a dark silverweave lootsack.


  • 413: Kalika approved his advancement to 150th circle.
  • 410: On this, the 200th day of the year, bestowed Title:Weapon Master.
  • 410: On this, the first day of the year, became Adept in all weapon classes.
  • 409: First known Ranger to be bestowed Title:Force of Nature.

Prized Possessions

  • a damascened haralun sterak axe with a dragonwood haft bound in Imperial weave
The sturdy haft is magnificently carved to resemble an ornate depiction of the Dragon's Spine, the textured dragonwood ridges ensuring the wielder a firm grip in all conditions. Elven silver wire and durable Imperial weave cloth criss-cross along the length of the haft, enhancing the illusion as well as the grip. A dark tyrium wolverine is inlaid into the blade, the metal contrasting brilliantly against the dense black haralun. You see the initials "C. B." impressed into the surface of the metal.

  • an aged dragonwood scabbard wrapped with Imperial weave (altered old claymore sheath)
Clearly timeworn but durable and unstained, a length of dusky Imperial weave twines around a gently curved scabbard. The burnished metal of the sheath's crown is inscribed with a seven-pointed star, surrounded by a subtly swirling geometric pattern. Two small but sturdy buckles on the back serve to attach the scabbard to a belt.

  • an ornately tooled dragonwood longbow capped with gleaming basilisk fang tips
Magnificently carved into the longbow's shaft, an ornate depiction of the majestic Dragon's Spine looms over a narrow mountain path beginning at the hand riser. Nocked between the two honed basilisk fang endtips, a meticulously wrapped steelsilk bowstring sits taut. The longbow has been perfected with a dark stain, allowing the spectator to see the grandeur of the dragonfire yielding wood beneath. Elegant Elven script declaring "Olum oc arn el" is acid-etched just above the riser.

  • an archaic warrior's zaulguum-skin backpack woven with Imperial weave straps
Weather proofed strips of zaulguum-skin have been woven into a sturdy backpack, complete with a tessellated titanese lining. Hand-tooled upon the flap is a scene of the majestic snow-capped Dragon's Spine, a seven-pointed star extending above the peaks. A sana'ati gem functions as a clasp for the intricate flap. Compartments and ties scattered across the pack aid the wearer in any wilderness situation. Relics of a long vanished age, two rugged straps of Imperial weave serve as shoulder straps.

  • some archaic warrior's battle leathers intricately crafted from darkly tinted reinforced zualguum-skin (retired)
Crafted with magnificent workmanship, strips of zaulguum skin have been skillfully molded into protective armor. Designed to provide ease of movement in and out of battle, the leather has been hardened and dyed in alternating shades of matte black. Reinforced with the finest steelsilk, the chest-piece has been meticulously tooled with an elaborate seven-pointed star. Each star-point is tipped by a small ilithi emerald which has been etched with a depiction of the snow-capped Dragon's Spine. Some zualguum battle leathers reads: "Owrenmin sora ong, yashaman ei iriten, scertu ei oyun isharon."

  • a battle-scarred darkened leather baldric tooled with a majestic snow-capped mountain
Folds of the battered leather create the impression of ridgelines depicting the snow-capped Dragon's Spine. A lone hawk soars through the darkened sky above the jagged mountains, an Elven war bow clutched in its talons. A small tag is sewn inside. A darkened leather baldric reads: "Olum sora aburod."

  • a multi-strapped black leather sheath banded in rings of Elven gold (altered old claymore sheath)
A majestic mountain spire is masterfully tooled rising along the length of the black leather, contrasted by the gilded crown that rings around it. Complimentary gold stitching weaves a dazzlingly complex design over the three buckled straps that serve to belt the sheath low on the hips. Other more haphazard leather bindings are wrapped in no apparent pattern, save not to cover the gleaming bands of Elven gold that encircle the mouth and space evenly over the length of the sheath. A black leather sheath reads: "Aman Shireli uzacen yashamisa."

  • an aged leather outrider's cloak fashioned in an Imperial style
Showing signs of wear, the garment has been dyed in shades of forest green and grey to aid with blending into a natural environment. Engraved upon the leather over the left breast is a faded seven-pointed star.

  • a mountain scout's dark ruazin wool robe (fluff hiding robe)
A row of dragonwood buttons are used to clasp the garment together, each meticulously carved into a seven-pointed star. Each button is perfected with a dark stain, the grandeur of the dragonfire yielding wood coming to light. The rest of the woven fabric is devoid of any ornamentation or distinguishing features.

  • a broad dragonwood wristcuff (altered heavy manacle, 100 mana wrist-worn cambrinth)
The dragonwood forms a hollow shell which houses a broad band of cambrinth that is revealed through a series of cutouts. The cutouts alternate in shape between mountain peaks and vicious wolverines. The cambrinth lacks much of the red veining common to the mineral, producing a dull black color occasionally flecked with red.

Green cloth is glued to front and back covers of thin but solid wood. A thick leather flap can be brought down over the edges of the pages and its clasp fitted into a stout lock.
Generates one random lockpick per game day (6 hours).

This box has been carved from a solid piece of smooth, grey stone of an undetermined variety. A dial, crafted from a single link from a thick chain, has been attached to the surface providing a number of settings. Turning the knob provides access to different slots, each just about big enough for a coin to fit in.
The dial on the stone box is currently set for the bank in (Bank name).